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These Meditation lessons have been inspired by the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.
The Science of Mudras, A Part of yoga is Based on The Fundamental Principles of Life, The Five Elements Namely Fire, Space, Wind, Earth And Water.
Swami Chinmayananda, disciple of Swami Tapovan Maharaj and the founder of Chinmaya Mission, is a saint, an inspiration and a visionary. This DVD features complete solution for ailments related to women like Hormonal Imbalance, Uncertainties in Menstrual Cycle, Disorders of Uterus & Ovary, Anaemia etc.
Beauty related matters like Pimples, Dark circles, Wrinkles, Hair fall, Hair greying, Obesity, height etc are also explored effectively through Yog, Ayurved & Natural Treatments.
Yoga for Renal Diseases (Yog Science) (DVD) (Divya Yog Sadhna Divya Yog Mandir (Trust)(2008)129 min. His holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar a spiritual leader and humanitarian was born in 1956 in southern India.
Pranayama is the science of controlled, conscious expansion of Prana, the vital life force that is the catalyst in all our activities.

Physical health is the basic thing that is required for success or to achieve anything great. Yoga as therapy is a 14 part series for common ailments such as headache and backpain as well as life threatening diseases like cancer, hypertension and diabetes.
Amruthavarsha (The Shower of Vedic Elixir) (Vol.9) Shaanthi Shlokas For Peace-Harmony-Bliss (Transliterated Book and Audio CD) (V.
Erlebe Yoga Nidra“ - ein totales Erlebnis - eine vollkommene Entspannung, die alle Teile deines Wesens beruhrt und weckt. Je besser du Yoga Nidra kennst, desto leichter gleitest du in den entspannten Zustand hinein. Nach vielen Jahren im Stress, mit einer Arbeit, die kurz davor war, meine Fahigkeit im Jetzt zu leben zu zerstoren, freue ich mich nun wieder daruber, jeden Tag aufs neue zu erleben, ohne mir unnotigeSorgen uber das Morgen zu machen. Abonnieren Sie unseren Newsletter, um News und tolle Angebote direkt in Ihrem Posteingang zu erhalten. He has given numerous discourses on various Hindu scriptures including the Bhagavad-gita and Upanishads. Regular practice of yogasans (Yogic Postures) help one to attain good physical health.Asan is one of the preliminary steps of Yogasastra 8 steps propounded by the Sage Patanjali for the physical, mental, moral and spiritual well-being of man as a whole. The yoga practices have been designed by the Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation (Vyasa), Bangalore, India.

Swami Kuvalayananda and since then has been striving to spread the message of Yoga throughout the world. Der Blutdruck normalisiert sich, das Immunsystem wird gestärkt, das Gehirn arbeitet besser und Organe und Sinne erhalten eine Ruhe, die Schlaf selten gibt. Die Entspannung wird geleitet von Swami Janakananda, zu Roop Vermas Musik auf der Swara- Mandala Harfe und der Sitar.
Ich erhalte viele Angebote und oft antworte ich gar nicht, weil die Qualitat nicht immer so gut ist. Swamiji is an orator beyond compare and his talks have touched and transformed countless lives. To prevent oneself from these disastrous renal diseased one should take the shelter of Yog, Pranayam & Ayurvedic meditation. Just as an athlete retreats several steps to get a good start before running or taking a high jump so sleep is a retreat in the opposite direction that gives the energy for living a happy and successful life. Ich schatze sie nicht nur, weil sie mit Qualitat produziert ist, sondern auch, weil ich durch die Anleitung und die Stimme merke, wie durch Swami Janakananda Weisheit und Erfahrung zusammen mit behutsamer Starke und Kraft die Tiefenentspannung leiten.

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