En esta clase de Hatha Yoga proponemos virabhadrasana I, II y III (posturas del guerrero), equilibrios, enraizamiento, saludos al sol. Performed correctly, hatha yoga postures have tremendous physical and psychological benefits upon your self. First thing to remember: Always Perform the Hatha Yoga Asanas With Calm Mind and Interiorized Awareness!
One way of doing that is before every yoga session, sit upright and do a few breathing exercises and then meditate at least for a few moments.
The real benefits from the hatha yoga postures start when you are relaxed in the posture.
If you dona€™t enjoy what you are doing you are not going to get nearly a remote part of its full potential. Herea€™s a little but super-duper important tip that will help you enjoy your yoga classes every time without fail: Always exercise your body on half your capacity.
If you perform the asanas hastily and restlessly, the benefits you receive from them will be minimal.
You wona€™t be able to get many benefits if you go through the postures automatically with your mind roaming in what is for dinner tonight for example.
When your system is clean not only from a physical but from a mental impurities such like, hatred, jealousy, greed or resentment,A  you will be able to reach the essence of hatha yoga which is removal of tension and obstruction to the flow of energy into the body. Serie Rishikesh adaptado para el Embarazo: comenzando con el calentamiento del Saludo al Sol con silla y continuando con la serie Rishikesh se restablece la energia y el equilibrio tanto para la Mama como para el Bebe. My Categories allows you to create your own categories for your own purpose, which can be used to group classes in the class listings. This rating will be your own personal rating and does not affect the public rating for this class.

This is a super relaxing class that is just perfect for those evenings when you feel the need to stretch out but do not wish to break a sweat.
I ve tried both the 20, 30 and 45 minute classes during an especially tough week and they re all great!
The lunar flow is new to me, and I enjoyed the change of pace and a different flow sequence. I love this class and wish Lisa would make more of these mellow sessions to practise before bedtime. The 20 min class is WONDERFUL right before bed, esp.if you are tense from a long day at work.
However, very few people actually know how to get use and extract these benefits to the fullest extent. For instance: lets say you can run 4km and you know that after that you will feel exhausted. You must practice slowly, hold each posture for a time and above all maintain an attitude of physical relaxation and control.
From the standpoint of physical health, affirm the health benefits of the hatha yoga asanas with every fibre of your being while practicing the postures and you will speed yourself on the road to perfect health more quickly and efficiently than ever.
Cleanliness in your practice of the hatha yoga asanas and in all levels, will helps you free your mind so that it may soar to the infinite. In fact hatha you asanas are intended more in removal of those impurities which will prevent you of having perfect strength, and radiant well-being. This class is restorative and soothing and can be done by candlelight for added restorative benefits. I did the 60 minute class and it is a beautiful gentle flow to start with followed by a very nice set of postures.

In this post I will show you a few simple hatha yoga tricks that will benefit you for life if you memorize them and apply them in your daily hatha yoga practice. There is much more you can learn and if you stay with me you will do but for the beginning if you apply them every time you practice your hatha yoga postures you will be amazed in how good they will do for you. This class can be done any time of day, but is best to do at night, before bed, or any time you need to let go of stress, let go of the outer world and go deep inside to a place of utter calm and serenity. The 60 and 45 min.
Very good after days of more active yoga, particularly if you re a bit sore but still want to feel stretched out. Didn t think i d enjoy an audio class so much but the instructions are really clear and the instructor s voice and music are so relaxing. I turn to this class when my back pain flares up, when I want a long deep twist, or when I need to calm my mind before bed. You will be able to create a much flexible and sound body in much less amount of time than ever. Distress and anguish generated even from exercise is even more harmful for the body than no exercise at all. Think about how many football players die in the field from heart attack or something similar.

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