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The trolley provides a convenient and reliable mobility option for the downtown community, supports retail, and offers a charming visitor experience. Thank you for applying for the 2016 Part-Time Seasonal DTSF Clean & Green Team Assistant. The Special Event Intern will work directly with DTSF staff to assist in planning, logistics and execution of DTSF annual events. About the Green Business Program: The City of Sioux Falls oversees the Green Business Program which offers free technical assistance and recognition to businesses and organizations which aim to decrease their environmental impact through recycling, energy conservation, water conservation, environmentally preferred purchasing, transportation, social sustainability and pollution prevention. About Raven Industries: Raven helps solve great challenges by serving the world with technology to grow more food, protect the environment, and live safely. Why Go Green: Environmental Sustainability represents great potential and a long-term approach to growth for Raven. Business Contacts: GM Patrick Sayler, Grocery Manager Mark Leemkuil, Deli Manager Shane Gilbertson, Membership Coordinator Annie Blotz, Dan Nguyen IT Manager, Sam Sarbus Marketing Manager, Rachel Saum Produce Manager. Why Go Green: We care about the environment and the people around us, as well as the people who grow, produce and distribute the food we sell.
Why Go Green: The Bakery is green because we are a collection of staff and members that take only what we need and cultivate to create value in other ways. About Koch Hazard Architects: Koch Hazard Architects is a Planning, Architecture and Interior design firm specializing in LEED projects (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) as well as energy efficient housing, preservation and downtown urban projects. Why Go Green: Healthy food comes from healthy earth and I feel that it is our duty and responsibility to leave healthy earth for the next generation.
Why Go Green: At Prairie Berry East Bank we strive to leave the world a better place, honoring nature at every turn of the business. Why Go Green: When we were finalizing plans for our new downtown building, it was important that we created a space that not only looked beautiful, but had a limited environmental impact on our surroundings.
About Coffea: Coffea Roasterie operates with the singular vision to source, roast, brew and serve coffee without compromise. Why Go Green: Coffea Roasterie is proud to partner with other local businesses in an initiative to go green as so much of what we do relies on a healthy and thriving planet. About SFDC: The Sioux Falls Design Center mission is to inform and engage the public on the impact of design in our daily lives and in our community. Why Go Green: At the SFDC, we consider sustainability to be the foundation on which great design lives. I will be in communication with you as we get closer to the date of the event(s) you signed up to assist with. We will be in communication throughout the year with monthly meeting notices, event and promotion participation, volunteer opportunities, mixer invitations, and the bi-monthly membership newsletter.
DTSF website, Facebook and Twitter promo (we have a mobile-friendly website, nearly 13,000 likes on Facebook, and over 11,700 followers on Twitter). Networking and communication at monthly membership meetings with free business seminars on social media, marketing, etc.
Free business listings and discounted advertising rates in the Explore Downtown Publication (40k distributed to area hotels, downtown businesses, and tourist attractions annually). Downtown Gives wants your help in supporting the homeless community this holiday season through the Give Real Change initiative, which will advance the goal of addressing homelessness in Sioux Falls. Starting Friday, November 6, through Thursday, December 31, we ask that you consider making a financial contribution either online through PayPal or by mailing a check to the DTSF Office, 230 South Phillips Avenue, Suite 102, to make a REAL difference by easing the burden of homelessness. Follow us on Facebook during the month of November to get information you can use to spread the word. Description: Main duties include helping customers find product, checking out customers, folding merchandise and light cleaning. Description: The Sales Coordinator is responsible for assisting the Director of Sales and the General Manager in all duties and functions required for efficient operation of the properties. Retailer shall be open for business a minimum of 6 days per week with hours of operation extending until at least 8pm on weekdays. Retailer shall meet once every quarter with a business mentor, who shall have access to information on sales, inventory and expenses one week prior to meeting. Retailer shall meet with DTSF Executive Director annually to share sales, inventory and expenses for macro tracking.
Retailer shall remain in continuous operation within the downtown district for three (3) years from date of opening. Applicants must submit application and all attachments to DTSF, including a written business plan.
Business Recruitment & Retention Committee (BRRC) meets to review applications and make recommendations to the DTSF Board. If accepted into program, business has 90 days from DTSF Board approval to be open and operational.

Rental subsidy payments shall begin the month that the approved retail business is scheduled to open.
A new mobile site directs residents and visitors to the more than 3,500 public parking spaces downtown. Public parking is easy parking, and it’s free on weekdays after 5pm and all day on Saturdays, Sundays, and City holidays. Downtown Gives is a collaborative effort of downtown Sioux Falls business owners, and proceeds from sales of a $15 coupon book benefit a local charity each year. Purchase your books by Thursday, December 11th and you can enter to win a $250 downtown Sioux Falls gift card just in time for holiday shopping!
Singing, listening to music, or dancing is also a form of meditation that forms an integral part of many ancient mystical rituals and practices.
The importance of music and movement as a means of connecting with divinity is really emphasized in the practice of Sufism, which is a religious practice that was developed in ancient India.
In addition to effective meditation techniques, Yoga also teaches breathing techniques that ensure that all the cells of the body are adequately nourished by oxygen. The material on this web site is provided for educational purposes only, and is not to be used for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Without additional partnerships, the trolley service will either need to be reduced, or cut entirely.
If this is a service you value, show your support with a pledge amount that is right for you.
Earn course credit if desired, build your resume and secure powerful references while gaining hands-on experience. Raven is comprised of three distinct business units: Applied Technology, Engineered Films, and Aerostar. We demonstrate sustainability through the continual improvement of our operations, the products and markets we serve, and the actions of our team members. Our mission is to provide high quality organic foods in the most environmentally friendly and cost efficient way possible. Keeping our focus on the future and how we are effecting the planet is a major part of our sustainable business model. The Bakery provides an environment to foster relationships between Sioux Falls people who have skills to teach and those who want to learn.
We efficiently harness the resources of the Earth and work to maintain what is deserved to others to consume in the same manor that we are privileged to have. At Prairie Berry East Bank, we invite you to sip, savor and enjoy all the flavors of Prairie Berry. Coffea is a locally-owned company currently operating two cafes which serve an innovative menu of coffee drinks and fresh baked goods and a roasting lab which serves our cafes and wholesale customers. Coffea sources all its ingredients with care for the environment and those that care for it alongside monitoring and limiting environmental impact in its operations.
We partner with local businesses, education and non-profit organizations to host series of exhibits in our DC Gallery, host an informal night of presentations called PechaKucha Night, put on workshops, as well as organizes design competitions, talks, tours, and is a place where designers and the public can hang-out, interact, innovate and create. From the floor boards up to the rafters and every motion sensing light fixture, reclaimed chalkboard and low-flow toilet in-between, we have designed and continue to operate the SFDC with our environmental impact in mind. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at any time.
If you have any questions about the volunteer descriptions or opportunities, please call 605-338-4009. Your contribution will help provide clothing, food, household goods, support services for employment, health, and housing. Must be able to lift 50lbs., able to climb a ladder, must be a punctual morning person with reliable transportation, clean driving record, and able to pass a background and drug test.
To uphold our company standards and to assist the General Manager in the day to day activities of the Restaurant Operation. To help maintain an efficient, profitable and professional dining room by assisting with quality service standards. To uphold our company standards and to assist the Dining Room Manager and General Manager in the day to day activities of the Restaurant Operation. In addition to the server-side language, we're looking for someone who loves to code and knows HTML, Javascript, CSS, and jQuery. We are a fun bunch who love to cook and we offer competitive pay + bonuses when store goals are made. Prairie Dance metal art has been blessed with a full schedule of fall and holiday orders and we need help!
DTSF administers the program and expressly reserves the right to amend, modify, or terminate the program at any time.
Retailers who relocate outside the downtown district before this time shall repay 100% of the rent subsidies received by the retailer prior to relocation.

All applications are considered on a case-by-case basis and DTSF retains sole discretion to accept or reject any application.
Four public parking ramps, 15 public parking lots, and more than 1,000 on-street parking spots await you. This year’s beneficiary is NAMI Sioux Falls, which stands for National Alliance of the Mentally Ill, is a grassroots non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of persons affected by mental illness.
In many cultures dancing and singing is considered to be the path to spirituality and this can be seen in many practices where the performer enters a trance-like state. Yoga is an ancient system of physical discipline that is more than five thousand years old.
The same way whenever we get any fragrance somewhere, we know the source of fragrance is present there. Every pledge makes a difference, so encourage your co-workers, friends, and neighbors to get involved. This is an excellent introductory position in the field of event planning offering a flexible schedule, with a minimum of 15-20 hours per week & four-month commitment. The 100+ year old building of The Bakery was not torn down, it was renovated and salvaged in 2015.
Our casual, friendly atmosphere has inspired a strong community of "friends" from all walks of Sioux Falls life.
Join DTSF as a business member and help to provide the resources necessary for the organization to be a full-time advocate of a healthy and vibrant downtown district, while you enjoy many great perks! Members also receive discounted vendor booth rates at summer events and free admission to have a float in the annual Parade of Lights event, the day after Thanksgiving!
This position will be conducted in alignment with Hegg Companies Mission, Vision & Values. No service is provided on Sundays, New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, or Christmas Day. Get your exercise by taking in the outdoor SculptureWalk or enjoy the interactive water fountain with the kids on our downtown riverfront. DTSF also reserves the right to require repayment of 100% of the rental subsidies paid to any business that fails or goes out of business prior to the completion of the three (3) year program requirement. Retailer acknowledges and agrees that completing an application does not guarantee acceptance into the program, and retailer shall not rely on acceptance into the program when making business decisions, including the lease of the rental property, purchase of merchandise, hiring of staff, etc. The public parking lot or ramp’s address and directions from your current location will be provided. NAMI supports those who have a diagnosable mental illness, their family members and others who embrace the mission to improve the lives of those most closely impacted by one of these medical illnesses. It is only through the process of meditation that once can transcend the physical and truly attain the spiritual.
This involves sitting in a comfortable position (usually the Lotus Pose), with the spine held erect and focusing on the inhalation and exhalation of breath. These tenets can also be found in the Japanese principle of Zen which expands them to incorporate numerous other activities including archery and tea making. It was developed in ancient India, and its popularity has slowly spread all over the world. Regular practice of Yoga not only helps to maintain good health, it can also help to prevent the onset of many lifestyle based diseases.
If everyone who lives and works downtown pitches in, we'll reach our goal of $32,000 by May 27, 2016 so we can keep the trolley going. It was engineered with energy efficient HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and lighting technologies.
Whatever you come downtown for on a Sunday is sure to be a fun day with friends and family. Retailers may choose any location downtown, as long as the property owner agrees to the terms and conditions of the program. This allows the breathing to be controlled and enables the practitioner to slip into a meditative state.
The Bakery community is also active in recycling, with community clean protocols, and uses products and practices that minimize the carbon footprint. All these techniques essentially rely on shutting out response to external stimuli and concentrating the mind on once fixed activity, or object.

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