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This entry was posted in Health & Safety, Mental Health, Mike's Favorites and tagged free meditation audio, free meditation mp3, happiness, inner peace, Jon Kabat Zinn, meditation, mindfulness on July 8, 2010 by Mike G. 3 Reasons Why You Will Not MeditateMay 2014, I believed the only way I could escape my thoughts and painful feelings would be to completely shutdown and block all my feelings.
It would be an honour if you joined my newsletterWeekly wisdom, articles and videos by myself. I cannot shut down my thoughts, as soon as I try I am constantly bombarded with different thoughts. There are other excuses like not enough time, fear of doing it incorrectly and cannot see the point.
Meditation invites God’s revelation not just to pass through the corridor of our ears, but to take up residence in our minds. Take the time to stop what you’re doing and meditate on the beautiful character and works of our Almighty Father.
Please do not confuse Biblical meditation with the mystical practices of Eastern religions, where some cross-legged yogi hums while pinching his fingers. Yes, like all faithful gospel preachers Tim plays golf on occasion, but he has a far greater interest in clear Bible teaching and the stability of the local church. While these were written with project managers and project teams in mind, they are suitable for use with you and your family. In this post learn how you can consciously choose your attitude instead of simply allowing it to overtake you as a collection of random feelings. I was no longer going to be controlled by a constant stream of damaging and random thoughts running through my head. So we use meditation to focus on a single thought by concentrating on our breath, feeling or perhaps listening. It doesn’t take long before I cannot sleep, feel agitated and find it very hard to relax.
Then we can open our ears to hear the beautiful melodies of God’s wondrous works and wisdom.
This is done by allowing God’s truths to linger in our thoughts while we engage in an inner conversation about their meaning. We live in the day of drama queens where the trivialities of the day drive our emotions up and down like a rollercoaster. Unlike that sunburn and your empty wallet, your new meditation practice will continue providing daily benefits long after your official vacation’s just a memory. In this podcast I share 10 specific actions that I’ve taken to create more happiness in my life. It does show how much emotional pain hurts when even breaking my neck doesn’t compare. I couldn’t think straight let alone have the ability to accomplish anything beyond the normal daily chores.

These thoughts were happening in my head but they were not at all representative of who I am. It doesn’t matter what you choose although choosing to concentrate on your breathing is by far easiest to start and is still regarded as the one of the best and the most used method. Headlines, bullet points, and tweets are all we have time to consider before we’re on to the next bit of information. It’s like saying, “The more you eat, the healthier you’ll be.” In fact, the opposite is true. Most of the words translated “meditation” in the Bible mean, “to speak, talk, and proclaim.” In other words, meditation is like having your own little study group, where your mind, will and emotions engage in a passionate discussion about God’s self-revelation. I knew a lot of facts about it and even learned a few basic cords, but the instrument never made beautiful music because I didn’t spend much time practicing it. We all have dreams of the kind of people we want to be and the great works we can do for the Lord, but those dreams remain on the launching pad without meditation. His word lays bare the reality we keep carefully hidden from our friends and intentionally suppressed from our own conscience. Meditation plucks us out of the tumultuous moment to see our life from a broader perspective, God’s perspective. However, upon further examination the careful observer sees the thread, the dye, the weave, the stitching, and the design, and all of a sudden a simple shirt becomes the source of astonishment. It is not the volume of what is consumed that makes life vibrant, but rather the quality of the morsels of thought we allow into the sacred space of our hearts. Likewise, we will not hear how practical God’s word is if we do not spend time letting it resonate in our hearts. In the same way, the powerful commands of Scripture languish as ink on a page without meditation to release them into our lives. Meditation pulls the true self into the light of day so that it might be conformed to the glorious image of Christ. From the vantage point of reflection we can see the solid rock of God’s truth which provides mooring for our turbulent lives. He continued his education at Florida College (85-87), New Mexico State University (87-90), and received a received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Texas Tech University.
Tim believes the path to unity with God and each other is by going to the Bible for all we believe and practice. They think that if a person walks in faith, that somehow means he will escape all adversities in life.A But when you read the New Testament, you find that the early believers and the Apostles faced many adversities. Meditation is what leads to those exciting discoveries of truth which cause your heart to leap and your mouth to shout, “I see! Meditation is where we wrestle with our will and emotions to activate what our mind has come to know.  Meditation is the spark that ignites a courageous life of obedience.
Meditation sends the roots of faith deep into eternal realities which hold our lives stable. The wonders of the cross, the splendors of the resurrection, and the joys of heaven burst into vibrant color under the light of meditation.
He has served the Spring Creek Church of Christ in Plano, TX for the last eighteen years, and became one of the editors of Focus Magazine in 2007.

The devil was the one who shrewdly planned those attacks in order to stop the preaching of the Gospel. And Satan is still working nonstop to prevent people from stepping into the glorious plan God has designed for their lives.A There is something very encouraging about studying the strategies the devil arrayed against the early believers.
A man with no faith wouldna€™t have survived those attacks.a€?A Dona€™t get the impression that walking in faith removes you from all challenges. Faith just givesA you the ability toA overcome the challenges that will attempt to assail you.
But the grammar used in this statement does not imply a single victory in the past, butA a continuous and abiding victory. Paul had obviously grabbed hold of Jesusa€™ words in John 16:33, because heA overcame everything Satan ever tried to use against him. Forty stripeshe may give him, and not exceeda€¦.a€?A This was one of the most vicious treatments of the ancient world.
The tortured persona€™s clothing was completely removed so he appeared before his persecutors naked. Then the torturer would begin to lash the prisonera€™s bare body with a whip made of three long cords, one from calf hide and the other two from donkey hide.A Pieces of glass, bone, and metal were often attached to the end of the cords to make the lashing more memorable. The torturer would hit so hard that the pieces of glass, bone, and metal would lodge into the victima€™s skin. Then as the cords were jerked backward for the next lash of the whip, those pieces of glass, bone, and metal would rip out significant amounts of flesh. If the whip was made of three cords and Paul received thirty-nineA lashes each time, this means he received 117 lashes at each beating!
And he went through this gruelingA exercise on five different occasions, which means 585 lashes were laid across Paula€™s upper chest,A face, back, buttocks, and legs. Ia€™m sure it isna€™t a beating of thirty-nine lashes, yet it may still seem overpowering and overwhelming to you. I am so sorry for the times Ia€™ve allowed my flesh to whine and complain when IA should have been digging in my heels and latching on to the power of the Holy Spirit.
In the power of the Spirit and in Jesusa€™ name, I am well able to stand againstA each attack, to resist every devilish scheme that comes against me, and to maintain the victoryA of Jesus Christ in every part of my life. Or have you allowed your flesh to moan and groan and drag you down into the language of defeat?A 2.
What scriptures can you meditate on and confess daily that will take you to a higher place of victory? Why dona€™t you write those verses down and put them in a visible place where youa€™ll see them every day and be reminded to declare them over your life?A 3.
Can you think of any people in your life who are currently struggling with the temptation to give up in the midst of difficult circumstances?

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