Every time Clif Dickens, a graphic designer in Nashville, would ask for Coca-Cola at a restaurant, the waitress would invariably ask him whether it would be alright to serve him Pepsi instead. The joke led Dickens to create Honest Slogans, a website dedicated to re-imagining how corporate logos would look if they were being honest about the goods and services they sold.
As he did with the Pepsi logo, Dickens tries to present what he calls "slices of life" that resonate with the frustrations and experiences of anyone who's felt inadequate after watching the Victoria's Secret fashion show, or been hit with big service charges when purchasing tickets on Ticketmaster. Dickens works as a graphic designer for the hospital operator Hospital Corporation of America and has updated the blog intermittently since creating it in 2011. When Bismarck was in power of Germany, he tried his best to isolate France so that they would not be able to become allies with any of the other powers. Because of the lack of land available overseas, along with the naval arms race, here was also a race to see who could gain the most land outside of Europe. Nationalist feelings rushed through the French as they all wanted to gain back Alsace-Lorraine. France and Britain were already ahead in this race towards imperialism, but Germany felt as though it was necessary for them to gain some land in Africa as well.

Wagons, trucks, trains, and ships carried considerably more, as the home country struggled to meet his needs for food, clothing, ammunition, and medical care. Now people were energetic, and they were already to take on the act of gaining back their land. The production of weapons and, in particular, artillery shells required significant amounts of raw materials and energy. Britain owned land in Africa and during the Jameson Raid which was against the British, the Africas had won what they wanted. Germany in this case wrote a letter to the leader of that area in Africa congratulating them for their great success. Although land was divided through the decision of the European officials in the Berlin conference (picture to the left), the nations were stil having strouble on who owned what land, especially in Africa. After the Franco-Prussian war, the France had a great amount of loss and they had to rise back up from this low state to balance out their power with the rest of Europe.
They also wanted to become a strong power and it was necessary for the nation to rebuild their economy to reach the high standards the rest of Europe was reaching.

The political cartoon on the tope of the Alliance section shows how every alied country had to support its allies which may have been part of the reason why the war became so large. Another reason for the war to be caused by nationalism is that the men at the time were also looking forward to fight. The picture on the below shows how the European Powers were divided and when they were divided. Nineteenth-century capitalists required the raw materials and markets of extra-European territories in order to compete internationally and to supply their societies with essential goods. Before WW1, wars used to be short and they weren't as destructive, and the soldiers of the war were not expecting that they would just become part of a number, rather than being recognized for their hard work, and dying for the people of the country. Another explanation highlights elite fear of class revolution and shows how those feelings convinced governments to pursue aggressive foreign policies and opportunities for their nationals to enrich themselves overseas, most often through new settlements or capital investments with interest rates higher than available at home.

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