The general method and goals have all been revealed in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
You have Portland Down bio warfare centre, their underground facilities are creating horrendous biowarfare weapons.
One is a gas that damages your brain, brings your consciousness into the lower animal instincts so that you go crazy and violent. Bird an anesthesiologist told investigators he works at Parrish Medical Center in Titusville and "treats you guys in the E.R," the report states. Bird received his medical degree in 2001 from Wayne State University and was a resident in anesthesiology at the University of Florida, according to the Florida Board of Medicine.
An unidentified homeless man had some 80% of his face bitten off by 31-year-old Rudy Eugene. Police attempted to force Eugene off his victim with gunfire but he refused to budge and was eventually killed. Miami is still baffled by what transpired Saturday afternoon on the MacArthur Causeway's off-ramp to Biscayne Boulevard, where a naked 31-year-old Rudy Eugene was found consuming the face of another naked man. Certain techniques are used by those working on the dark side, where the person may not be aware of the induced ghost body alters, as a person is not aware of their induced alters within the human brain.A A  Some alters may be set-up only within the mind of the 'ghost body,' a mind that is beyond the ordinary working of the brain.
The mind within the ghost body proceeds with the inner 'star body' into the 'star' world with the discarding of the ghost body after death.A A  Should one have alters in the ghost body when death occurs, these will usually, with the alters' permission, be integrated into the main personality within therapy sessions upon the 'star' world. Brain Washing, alien contact and abductee information is still largely steeped in mythology.
This interview done in 1995, enhanced in Bases One Disclosure 2010, is an interview where if you listen through the two hours your knowledge of this subject will increase multiple times. The interaction of Lisa Williams and Barry King brings out a depth to the subject I have never before seen in any interview. Mary Seal, included in the presentation, who organized the Global Deception Conference of 1993 is speaking of this year, of this moment.
And I think most of the people prefer to stay on the surface of everything out of lazyness and fear, just because we have been told to.
This is called 'socialization' and it is based on the promise that we will all?A  become the jailer of others. A Illuminati strategy AfghanistanPeople gather near the body of a man killed by US NATO forces pre-dawn attack in Mehtar Lam, in Laghman province, some 100 kilometers (60 miles) east of Kabul, Tuesday, December 8, 2009. Enough psychologists and other social scientists haven't asked questions about what their research is to be used for. Their main objective has been to get the grant, so they could support themselves and their scientific curiosity. Since too many of them have been politically disinterested or naive, they have been easy prey for the cryptocracy. According to a recent statistics, one gallon oil costs the invading troops $400 and annual expenditure of one soldier is almost one million US dollar. The aim of the Mujahideen is to have a free and independent country and Islamic government which represents the aspirations of the Afghan people. But the so-called advocates of democracy and human rights are not ready to give these natural rights to the Afghans and to the Mujahideen. Those who defend their country, faith, values and natural rights or those who throw deci-cutter bombs and fire Hellfire missile at wedding, funeral ceremonies and rallies. Thousands of innocent Afghans have been killed in Nangarhar, Urozgan, Hirat, Fara, Kunduz and Paktya provinces as a result of American and NATO blind bombardment.
Of course not, but you cannot tell the dumbed-down mind-controlled worker-bee slaves who daily get their brainwashing from Western television BBC et al, from all forms of Americanized movies, radio and controlled newspapers; continually fed ideas that 24 hours each day entertain the brain-formations within these slaves.
Therefore it is clear beyond all doubt and argument that the stated purposes for the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan are deliberate, knowing, well-considered lies. Thus all the earnest debates and commentaries on the relative efficacy of various policies aimed at achieving these completely specious goals are pointless. In the end, such diversionary 'debates' only serve the causes of war, domination, profiteering and elite power that are, in the end, the only true goals of these campaigns.
To it, human beings are so much cheap hardware who perform certain set functions which produce certain predetermined results.
If a prospective agent cannot be recruited by an appeal to patriotism, he is bribed.A A  If he cannot be bribed, he is blackmailed.
Whether people believe in an immortal soul, or believe their existence is dependent on their body's chemistry, every earthly human can probably agree upon one idea: we all have a physical body. Because we all have bodies, and they all have needs such as air, water, food, shelter, sex, etc., to an extent we are all "self-serving" as we care for our bodies.
Since it takes two people to procreate, and few have a tropical island to themselves or can survive alone on a mountaintop, humans interact. People are other-serving when seeing to the needs of others, and self-serving when seeing to their own. According to nearly all mystical material, that interaction is the primary reason we are here. We evolve our souls by inhabiting this dimension, interacting with each other (including animals, plants, Mother Earth, etc.) helping and hurting each other, and living with the consequences.
Throughout our lives, we constantly make decisions whether to serve ourselves or serve others. As with all decisions in life, especially when humans interact, the question of whom we are serving is constantly with us, and can make seemingly straightforward decisions more complicated. Is it to breed a farmhand, somebody to exploit today and perhaps support them when old and feeble? Do people do it in a moment of lust, not thinking or caring about the consequences of bringing a child into the world?
There is not a single human interaction where the issue of it being self-serving or other-serving does not apply. The ideal is getting as good as we give, being self-serving and other-serving at the same time, or balancing the scales in the end.
Stated another way, if all human decisions made in one day were weighed by relative scale (where helping an old lady across the street would not count as much as jumping in front of a train to save somebody's life), sorting to one-side the self-serving actions and other-serving actions to the other, the scale would tip to the self-serving side.
When she is feeding herself, she is serving herself, although part of her motivation may be being healthy in order to properly care for her infant.
Whereas the path of light is committed to truth and love, the path of darkness is committed to illusion and fear. It provides a framework to understand interactions between beings on this plane and beings in others, how humans evolve on the physical plane, and the soul's journey. The study of "that which is not" is valid, with many valuable lessons learned along the way. Along the light path are constantly increasing levels of expansion and integration into Creation.
Along the dark path there are constantly increasing levels of concentration and a withdrawal into one's perceived self. Along the light path there is an eventual reunification with the source of creation, the ultimate coming home. The source of creation is love, and it is the force that created and sustains not only this universe, but also all of creation.
Because love is the power of creation, love is the game humans are learning, because we are learning to be creators here at earth school. As the light path leads to a wondrous reunion with the Creator, those at the dark patha€™s highest level also realize that a reunification with The Source is its next step.
When a highest-level dark path being attempts that reunification, it gets a rude awakening: the dark path does not lead home.
As it is the study of "that which is not," the entire path is ultimately one of illusion, and self-deception. I am proud of you, my child, but there is an important lesson your path has not taught you, the lesson you must learn before you can come home.
Your path has led you here, but loving yourself, while an important lesson, is only part of the journey. You incurred many debts to others as you failed to love them, and only loved what you thought of as yourself. All the mastery, all the wisdom, all the greatness you attained on your path, which is indeed impressive, you can trade in for an equivalent status on the path of light. From that exalted rank of light, you will labor long to settle your debts, make right your wrongs, and bring as much light to Creation as you earlier brought darkness to it. I think you will find that loving others is highly rewarding, not only to yourself, but also to others.
You can stay where you are, at the dark path's highest level, where you can progress no further, because there is nowhere else to go.
They believe that looking out for themselves is the only credo worth living by, and they see light path beings as naA?ve or foolish. It is an impossible dream, but such is the dark path's folly, the study of that which is not. What goes around comes around, and dark path initiates realize that God created with love, and God's creations love it back.
In the inverted dark path perspective, they think that manipulating others is how creation functions. In the dark path's inverted perspective, they believe the exhilaration of the fear they experience is Creation's essence, and they induce fear in others, receiving a feedback effect, nourishing themselves. Fear is the absence of love, and in the dark path's inverted logic, they feel if they can inspire fear in others, they are becoming creators.
As stated in Lake's The Extraterrestrial Vision, those dark path initiates are acting appropriately, in light of their beliefs. They work in many different professions, but are particularly drawn to ones involving power. Much of the corruption in business and government is perpetrated by self-servers, many of whom are highly intelligent. They are never found in service professions, except as impostors or con men who prey off those in need.
They have no sympathy for the needy, because they believe everyone should be self-sufficient.
They believe that those who can't take care themselves will learn to take care of themselves by being taken advantage of. In Barbara Marciniak's seminal Bringers of the Dawn, in chapter eight is another perspective of the dark path.
It appears that dark path entities that have evolved beyond physical plane realities, such as Genghis Kahn, are helping humanity stay in fear, because fear creates an energy that nourishes them.
In a first-person account by Michael Roads, in his mind-blowing Into a Timeless Realm, he saw those beings that keep humanity in misery because they thrive on it.
The theme of dark path beings thriving on fear, even to the point of inducing fear in people, extracting chemicals that fear produces in the human body, then bathing in it, are in Topper's writings. This site documents many extremely dark situations, and many people refuse to believe that people will actively and consciously create situations where others suffer and die. Because the dark path is the study of that which is not, deception and secrecy are their tools, which is largely how the U.S. In the end, the dark path folksa€™ greatest victims are themselves, and the most deceived chumps of all are themselves, completely misunderstanding who and what they are. It takes two to tango, and while dark path beings play their games, they actively deceive others, and their greatest victory is not forcing people to do their bidding, but having them freely choose to. Dark path initiates know that few will consciously let themselves be used by dark path practitioners.
A full belly, a roof over their head, and their addictions sated are primary goals of the vast majority of humanity at this time. Most people can be called "good," because they will try doing the "right" thing if it does not cost them too much, and usually will not go out of their way to hurt others.
How can the dark path folks exploit people, while having them believe that their actions serve the common good? Dark path initiates commonly use a singularly effective tactic: enslaving people, while telling them they do it to protect them. Barbara Marciniak's Pleiadians say that the most effective prison is one where its prisoners do not realize that they are in prison, and those prisoners will believe almost any clever lie, as long as believing it keeps their bellies full. They might experience some light and often-phony camaraderie, but they generally fear and hate each other. Each realizes that they cannot subjugate an entire planet or galaxy by themselves, so they need comrades of like mind.

They are always watching their backs around each other, as they know that everybody is in it for themselves.
There can only be one Emperor of the Universe, and they all want the title, so the kinds of power plays that occur in their circles most would rather not hear about. In addition, their conspiracies and game plans are always falling apart, because they cannot work in unison very effectively.
The idea of following orders is a dark path invention, used to keep those below them in the hierarchy in line.
Consequently, a system has been devised to glorify violence, dehumanize the "enemy" (young men just like them), shield them from war's realities until they are on the battlefield, condition them to obey orders and call them cowards and even execute them if they do not obey.
A twist on the a€?protectiona€? racket is having people support violence to a€?savea€? somebody, or a€?geta€? the bad guys, such as riling up Americans to cheer the bombing of Iraq, Yugoslavia or Afghanistan. The dark path folks must laugh heartily as the American people fall for it each time, as those cheering Americans believe they are helping the people they bomb.
Einstein once remarked that human stupidity is one of the truly infinite aspects of our universe, and dark path members eagerly exploit it. They play to peoplea€™s sense of helplessness and feelings of victimization by selling violence as a remedy for the worlda€™s ills, as if there were no other choice. The demonization of Saddam Hussein, Manuel Noriega or Slobodan Milosevic (or Americaa€™s demon of the hour, Osama bin Laden) is merely state propaganda, and the masses fall for it every time.
Indonesiaa€™s Suharto makes them look like choirboys, but he always did our bidding, so he was a respected ally who we heavily armed. The dark path folks smile every time people support violence, as they know it always leads to more violence, and they truly get thrills out of bloodshed (as long as it is not their blood being shed) and the suffering of others.
Millions of people cheering massive violence wreaked against distant peoples is a dream come true for dark path initiates. The earthly power of controlling and manipulating others to onea€™s will is counterfeit power.
Detonating a nuclear bomb is "powerful" in its own way, but is a pale and dark imitation of real power, which the dark path initiates have yet to learn.
Val Valerian, in his Matrix III, establishes broad categories to classify humanity into, with rough percentages. Valerian did not present his data to expressly deal with the integrity issue, but it has a relationship and gives rough numbers.
Most people do not want to be responsible for their lives, and arriving at a new level of integrity and taking back their responsibility has a price. As Ben Franklin once observed, those who give up their freedom for security deserve and receive neither.
About a quarter of the human race feels there is something wrong with the picture, but shuffle along with the herd nevertheless. About ten percent know there is something not quite right, and have tried to do something about it at some level, but were repressed in one way or another and still shuffle along with the herd. About five percent of humanity are committed self-servers, and actively and knowingly use others for their own ends. The ten percent have tried to be other-serving and are to a degree, but have been beaten back into line. Those are general categories and percentages, and are only for illustration, not to be taken literally. That category of five-percent dark path initiates has various levels of accomplishment and commitment. Not many reach that highest level of dark path evolution and meet the Creator, to be told they cannot get home on their path.
Most figure it out before then, getting a belly full of the pain and suffering that attends their path, and eventually revert and pursue the light path. An initiate who attains the "mastery" of the dark path, equivalent to a Genghis Kahn is far less than five percent of the population. On the light path, a Jesus or a Buddha attained levels of mastery that have proven to be one in billions on planet earth, so far. Being other-serving is the ideal, and the vast majority of humanity loves other-servers, partly because they get something out of the deal, and the 95% of us not on the dark path can be inspired by their example.
That ninety-percent of humanity will not accept personal responsibility for their lives, and rather easily give it up.
Other-servers realize that nobody should give their power away, and usually do not seek positions of earthly power. As Lake's ET friends stated, the self-servers seek power and can be found flocking to positions of power as moths flock to a light bulb. As Dennis has said, they serve humanity all right, they serve up a plateful that they feast on every night. It is not always the case, but those in positions of power in today's world are largely self-serving.
There are more other-servers in the CIA than Ralph McGehee and the few other CIA employees who spoke out as he did. The CIA psychologically screens its fieldwork applicants, trying hiring people who blindly follow orders. For every Ralph McGehee who took the high, hard road, there were numerous other CIA employees who at one level or another eventually saw the big picture. Some quickly became disillusioned and quit the CIA, getting a "real job" or becoming a missionary or other undertaking designed to serve humanity.
Others developed a gradual uneasiness over the years as their experiences contradicted their indoctrination.
Others gradually felt the pain of having their ideals and reality clash, but developed coping behaviors such as drinking and other dysfunctions. As with Ralph, they were too far along in their careers to practically change into another.
They watched the calendar, counting the days to retirement, drinking themselves into a stupor nightly to live with their situation, exemplifying a life of quiet desperation. Case officers often come back unnoticed, drained by their experiences and haunted by their consciences, by the suspicion that the things they had done were pointless as well as cruel. Some would speak up in the CIA's halls, trying to reform it or openly question the CIA's stated mission, only to be quickly swatted down or ostracized. Very few would wake up as Ralph did and do something about it, taking great personal risk to tell the world what was happening. During World War II, there were virtually no German soldiers who spoke out against the Final Solution.
There are also CIA employees who see the situation exactly as Ralph does, and are supremely happy. They are dark path initiates, crave positions of power, and love being on the "winning" side.
To one degree or another, they have had the opportunity to see what Ralph saw, but prefer to not. They do not want to believe they are serving darkness, and engage in many games of denial to protect their consciences. McGehee's CIA associate who was assigned to work with him on censoring his book thought McGehee should be taken out and shot. Ralph represents a shattering of the mass illusion, and the herd does not like having its self-serving illusions shattered.
In an earlier time, Ralph may have become a victim of mob violence, nailed to a cross or have some other grim fate.
Many years later he may have become a posthumous candidate for sainthood, but in America, there are other ways to deal with Ralph. If his voice is a mere whisper next to the trumpet blare of propaganda, and he is discredited with lies, few will hear his voice or heed it, and few want to anyway. Everybody wants to believe they do good deeds, and do not take kindly to being told otherwise.
Ralph has been actively spied on and subjected to a campaign of intimidation over the years as the CIA tried silencing him, quite illegally.
In 2004, John Perkins, after years of soul searching, spoke out from the privatized middle management of the empire. As the Bible says, many are called and few are chosen, and the world's fate rests in few hands.
The relatively few committed light workers are trying to wake us up, so we do not stampede over the nearby cliff.
They are continually trying to navigate between enslaving humanity and destroying the planet, which would end their racket. They want alive and terrified slaves, not a destroyed planet, but it is not an easy tightrope to walk.
He may not realize the full implications of his actions, but even if he did, they probably would not affect him, other than feeling good about a job well done. People do not want to believe that those in positions of power are self-serving, because they have given their power away to them. Therefore, they often go to great lengths to stay in denial about the state of affairs, although the effort they can expend in battling their cognitive dissonance can reach surreal levels. If enough people make the effort to simply choose the light, not because it will win, but because it is good, a great age of light, love and healing awaits us.
Some call it the New Age, and various cultures have other terms for it, but we are not there quite yet.
If we do, either through warfare, environmental destruction, or both, we will continue our incarnation cycles, but on another planet. Michael says that if we do, we will probably choose a life form that cannot manipulate its environment, dolphins and whales being examples of ensouled species that cannot destroy their environment. One reaction to that notion is that if we did something like that, we will not have learned our lesson. The truly happy ending would have us finishing our incarnation cycle in a life form that can manipulate its environment, and finally learn the lesson of living in harmony with it. That would be the ideal, but Michael says the ideal is rarely attained on the physical plane, and very few wrap up their incarnation cycles by living the life of a Jesus.
Within the Spiritual Perspective by Wade Frazier are comments about Silver Mind Control as it was previously called, now known as The Silva Method or Silver UltraMind System, and other teachers and channellers.
Usually you can do as much and more by developing your own techniques at home, without any assistance from a group, which can hold you back with their biases.
You will receive much greater satisfaction developing your own techniques at home and will be helped from the other side if you ask for assistance from your guides, those who have assisted you through your life to the present. You see when people, and increasingly more and more of you humans, tell you that the Illuminati try to keep you dumbed down, there's reasoning behind those words.
Reduced mind-space occurs when some distortion like the use of alcohol, the onset of psychological disorder, or some other disruption reduces a mind's progressively ordered connectedness, its larger context.
Over time, such disruptions can be seen as shrinking the dimension of a mind during the given time period. An extinction of emotional sensitivities can cause one to disconnect from a mind's earlier dimensions of childhood affection, sensitivity, and thoughtfulness. Extinction of such sensitivities can cut a mind off from the more complex considerations of its past and cause what, in effect, is a loss of mindspace, a reduction of the capacity within such sensitivities. Of course, both human and alien adults tend to set such sensitivities aside when they develop specialized thought connections (which require a kind of durability), yet most humans go full circle and end up yearning for the smoother, more delicate kind of openness that children are capable of. Multiple personality is a manifestation of fragmentented, alternative or 'alters' of brain personality, brain personality being information and characteristics incorporated into mind outside-the-body personality and personalities, encompassed by that which is Soul.
Soul itself might be considered a 'temporary' separation by Higher Consciousness, however as Soul is outside time and space, the notion of temporary or permanent or separation has no validity.
Integration by mind is when, should, we choose to integrate into a higher mind, one of our various upper minds. I hope to spend on hour talking specifically about ritual abuse and about mind-control programming and brainwashing - how it's done, how to get on the inside with that - which is a topic that in the past I haven't been willing to speak about publicly, but recently decided that it was high time that somebody started doing it.A  So we're going to talk about specifics today. Chinese Internet via Aus Air PowerShenyang J-8 Finback fighters being towed into one of the China's many a€?super-hardeneda€? underground air basesAerial bombardments weighed heavy on the minds of Chinese military planners in the taut decades of the Cold War, and protecting their fledgling jet fleet was of paramount importance. To keep their planes and equipment from the prying eyes of satellites, and the earth shattering bombs of an aerial attack, China built an elaborate set of underground bunkers.
China began construction of its 40 or so hidden bases in the 1950s, and though some have fallen out of military use and are open the public as museums many are harboring China's newest military might. Government agencies across the country are hiring private debt collectors to go after millions of Americans over unpaid taxes, ancient parking tickets and even $1 tolls.
Their government bosses can give them the power to threaten debtors with the suspension of their driver’s license, garnishment of their wages, foreclosure and arrest to get them to pay up.

State lawmakers have even passed laws allowing private collectors to charge debtors steep fees. One of the biggest players in this industry is law firm Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson. Based in Texas, Linebarger works for 2,300 clients nationwide and collects $1 billion for its clients each year. The firm, which would only respond to interview questions in written statements, told CNNMoney that government agencies need the money it collects to fund vital services, such as teacher salaries and police budgets.
One Kansas man ended up behind bars three times because he couldn’t afford the growing bill for his unpaid speeding ticket, while another Kansas woman says she had her entire paycheck garnished for back taxes. Despite decades of scandals over the way the firm gets business -- and even jail time for one of its top executives -- Linebarger still lands lucrative government contracts. Many attribute this success to the millions of dollars the firm has spent wooing politicians, from local mayors to powerful players like former Texas Governor Rick Perry. The Harris County Toll Road Authority told CNNMoney that it uses the funds collected by Linebarger to help keep Houston’s toll roads drivable and safe. Linebarger maintains that its fees are reasonable and depend on the kind of debt and how hard it is to collect. By collecting these fees, Linebarger says it doesn’t have to charge the majority of the state and local governments that hire it, thereby keeping taxpayers from subsidizing its collection costs. This is different from a consumer creditor like a bank, which typically has to pay for its collection costs out of the money recovered from debtors.
In a months-long investigation into the government debt collection industry and Linebarger, CNNMoney analyzed hundreds of consumer complaints obtained from six state attorneys general and the Federal Trade Commission, among other organizations. CNNMoney found that with the power of government agencies behind them, debt collectors like Linebarger are able to play by their own rules, in essence acting above the law.
Thanks to legal exemptions, government collectors usually don’t have to follow the main federal law that regulates the debt collection industry. Because the law so often lands on Linebarger’s side, consumers often end up in a black hole with little recourse. While Linebarger isn’t the only government debt collector out there, it is one of the largest. Linebarger says that consumers should typically receive at least one notice (and sometimes multiple notices) from the government before a debt ends up in collections. Yet many people say the government never notified them, and Linebarger’s threatening letters and phone calls were the first they had heard of their debt.
Some were so confused that they became convinced Linebarger’s collection claim was a scam and refused to pay. And for those who just couldn’t afford to pay what they initially owed, the firm’s fees left them trapped in debt and fearful that they may lose their driver’s license, their home or end up in jail. Yet Linebarger still has the Better Business Bureau’s A-plus rating, which the organization stands by.
But Oklahoma tax attorney Paul Tom, who has represented dozens of people battling the firm, said while he has sometimes been able to negotiate the taxes owed, Linebarger’s fees are always set in stone. Memnon, who is a high school ROTC instructor, was so worried about having his driver’s license suspended that he used a credit card to pay Linebarger’s $287 bill -- which he says the firm told him all stemmed from $1.25 in toll charges. The Harris County Toll Road Authority said it doesn't send out bills until three toll violations have been incurred, and that it notifies people of their outstanding charges before handing over the debt to Linebarger. But Memnon says he wasn’t notified of the 2009 toll charges or given a chance to pay until he received a $102 bill from Linebarger in July of 2012, which demanded he pay or attend a hearing.
Then a new bill arrived in September, and the amount owed had nearly tripled, growing from $102 to a $287 bill, thanks to new collection fees and fines due to the missed hearing. At this point, he had already fought the firm for months over the phone, so he gave up and paid. Grieving mother Laverne Dobbinson received a particularly horrifying letter from Linebarger in 2012 -- billing her recently deceased son for $710 in damage to the New York City police car that killed him. The City of New York did not comment, though at the time of the incident the city acknowledged the letter was sent in error.
Even when the mistake is clearly on the part of one of Linebarger's clients, those who end up in Linebarger's crosshairs feel like they have little recourse. If these were consumer debts, like an old credit card bill, consumers would have a number of state and federal laws protecting them, and they could turn to an attorneys general office or the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for help. Federal consumer protection rules rarely apply to the government debts Linebarger collects, however, because they usually aren't considered "consumer debts." Speeding tickets and property taxes, for example, aren't considered a service or product that has been purchased, like an unpaid water bill. Linebarger says that as a law firm, it is held to a higher standard than typical collectors. Air Force Major Jose Iraheta has been battling Linebarger in court for more than seven years because the firm hit Iraheta with a foreclosure lawsuit while he was serving in the Middle East. Air Force Major Jose Iraheta sued Linebarger after it tried to collect on property taxes while he was serving in the Middle East. Linebarger dropped its lawsuit after he countersued, claiming the firm had broken state and federal laws.
Despite decades of scandals and bad press surrounding the firm and its partners, Linebarger continues to wield widespread political influence and rake in new million-dollar contracts. The scandals date back to its early days, when firm partners became infamous for using political connections to win contracts and change laws. Some critics thought the firm could even face extinction in 2002 after a major partner, Juan Pena, was indicted on charges that he bribed two city councilmen with more than $10,000.
Pena eventually pleaded guilty to bribery charges, lost his law license and was sentenced to 30 months behind bars. Meanwhile in Memphis, attorneys in a class-action lawsuit challenging the firm’s fees questioned Linebarger’s payment of millions of dollars to a local attorney who helped it win the city contract to collect taxes.
And in Texas, a partner was indicted in 2012 for covering up donations to a local elected official and his case remains ongoing.
Linebarger says the firm itself has never been charged with committing a crime and the actions of a few individuals aren't representative of its overall business practices. While Linebarger is able to go after consumers nationwide, the government clients it works for are in these 21 states. During the 2012 elections, for example, the firm spent nearly $500,000 on Texas political campaigns alone, according to public records.
Years earlier, the firm lobbied heavily for the 2004 law that allowed the IRS to use private collectors. While co-founder and former partner Dale Linebarger said he believes elections should be government funded, he admits that political spending is vital to a company’s success. But even if all of the politicians and government agencies end their love affair with Linebarger, there are other private collectors that would be happy to take its place. Until then, millions of Americans are left facing ominous threats and steep fees each year.
Zachary Bird is arrested by the Florida Highway Patrol near Orlando and charged with felony battery charges for spitting blood in a patrolman's face. Those polarities can also be described as the paths of light and darkness, good and evil, etc.
By outsourcing this dirty work and letting private companies charge debtors sky-high fees, government agencies can get these collection services free of charge. In an industry already known for bad behavior, debt collectors that work for government agencies usually don’t have to work within the confines of consumer protection laws – opening the door for higher fees and even more aggressive tactics. In Florida, for example, fees can be as high as 40% on top of the total bill, which includes not only what they already owe, but interest and government penalties as well. It has worked for small-town school districts, the city of New York and at one point, the largest tax collector in the country: the Internal Revenue Service. Government agencies sometimes hire Linebarger to hunt down decades-old debts that people can’t even remember incurring.
A Texas woman was threatened with arrest for not mowing the grass on a property she didn’t even own. Some have filed complaints with state attorneys general, while others have even sued the firm. Its political pull has even helped it get certain state and federal laws changed in its favor – including Texas legislation that allows it to charge debtors such high fees. More than a dozen of Linebarger’s other current and former government clients were also contacted for this report, but the toll authority was the only one to provide comment. We interviewed more than 60 consumers, former Linebarger employees, attorneys and other experts. And as it continues to grow -- with clients in 21 states -- so does the controversy surrounding its methods. Angry, frustrated and suspicious consumers have posted complaints on sites like Ripoff Report, Yelp and the Better Business Bureau. Others say that no matter how much proof they had provided that a debt wasn't theirs, Linebarger kept calling and sending them threatening letters. After a class-action lawsuit challenged the fees Linebarger charged under a contract with the city of New Orleans, the Louisiana Supreme Court even ruled that the firm’s 30% fees were unconstitutional. The BBB says Linebarger, which is a paying member, does a good job responding to complaints -- a requirement for the firm to stay in good standing. But it did say that it does everything it can to reduce errors and that the cost of collection -- even for a small amount like a toll -- can be significant. CFPB officials declined to comment on whether they have oversight of government debt collectors but encouraged consumers to share their story or submit a complaint to the agency.
It prohibits collectors from charging any fee that wasn’t already agreed to in a contract or permitted by state law. And the threats it makes are okay too, since the firm's government client can pursue an arrest warrant, foreclosure or other penalty to back it up. While active duty military are able to delay paying property taxes without penalty until they return to Texas, Linebarger sued him over a $10,500 bill for unpaid property taxes. Past controversies ranged from allegations of illegal loans to public officials to inappropriately influencing lawmakers, including a controversial Mexican getaway with a Texas Speaker of the House that reportedly involved a topless dancer. Take Chicago, for example, where Linebarger's contract was terminated in 2008 because the firm had paid for the trip of a top city official.
More recently, two Linebarger consultants have been at the center of alleged bribery schemes -- one of which is heading to trial and another that is still under investigation. And it pays big bucks to influential current Texas public officials by putting them on its payroll -- a surprising but legal practice.
It had spent nearly $700,000 on its overall federal lobbying efforts between 2003 and 2006. What is really needed, consumer advocates say, is an end to the special treatment given to government debt collectors.
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And an Oklahoma business owner is still bitter about the $112,000 bill he received for taxes he had already paid. Yet, the outsourcing by government agencies continues and Linebarger’s business is thriving. And when debtors have challenged Linebarger's government collections work in court based on other laws, the firm has gone so far as to argue it has immunity because it is an extension of the government. It also noted Linebarger’s complaint volume was in line with the size of the firm and that it had waived fees in a few cases where consumers hadn’t been notified of the original debt. It also said that in general, toll violators are given multiple opportunities to pay before the debt escalates. After being told the violation was incurred by a rental car driver, he asked for proof the debt was his. Collectors also aren’t allowed to make false threats of arrest -- since consumer debts rarely land debtors behind bars -- and they are required to provide proof that a debt was incurred if the debtor requests it. Linebarger was hired by the IRS as part of a pilot program in 2006, but the contract ended about a year later -- before the program was nixed entirely amid controversy over the use of third-party collectors.
And others provide the firm with inaccurate information, leading it to pursue the wrong person entirely. When he didn’t hear back and another call to the firm went unanswered, he became convinced it was a scam and didn’t attend the hearing.
These agencies also issue the arrest warrants, foreclosure lawsuits and other harsh threats that Linebarger cites in its letters to debtors.

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