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Look forward, inhale and kick your legs toward the back wall bringing your feet and knees shoulder width apart.
Come up as high as your lower abdomen and look up to the ceiling past your head completing the back bending through the neck (cervical) vertebra.
For those whose flexibility precludes pulling elbows through rags may be used to tie around each big toe. Work on keeping your knees and feet shoulder width, this maybe hard at first depending on the length of your legs. Look in the mirror and see your shoulders, elbows, wrists and knuckles are all shoulder width.

Once you can fully extend your legs way past your head begin to internally rotate your elbows, (toward each other) and relax your head all the way back. Start out slowly, this posture is held longer than the other poses in the series, than gradually increase the intensity. The wrists have a tendency to protrude out to the side which actually inhibits the full extension of the legs. This shoulder rotation will permit your middle spine to bend allowing you to go much deeper in the pose. There should be a straight line from your elbows to your knuckles, so keep your wrists straight. Symmetry is a very important concept in understanding alignment and in this case misalignment could stress the knees. To correct, simply rotate your hands so the knuckles turn up toward the ceiling creating a straight line from your elbows to your knuckles.

However, unless you have an extremely flexible spine the Full Bow also requires significant shoulder flexibility, specifically the anterior or inner deltoids. It will be very difficult to attempt this advanced pose without guidance, so I suggest you find one of our certified Level II instructors for help.
Many students tend to shift their weight forward onto their hips and other students lift up onto their hip points to try and kick the legs higher.
There is an inclination to avoid this stretch by allowing the legs to go outside shoulder width. Staying on the lower abdomen will more effectively work the areas of the body needed to maximize your results.

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