Amenities: Yoga, infinity pool, spa, free breakfast, restaurant, kitchenette, free internet, parking, suites. This place is a perfect getaway for people who want to experience the fitness of mind, body and soul. Apart from yoga practice and spa, health enthusiasts can also enroll themselves in detox and cleansing retreats. Anamaya Resort and Yoga Retreat offers 200 hour Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training and Certification courses for yoga practitioners and people aspiring to become yoga teachers.
Apart from the YTT courses, the retreat also caters to the interest of people who want to explore the benefits of yoga practice in their own lives.
The yoga practices taught at this Retreat are tailored to suit beginners as well as professionals.
We practice and teach a powerful, flowing form of yoga called Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, as taught by Sri K Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India. As studio owners, teachers, and practitioners, we bring unmatched enthusiasm, experience, and expertise to the physical and contemplative aspects of yoga practice. In imagery, iconography and language, yoga is culturally Eastern, specifically Indian, but its essence is universal, resonant, and ultimately rooted in experience rather than concept, thought, or intellectual definition. Indigo Wellness Studio offers a variety of yoga, movement & group fitness classes as well as therapeutic massage and other relaxing treatments to quiet the mind. I have been a runner for 28 years, and into almost every type of fitness craze that arises. The staff at Indigo want you to be comfortable, they want you to find the love of yoga that they have.
The edge of cliff on which the resort is located gives a picturesque view of the Pacific Ocean.
It is an ideal destination for people who have been bogged down with their working schedules.
Yoga sessions are held in the months of January, May, June, September, August and November. The yoga Teacher Training Course includes daily 3 organic meals, visit to the Rainsong Wildlife Sanctuary, waterfall hiking, beach excursions, entertainment programs like circus or dance party.

At tapas, we are proud to be the premiere studio for Quad Cities yoga, and honored to share this transformative discipline with so many.
In this way it transcends all apparent boundaries and distinctions, and yet remains as intimate and personal as the breath.
Take a look at our class descriptions and schedule pages to find a class, or read this if you’re a new student. We're also now offering Hot Yoga in our second location!If you're a beginner, you've come to the right studios! When I turned 50, my sister in law from California ( who was here visiting ) took me to my first yoga class at Indigo. I am so glad I did and would highly recommend for muscle tension, relaxation and simply focusing your mind. Events like classes, movie shows and lectures are arranged for guests thus providing multiple entertainment options. Adventure tourists can make bookings for tours like Costa Rican Adventure tours as soon as they arrive at the resort.
Special preferences of guests like gluten free meal, non-vegetarian are also considered upon advance requests.
Vegetarian food is prepared separately from the non-vegetarian menu in order to respect the preferences and sentiments of guests. The rooms are airy, luxurious and have all the elements for making the stay comfortable and relaxing.
Over time, this mindfulness practice generates vibrant health and awakens the intelligence of the body and mind. We are committed to uncovering and sharing the remarkable physical potential and piercing insight and awareness available through this practice. Dans ce merveilleux atelier, vous apprendrez des outils de relaxation que vous garderez pour votre vie quotidienne. Various activities like Yoga Teacher Training courses, Yoga classes, retreats and spa services are centered around the unmatched physical and mental wellbeing offered at Anamaya. The rising demand for Yoga Teacher Training Courses at Anamaya has created the need for doubling the number of trainings per year.

Costa Rican adventure Tour includes snorkeling, horseback riding, surfing lessons, canopying, scuba diving, quad tours, kayaking and much more.
It is found that people who have been practicing yoga postures do not have any difficulty in the classes offered at Anamaya. Free internet facility is provided to guests with Wi-Fi covering the entire area on which the resort is located.
Vous allez decouvrir comment utiliser votre respiration, explorer des techniques de concentration et pratiquer des postures de yoga pour calmer l’esprit et qui apporte un nouveau niveau de contentement et de satisfaction dans votre vie.
Apart from other activities, the resort offers entertainment options like excursions to local areas, circus and fire dancing experiences to add to the exotic experience of stay at the resort.
Guests can also experience rejuvenation of mind and body by availing spa services at this resort.
It is not only a chosen destination for yogis and health enthusiasts, it is also preferred for wedding celebrations.
The classes are flexible and teachers are helpful in sharing their knowledge during discussion sessions. It also takes care of special requests from their guests like any alteration in the menu etc.
Luxurious rooms, organic food and the exotic environment create an unforgettable and intimate experience not only for travelers and health enthusiasts but also for honeymooners.
With its amenities and location, this place provides an apt environment for newly-weds and honeymooners. Taking Yoga Teacher Training Course not only certifies you to teach yoga but also makes you fit both physically and mentally. The services offered are reasonably priced and convenient with 30 minutes sessions starting at $30.

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