With his Yakuza series, photographer Anton Kusters had the chance to enter the closed and secret circle of the Japanese mafia.
She came into the world of violence even in junior high school, she often had to face with representatives of other gangs. Shoko spoke lovingly of his father, who never spoke about his business.At that time, her family was very rich and the garage was beaten doroguschimi cars that were secret passion of her father.

In the second part of the Tokyo Mafia series, former Yakuza brothers become bitter rivals, undermining loyalties within the family. After months of negotiations, Anton Kusters was finally allowed to enter the families of the most famous crime syndicate in the world, with over 50,000 members. Some amazing and fascinating images, which reveals the life of the Yakuza, made of pressure, intimidation and very codified rules.

The Economist has made a very interesting video interview with Anton Kusters to watch at the end of the post.

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