Firstly, it gives you permission to be still for 10 or 15 minutes.  For some of us this might be our only opportunity in a hectic life to just stop.
So many people have difficulty falling asleep, despite feeling tired.  Consciously engaging in the physical practice of relaxation retrains our mind and body to release the tensions that build up during the day, allowing us to find sleep the way nature intended. My final words on the subject of relaxing in savasana for yoga nidra at the end of class…Something that leaves you feeling that good must be good for you. Situe a 5 km de Celles sur Belle, 12 km de Melle et a une vingtaine de km de Niort, les cours se passent sous une yourte chauffee pouvant accueillir 8 a 10 personnes. In the first two parts of this blog series, we have discussed the best types of yoga for cultivating spiritual awareness and physical fitness. Generally in restorative yoga classes, teachers will provide props to help support the body while engaging in calming, grounded poses.
When practicing yoga for relaxation, it is preferable to wear clothing that is comfortable, loose, and warming. If you’re looking to feel more relaxed through yoga practice, remember that the yoga clothing you choose is important.  You want to come to class feeling at ease so that you can truly relax into each restorative pose and keep your focus on your body and mind, not discomfort. Growth mode allows for better digestion, healing, reproduction and balancing the immune system.

Je me suis forme a l'Ecole Francaise de Yoga a Paris, mes professeurs ont ete notamment Patrick Tomatis et Boris Tatzky. Now let’s take a look at the best yoga types for relaxation and restoration which play a vital role in our overall health. During a Yin yoga class, participants will hold yoga poses for long periods of time, usually five minutes or longer. In colloquial terminology though, Hatha yoga frequently refers to a gentle style of yoga practice.
Restorative yoga is done primarily on the floor, and utilizes blocks, blankets, and bolsters to help reduce unnecessary strain and put the mind and body at ease.
The Varanasi long sleeve top helps keep the body warm and at ease without limiting your range of motion. So this is the time and space you allow for this connection between body, mind, emotion and spirit to occur. During relaxation the growth mode is allowed time to engage, which may not have occurred during the asana practice of yoga, especially if you are focused on perfection on the mat. The poses involved in Yin yoga are meant to moderately stretch the connective tissues of the body, stimulating circulation and improving flexibility.

Hatha yoga classes typically combine poses and breathing to create mental focus and develop an awareness of one’s own body, strength, and flexibility. Through relaxation and meditation, restorative yoga can help calm the nervous system and reduce the tension of the body. The V top is another great choice for restorative practice, especially in naturally warm or heated studios. When poses are practiced in combination to create a “flow” of movements, we get the modern term: Hatha flow yoga.
Typical Hatha practices tend to be physically demanding, but gentle or slow-paced classes can be used for restoration and relaxation.
Our favorite organic yoga pants for restorative yoga are the Ryder crop pant, the Divine drawstring, and the Chrystie pant. Yin yoga involves intentional stretching, differentiating it from Restorative yoga practice (see below), and is an ideal supplement to more active yoga forms.

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