The second World War was devastating, but also plenty of technical advancements were made possible by the combatants’ desire to win.
Weapons of WWII magazine looked at some of Hitler’s advanced weaponry in its fall issue, on the 76th anniversary of the start of the second World War.
Germany had some incredible weapons for that day and age, including a flying stealth bomber, a rocket-powered fighter, a remote-controlled mini-tank and a radio-guided bomb.
The Horten Ho 229 was a stealth bomber capable of carrying 2,000 pounds of firepower at 49,000 feet, and it could reach speeds topping 600mph. The Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet was the Luftwaffe’s rocket-powered jet capable of reaching speeds of up to 700mph. The Goliath tracked mine is a radio-controlled unmanned small tank that was used to destroy enemy vehicles such as tanks. Finally, the Fritz X radio-guided bomb could penetrate 28 inches of armor after being dropped from 20,000 feet, way above the reach of antiaircraft equipment at the time. Posted at 9:50 pm April 10, 2015By Oak Ridge Today Staff Leave a Comment The only live firing Flak 88 (German anti-aircraft weapon) in the United States is pictured above.
Step back in time and experience the sights and sounds of frontline combat on the western front during World War II and learn about the men and women who helped ensure the Allied victory that shaped the world we live in today. You can see all this and more during the 2015 Secret City Festival in Oak Ridge on June 13. Organizers of this year’s Secret City Festival, which starts Friday, June 12, said they would like to recognize the generous support for the Battle of Normandy reenactment provided by NSPS (National Strategic Protective Services) and Triple Canopy. National Strategic Protective Services is a joint venture of Triple Canopy and Securiguard, and it was founded to protect strategic, critical national infrastructure.
Youth Pride Fest hosted in Oak Ridge on May 14Diversity will be celebrated at the third annual Youth Pride Fest on Saturday, May 14, in Oak Ridge, a press release said.

Emory Valley Center held a groundbreaking ceremony for its new building on Friday, April 15. The executive director of the Los Alamos Historical Society will discuss Los Alamos and the Manhattan Project in Oak Ridge on Tuesday. Neutron scattering and computational modeling have revealed unique and unexpected behavior of water molecules under extreme confinement that is unmatched by any known gas, liquid, or solid states. The NNSA is planning for Pantex and Y-12 to perform a greater amount of mission work in the upcoming years.
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Despite being defeated in the end, the German war machine had impressive weaponry at its disposal, including sophisticated creations that could have helped it win. The airplane was created in the late 1930s, at a time when the P-51 Mustang fighter could only reach 440mph in combat. Over 7,000 units were deployed in combat, each able to carry up to 220 pounds of high explosives. The smart bomb carried 3,450 pounds of explosives, featuring a radio receiver and tail controls that helped it navigate to the target.
See the uniforms, equipment and vehicles that were part of the world’s largest conflict in action.
The leading security companies comprising the NSPS joint venture currently secure United States’ interests both at home and abroad.
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Providing door-to-door transportation to senior citizens who can’t get to medical providers. The weapon was used in September 1943 to sink battleship Roma, but not many aircraft were able to carry it due to design incompatibilities.
The tide of the war has started to change, but in these early days of combat nothing is certain.
Come and experience one of the largest groupings of authentic World War II vehicles and equipment in the south!
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Triple Canopy is a leading provider of integrated security and mission support services to government agencies and multinational corporations worldwide, and it serves as the managing member of National Strategic Protective Services.

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