The Witcher 2 launched for PC last week, and although CD Projekt had revealed the specs needed to run the game, they failed to mention one important element: the game requires you to have an NFS-formatted hard drive on which you can install the game, since some of the game files are very large, much larger than the 4GB limit FAT32 drives face. While most modern drives use this formatting system now, some older machines (or those using hard drives they want to be compatible with older operating systems and devices) may still be using the FAT32 system, a formatting system for hard drives Windows has basically completely abandoned for recent OSes, including Windows 7, in favor of exFAT (aka FAT64) and NTFS. Personally, I happen to have an NTFS drive, but I find this story interesting because it is the second time this past weekend that I had to think about drive formatting, something I hadn’t thought about much in years. Which is exactly why it is so annoying that Sony hasn’t offered at least an update to allow for exFAT formatted drives. Resistance lover on Could PlayStation All-Stars Characters be Hidden in Sony's "Michael" Teaser? A friend of Yennefer and witcher Geralt of Rivia, she is unhappily in love with the latter. Triss was a member of King Foltest's royal council along with Fercart and Keira Metz, as well as a founding member of the Lodge of Sorceresses.
She is also the one to nurse Geralt back to health after his first battle with Azar Javed in the Swamp. During the prologue, after dealing with the Salamandra invasion of Kaer Morhen, Triss is gravely wounded and needs a special potion which Geralt must brew to help her recover. If it was Triss and not Shani who was chosen to take care of Alvin the second romance option becomes available and if she is given a ruby ring or a gold diamond ring, and in speaking with Alvin Geralt has been strict at least once. After Foltest's return to Vizima, Triss fell into disfavor — the monarch didn't approve of her political scheming. After her fall at Sodden Hill and her consequent resuscitation, Triss mentions that she "will never again be able to wear a dress with a low neckline", suggesting that some skin disfigurement still remains on her chest. Also, her hair colour is portrayed red in the games, whereas in the books it is described as chestnut, which is a slightly darker red with brown undertones. In the novels Triss is allergic to potions that contain magic and can only be cured with amulets. In the Games Triss eyes are green, Though in the book they are compared to be as blue as Lapis Lazuli.
The gift of a ring will provide a second opportunity for sex, third if you count the checking for internal injuries mentioned earlier.
In the Czech translation of the books and the game, Dandelion's name is "Marigold" and Triss is called "Triss Ranuncul".
Triss is the default romance option in the game, and the game begins with her and Geralt already in a relationship. The first real opportunity arises near the end of Chapter I during the quest The Rose of Remembrance. I have known the sorceress Triss Merigold for a long time, for she is one of the Geralt's closest friends.
For those reasons, after Foltest's death the sorceress decided that she would help the witcher most by staying by his side. I was not there at the time, but I heard tales of the show of power Triss put on at that beach near Flotsam. The sorceress' greatest desire was to be the one and only woman in Geralt's life, and to forget about all the troubles and dangers they had recently experienced. In Aedirn, the search for Triss ended with the discovery of a bitter truth - transformed into a nephrite figurine, she had ironically been in the possession of an oblivious Geralt for a time and he had brought her straight to the Nilfgaardian camp. Triss returns in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt as the leader of the mage underground due to the witch hunt begun by Radovid V. Triss was forced to seek the protection of The King of Beggars to whom she paid 80% of her earnings whilst attempting to gain enough money to escape the city with her fellow mages. To find Ciri, Triss then helped Geralt discover the location of Dandelion by allowing herself to be taken to the witch hunters and tortured whilst Geralt gained the information.
If Geralt assists Triss in spiriting all the mages under her wing to Kovir, it results in the witch hunters targeting nonhumans.
When Geralt later arrived, Triss berates him for putting Ciri in danger by taking her to the Sabbath to face Imlerith. While searching for Phillipa using hydromancy, Triss' spell in the reflection of the pool behind the Passiflora, changes to an unknown house. If Geralt finds one of Triss' lost earrings in their bed back at Kaer Morhen, he can return it to her. With a new patch released for the RPG of the Year contender The Witcher 2, CD Projekt RED have included some free DLC in the form of a new quest. As well as the new quest the patch also contains a wide range of updates including, improvements to aspect ratio, adjustments to the games Prologue difficulty and a host of other tweaks. 4.A ‘Junk’ panel has been added to the Inventory to provide greater clarity in item classification. 5.A new menu option has been added under ‘Extras’ – this enables players to view in-game animated sequences (flashbacks, memory flashes, dreams stolen by harpies) outside of the game.
12.Assorted improvements have been made in the game’s 3D Vision, SLI and Crossfire functionality. 13.Assorted improvements have been made for running the game in Ubersampling mode on nVidia cards. 14.Key bindings have been corrected to enable configuration of mouse buttons for use by left-handed players. 15.Assorted key binding options have been added to facilitate configuration of controls and quick access to various in-game panels. 16.Issue related to game settings being reset to defaults upon patch installation has been resolved. 18.The launcher now closes while the game is being patched, thus eliminating the resulting game patching error.
19.The launcher now closes completely and no longer continues to operate in the background. 20.‘Installed game version is invalid or incomplete’ error in updater when free space on system drive is insufficient – message has been corrected to reflect more accurately the nature of the error. 23.‘Dragon’ section of Prologue does not become available until after all assault-related sections have been completed, thereby softening the difficulty curve at the start of the game.

24.During the fight against the kayran, when the bridge collapses, a map pin appears at the end of the bridge to facilitate player navigation and quest completion. 33.Mini-game contestants at one of the in-game taverns now switch positions correctly without blocking one another. 40.The “Scent of Incense” quest no longer shows up as failed after being completed successfully. 41.Sudden switch to gameplay just prior to cut scene involving Cynthia and Philippa has been eliminated. 44.The Redanian messenger in Henselt’s tent can no longer be killed, preventing him from re-spawning.
49.Assorted corrections have been made in dialogue sequences (including King Foltest’s gestures on the town walls in the Prologue).
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is almost upon us, and as anticipation runs wild, more and more information on the game becomes available. CD Projekt RED’s Lead Engine Programmer Balazs Torok shared some information with The Witcher Hungary. A proprietary Temporal Anti-Aliasing technique is used that we are proud of, but we’ll talk about it more when everyone can see the results. Unfortunately the DX12 support is not possible, because players wouldn’t be able to use it right now. Windows 10 being a free upgrade for its first year after release, will certainly result in a faster adoption rate for the platform, and subsequently for DX12. Simply right-click on the below image and click the 'Set as Desktop Background' link from the menu that pops up.
She is called the "Fourteenth of the Hill" because she was erroneously thought to have been killed during the Battle of Sodden Hill. She is one of the first people Geralt meets after being found unconscious in the woods by his fellow witchers. Once Geralt regains consciousness, he finds himself in the bedroom of her luxurious Trade Quarter home, and he sees her talking presumably to another sorceress. If not rushed during the dialogue, after drinking the potion, she offers Geralt his first sexual encounter of the game. She transported me to her house in the Trade Quarter and took care of me until I came round.
In the game however, she displays a generous amount of cleavage without any traces of damage whatsoever. In game one of the first missions is to recover the ingredients for a potion to heal Triss (although Vesemir briefly mentions that due to her allergy, said potion requires special ingredients). She first appears in the prologue as Geralt's lover; her feelings for him have evidently remained unchanged. One of three opening scenes of Geralt's story during the prologue shows him getting up as Triss lies naked beside him as a messenger soldier enters their tent to summon the witcher to the King Foltest's side.
When given the option to go alone to the elven baths or take Triss, Geralt can choose to take the sorceress along with him. The young, pretty, talented, auburn-haired mage from Maribor hardly reminded me of the giggling flapper of years past. Not heeding her threatened position at court, she harnessed all her strength and powers to helping Geralt, whom she still had feelings to.
Though she was weakened and barely conscious, the sorceress managed to sustain a magical barrier and the three survived the Scoia'tael arrows thanks to her. A more attentive observer would certainly have noticed the chill in their greetings, as well as Triss' evident dislike of her elder colleague.
Geralt agreed to her proposal, but before they could act, Fate showed them how hard it can be to carry out such romantic plans. Geralt was close to agreeing to her proposal, yet he knew that it would be impossible to lead a quiet life until he could clear his name. It appeared that Triss had known the woman she had talked to, but the fragments of the conversation recounted to us remained mysterious. Thanks to Letho she escaped unharmed, but I am sure she would be glad to forget the time she spent in Nilfgaardian captivity. I described the story's finale in one of my ballads, omitting the carnage Geralt wrought there, however.
In this way Miss Merigold contributed involuntarily to a witch-hunt greater than any before it.
After the events at Loc Muinne Triss and Geralt (who had now regained his memory) separated.
Geralt, upon arriving at the city, found Triss with the King of Beggars and assisted her ridding a rat infested mill. Afterwards, she informed him that the only Lodge member she could locate was Philippa Eilhart, who was tricked into her owl form by Arthur de Vleester, who put a dimeritium band on her leg afterwards. While extracting Lady Ingrid Vegelbud's son from her estate past the witch hunters, Triss gets drunk, which leads to Geralt kissing her as the fireworks start. When pressed by Geralt, she reveals that King Tankred had offered her a position as his court advisor. To start the quest, visit the eccentric Elthon, who inhabits a solitary hut near the quarry outside Vergen.
Minor mutagens drop more frequently than do major mutagens, though the overall mutagen drop rate has been reduced. Details are shared through interviews with the developers, and revealed from some extremely lucky individuals that have already spent some quality time with the game.
The new API will definitely help with performance in a title as demanding as The Witcher 3, and users with relatively less powerful gaming  systems could benefit immensely. We will bring you any new information on the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, prior to its releases as soon as it becomes available. Like us, tweet to us or +1 us, to keep up with our round the clock updates, reviews, guides and more. It was through her intervention that Ciri was not inadvertently given harmful elixirs, the witchers were planing on subjecting her to the Trial of the Grasses as a last resort in an attempt to control Ciri's growing magical power.

Lying there awake I overheard Triss gossip with her friend on the magic communicator, and I now know that other sorceresses are also interested in Salamandra.
She is also worried about me — she hopes we can have a steady relationship and raise Alvin together when I complete my mission. On top of that, you have to behave like a good father, by being strict with Alvin at least once.
Cynthia, a Nilfgaardian spy, captures Triss using artifact compression, and smuggles Triss across the mist of wraiths, where Triss eventually makes it into the hands of Nilfgaard's ambassador, Shilard Fitz-Oesterlen. If Geralt chooses not to save her, in favor of helping Roche or Iorveth, a massacre erupts in Loc Muinne, with opposing forces fighting not only one another, but also mages after Nilfgaard revealed the Lodge's involvement with the Northern regicides. After a battle partway through the quest, the ground under their feet collapses, sending the two plummeting into ancient elven baths.
Thus were the lovers reunited among the ruins of Loc Muinne after their long parting, and the story of Triss Merigold's kidnapping ended. For his part, he thinks that my version, with its colorful description of a mounted pursuit of Renuald aep Matsen, a limp sorceress trundled across his saddle, is too pretentious.
The scene – now known as "Triss Merigold accuses the Lone Witch of Kovir" – passed into history and presently is one of the more common motifs in contemporary painting.
Triss decided to go to Novigrad, which many mages believed to be a safe haven, and set up a shop in the city center. The Mill owner, however, sold her out to the witch hunters, and if not for the efforts of Geralt, Triss would have been captured.
Before the Hunt's attack, she is happily reunited with Ciri, whom she provides with a magical stone that will call down a fireball that would strike down all her attackers except herself.
Worse yet, Philippa came into the possession of Zoltan Chivay, who lost her in a card game. At the conclusion of Now or Never, if Geralt professes his love for Triss, she seemingly depart on the ship for Kovir. She also reveals that the house is to be her's in Pont Vanis, where she wants them to live together after the Wild Hunt is defeated. Geralt would take jobs, more out of habit than need, due to the fortune Triss received as the advisor to Kovir's king.
In the meantime, you can check out more on the game in our previous coverage, here and here.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available on the Terms and Conditions page. This would have either killed Ciri or made her a mutant, meaning she would become barren, unable to bear children like every other sterile witcher. Ironically, Triss is allergic to magic and she can only be administered natural healing potions.
In the chaos, Letho saves Triss from the Nilfgaardian camp, and takes her to the now abandoned Temerian camp and protects her until Geralt arrives after fighting the dragon. Noting that an immediate escape is impossible, the two can take advantage of their location. A hero from Sodden, known as the Fourteenth of the Hill - for she was mistakenly counted as the fourteenth mage to die in that battle - she sat on the royal council of King Foltest of Temeria. The Eternal Fire religion in the city, however, declared all mages to be witches and traitors and began arresting and murdering them.
But she returns, interrupting Sigismund Dijkstra's anecdote about his affair with Phillipa Eilhart.
If Geralt romances both Triss and Yennefer, they trick him into thinking they're having a threesome, only to leave him tied to the bed in the Rosemary and Thyme.
After Geralt is imprisoned for Foltest's murdered, she meets up with him and Roche before they set sail for Flotsam, having lost her position as advisor after Foltest's death.
Selecting the correct conversation options will initiate a cutscene, in which Triss completely takes off her clothes with magic and jumps into the water.
And though they say that a monarch's favor is uncertain - for the king had once expelled all mages from Temeria - Triss had managed to gain Foltest's trust.
Using hydromancy at the fountain behind the Passiflora and divined that Philippa was in the possession of Sigismund Dijkstra.
In Flotsam, she meets with fellow Lodge member, Sheala de Tancarville, and becomes suspicious of her presence.She helps Geralt prepare to fight a Kayran by introducing him to Cedric, finding the Kayran's lair, and helping him create a potion to allow Geralt to resist the Kayran's poison. If Geralt chooses to rescue Triss, he breaks into the Nifgaard camp and eventually finds her restrained and asks her about the Lodge and their influence behind the Demavend and Foltest's murders. Unfortunately, they had not much luck, as Ida Emean outright refused and Francesca Findabair wouldn't budge from her realm with a war raging.
They rush to his bathhouse, where Philippa, having regained human form after Dijkstra foolishly removed her dimeritium band, was wrecking havoc.
After Geralt meets Letho, Triss and Cedric break into Sheala's room and Triss used the megascope to try to gain more information on Sheala (by speaking either to Dethmold or Philippa). When Geralt and Triss go to the ampitheater, Triss reveals Sheala's role in the assasinations, allowing Carduin to reject Sheala from joining the reformed Conclave of Mages.
After the lovers enjoyed one another well enough, Triss comments this short time of bliss in such a manner: "We should take walks more often. Triss and Geralt are seperated again when Geralt goes to fight the dragon, and they meet up shortly afterwards, where Triss tells Geralt that Letho is waiting for him.
On their way to Letho, Triss explains that mages helped prevent further bloodshed in the city.
Regardless whether Geralt rescued her or not, after Geralt confronts Letho, he leaves Loc Muinne with Triss (and maybe with Roche or Iorveth).

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