Breath meditation is a simple and easy way to gain greater self-awareness, peace, and health.
Many major medical centers now consider meditation a valuable component of health management. As you focus on your breath, being aware of its sensation as it moves in and out of your body, simply count each breath in and each breath out.
You may want to support your learning with a CD that provides instructions with peaceful music.

With over 50 classes offered each week, there is something for everyone at Yoga for Today, regardless of age, physical ability, spiritual outlook or yoga experience in Sherwood Park and Edmonton. We offer holistic treatments with certified therapists that compliment a balanced lifestyle and state of mind. The opinion of many experts that breathing meditation is the basis of all meditation methods that exists.So it would be nice if we practice breathing meditation beforehand. With breath meditation, you focus your attention on your breath, following its rhythmic movement as you inhale (breathe in air) and exhale (breathe out air).

It can be on a chair with both feet on the floor or sitting with your legs folded up as in a modified lotus position (yoga style). You can use it during a painful or frightening procedure or an anxiety-provoking situation like public speaking or being stuck in traffic.

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