In this first module we will learn to identify, activate and harmonized the seven primary centers of energy in our bodies, our Chakras. Each of these chakras has a special function; therefore, it is important to recognize the value of each remembering that we have work on what we need to learn (our lesson) in order to evolve. The activation of these energy fields will prepared us to make a direct connection to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and will teach us to harmonize our entire energy system. These first series of classes have been designed to help you learn and develop your own method to Meditation.
Learn to awaken the true you, as you evolve, you will lean to silence your mind and find peace and happiness within.
In order to meditate freely, it is very important to fully reach a state of relaxation, grounding and connection. 7.   Clearing and Balancing Crown Chakra: Full Energetic Field Clearing and Balancing Journey with You and YOU! These classes have been designed for those who have completed Module #1 and would like to continue exploring higher awareness.
Learn about Emotional Intelligence (EQ) through the study of nature’s elements and the influence of our emotions in our overall health. Learn of nature’s elements, its properties, identify your emotions and learn to manage and express your responses better. The time of Full Moon is a magic time, when the power of the Moon is in at its zenith, our power increases. During this time the power of manifesting is great, in ancient times our ancestors performed magic rituals in order to gather and increase their energy. They were  alchemists and great seekers of consciousness far ahead of their time. In a Full-Moon there is an energetic pressure which can be used to accelerate healing on all levels. In this Meditation you will be guided to a journey that will invoke the intensity of the Perigean Full Moon and the power of the four winds (East, South, West, and North).
The Astronomy term Perigean full moon now called Supermoon is a simply term that means the moons closest to Earth for that month.
These Supermoons have been known to cause factual physical effects here on earth, it is manifested in larger-than-usual waves, unusual animal behavior and also changes human distinctive and collective behavior. The full moon is a time of positive opportunity, especially in the Super-Moon, if you use this energy correctly. Since the full moon creates or influence a tremendous amount of energy, you should be in a calm Meditative state of mind to receive a positive effect. This Super-Moon Meditation can have a transformative effect and lead you to a new understanding of your own life. Meditation is recognized as a component of almost all cultures, and has been practiced for over 5,000 years. By nature children are good meditators; empower your child’s physical, emotional, and mental health. 7.   Clearing and Balancing Crown Chakra: Full Energetic Field Clearing and Balancing Journey with You and YOU!

These classes have been designed for those who have completed Module #1 and would like to continue to learn and develop exploring the search for your higher selves. Learn about Emotional Intelligence (EQ) through the study of nature’s elements and self awareness an effective tool in personal development.
Learn of nature’s elements, its properties the connection in the physical, mental level, and the influence to our emotions in our overall health. EQ results reveal each individual’s level of self-esteem, will and their ability to grow toward their full potential. We will nurture with faith our purpose and when we are ready, the Gateway will open to the truth. Meeta teaches a dynamic, physical yoga class that can help you loose weight, improve bad posture and address respiratory issues such as asthma. During normal classes there is limited time to explore postures and students do not have the opportunity to practice long holds in different postures. Raja Yoga offers meditation classes, private lessons, weekend retreats, and a 100 hour meditation teacher certification program. Meditation is the most advanced practice in yoga and can lead us to peace of mind, happiness, health, creativity, productivity, bliss states, and higher states of consciousness. Wesley Tudor is highly trained in meditation as practiced in the Himalayan Yoga Tradition, as well as in guided relaxation and biofeedback. We also offer weekend retreats at the Himalayan Institute, in Honesdale, PA, four times per year. Trainings are offered once per year, and the next training begins this Spring, and the dates have been set. The cost of the training is $950, plus the weekend retreat, which as a participant in the program you will receive a substantial discount on. This film is an entire Kundalini Yoga class, including tuning in, a 10 min wake up series, a full warm up, a kneeling sun salutation and a meditation. This video does not replace the beauty and warmth and diverse experiences of a group class, where students can go more deeply into their practice, try new things and have lots of fun!
In class we work on different Kriyas, sets of exercises with a desired and predicted result, physical, emotional and spiritual, and the results can be transformational. It will help you configure the process of your mind, and cultivate new and more positive ways of being. We offer classes designed to meet the needs of the specific class, ranging from beginners, intermediate and advanced. They have a mechanism that allows them to cruise their journeys at a levels many grownups have forgotten possible. Their fresh minds are in multidimensional Technicolor motion picture processes that lets them enjoy coming in and out of meditation easily.
Anything is possible, with vision it is your spiritual work which will leads us to recognize the magic and move beyond that which is ordinary to an even greater potential.
Our workshops offer an excellent opportunity to explore postures in greater detail and give everyone  a chance to socialise afterwards. Remember pain is only a sensation!

We start with some warm up which may consist of breathing exercises, relaxation, discussion, or a few stretches. These retreats include yoga classes, meditation, amazing vegetarian food, and outdoor recreational activities, all for only $305.
We will look at and experiment with the techniques taught in all popular schools of meditation, but will focus on mantra-based meditation as is primary in yoga. At last, thanks to Jack Miller, Film Student Extraordinaire, and his mother, Anna Ward, trainee Kundalini Yoga Teacher and amazing child entertainer, here it is!! For the whole class please donate ?12 towards Healing Spirits, to bring the gifts of healing Kundalini Yoga & Meditation to those who cannot easily access or afford it, young and old.
But a home practice is a wonderful discipline and this one is designed for all levels, to give you a taster of Kundalini Yoga or a daily practice to keep you going between classes!
This video may not go as deeply as a Kriya, but it is a wonderful way to keep your body and mind strong and flexible, to learn to meditate, and to stay calm and mindful as you go about your busy life. Its focus is to convey awareness which include: Being conscious of, being receptive to, being here and now, being grounded, being mindful, being connected, being centered. Her style of Yoga is great for strengthening the physical body, creating flexibility in the limbs, regulating hormones and increasing energy levels. If you want to open your body, you need to engage in long holds. Our next workshop is a 2 hours. Being on a yoga retreat allows you to listen to your body, take time out when you need it and be free from stress and anxiety.
After the meditation there is time to check in and to discuss experiences and trouble shoot any obstacles which arise.
Cars leave from Philly on a Friday afternoon, we spend two nights, and return Sunday after lunch.
For a preview you can view the introduction, sun salutation and meditation here, free of charge. The wake up series gives you energy and vitality and commitment for your day, while the warm up is a wonderful way to keep your spine supple and the chakras (energy centres) open and in balance. Many people also experience improved concentration and a sense of inner peace from the classes. A retreat will allow you to come home with a refreshed appreciation for your life and your relationships. If one is new to the practice, it is best to attend a couple of regular yoga classes at the studio first, as the basics are covered in all of our classes. Meditating with a group can give a helpful boost to your practice, and the sharing of experiences helps everyone to learn and grow. Private lessons are also available upon request, and is a good idea if one is completely new to meditation.

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