Choosing to move and connect in the morning is one of the best things we can do for ourselves!
I’m just looking in to yoga as a means to assist with the weight I gained after I quit smoking. This video was just what my sore muscles and achy body needed after returning from a three-day backpacking trip! Thank you Adriene for your guidance on this journey of creating an authentic yoga practice! I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your yoga videos – this morning yoga sequence in particular! I teach classes on Tuesdays and Saturdays at the Salvage Vanguard Theater and monthly classes at the Blanton Museum.
I just recently found your website and I wanted to let you know that I’ve always wanted to try yoga and was intimidated to try it. Hi Adriene, I’m Judith and I come from Venezuela so I don’t have a lot of practice writing in English but I’ll just give it a try.
I want to thank you for letting all people around the world seeing your videos, for me was an amazing opportunity for personal growing, I actually think I’ve become a better person.
After beginning the challenge I started Yoga lessons with and amazing teacher (a 75 years woman that is full of light and knowledge) and I’m always repeating what you said in my mind, “Full body awareness”, “Here and now”, “Sit nice and tall”, and all that advices that you provide in your videos. Thank you Adriene, I can notice that you’re an amazing person, with excellent teaching skills. I have done a yoga video from your weight-loss-category every evening now, for a week, and I already feel a difference in my posture, and in my back. I was invited there to share yoga each morning to a group of awesome people attending the 2014 Awesomeness Fest. After travel, after the holidays, after any adventure life throws at you – or after any inevitable hiatus of movement we begin to notice this feeling of wanting to return to what feels good, to stir the pot, reconnect or to get back in shape. To be perfectly honest, in recent months, each time I would hit my mat in the yoga room solo – I would lose it. I end up in child’s pose in tears or feeling oh so lonesome I could cry – in downward facing dog. Share with us down below what you want to get back into and perhaps we can support each other and offer thoughts, humor, suggestions to, you know, get back to it – in a new way. I think you should take the time you need and work on getting back into that room more frequently, but not if it’s going to cause you any kind of distress. Hope this comment wasn’t too all over the place, it’s 2am and i just wanted to leave you something quick to say how much i love your videos and how happy i am to be getting into this, and that i hope you feel better and get back in there! You have become a friend and ally in my healing process and through this message I want to let you know how inspiring you are to me. I hope you can heal your sadness about Blue to the point where you can see beyond missing a true friend and smile about all the love you shared. First of all, I think that’s a lovely connective step you made to paint your yogi room blue.
When reading this post, I thought to myself, “Man, there are so many things I need to get back to. Thank you for being so honest with your emotions and vulnerability, and reminding me that it is okay to be honest with my own. After joining the Yoga with Adriene family, which took me on a journey in its self, I found myself unable to step on the mat a couple of months ago. Let us find what feels good, because we don’t just owe to the others around, we owe it to ourselves.
I am a new member of your community and it is really important for me to tell you how inspiring you are to me!
I also experienced a few losses in my family recently and have been going through a tough time myself. This is the first email I received from you: my face lit up when I saw your name in my Inbox.
There are so many things Id like to get back to but most importantly, Id like to get back to my cheerful and confident self. I definitely want to get back to the enthusiasm and energy I had last year, focusing on eating well, being active and trying new things.
Going paleo, working out consistently, saying yes to new things gave me new life and energy. I don’t know what wore me down, but the lure of taking the easy, well-trod paths came back to me. Your videos have helped me find done kind of exercise that I look forward to every day that I’m not running around for school. Two months ago on August 28th I got into a car accident that left me with a broken right wrist, a sprained left thumb, and the feelings of hopelessness and of being worthless and insecure. I still have two more months of healing and wrist exercises to do in order to fully recover, but that’s the physical stuff.
Repainting the yoga room is a great idea, and seems like it will be a great way to reinvent a new phase.
I had surgery on my hands about 9 weeks ago and while I did get back to yoga and working out within a week, these past 3 weeks, I have just been burning out.
I think because the theme of your post is travel, I’d ask you to get back to a change of scenery or routine. I’m sorry about blue, I do understand it and hope time will heal and ease that feeling. I found you actually during one of my bad times, facing an illness and coping with major life changes.
What I want is finding my way back to happiness, by loving myself again regardless my flaws. Dear Adriene, Each week you seem to be speaking only to me, and each word in every newsletter is what I needed to read. I am oh so familiar with that crushing weight that comes from losing someone so close to you.

As for the future I am facing a promotion and new job at work and would love LOVE a routine for the evenings when my mind is dog tired but my body needs the activity before bed. This video is gentle practice for all levels a nice way to connect to the muscles and joints and clear the mental and emotional channels for the day ahead. For a long time now i have been trying to get into yoga classes but for some reason or the other i have not been able to.
Not only will your body thank you for it but your mind and even your heart strings as well ?? I recommend going through the Foundations of Yoga series first. Last month Ive started classes at a studio and since watching your videos Ive started to feel alot more confident in my practice.
It calms me down, it gives me strength and also a sense of routine which i have been lacking. Those are some of my favorite videos of yours that I find myself returning to on a regular basis. You’ve been an incredible inspiration the past couple weeks and I look forward to practicing more under your energetic and encouraging guidance.
In this 30 days journey I’ve find shelter, a little time to recover strength and be able to deal better with the situation that my country is currently suffering.
Class was at 7:45am followed by a meditation offering and it was so beautiful to see people get up after long days and late nights for the optional yoga program each morning. I was able to cook up a fun Revitalizing Yoga sequence for you the day I snuck off to Sayulita in a wild little cab. Yay for Travel Yoga!
It simply is not possible to be on all the time, to be perfect or constantly be smooth, like butter. On days that I teach or shoot I usually would just hit the yoga room once and of course – we go with the flow. It took me a while to realize why I was resisting going into my favorite room in the house.
My yoga teacher once told me when I was having difficulty stepping on to my mat, that our practice moves in cycles, and not to worry.
I to, feel that I have lost my spark over the past few years due to a long and difficult grief process, I really feel what you’re saying. As I am also an actress I know that on an emotional base it is extremely hard because we are very sensitive and open minded human beings – and feelings like sadness of course also reflect in our work.
Forgive my excitement: Ive subscribed to YWA only about a week ago and I truly love your cheerful, relaxed and sincere approach in your videos. I never had a pet, but I have lost very close family members who were very dear to me, so I can feel your bereavement.
As a college student, it’s hard to get on the may every day or make it to specific classes, so your videos help me unwind and stay in shape. It takes time to grieve and be able to move forwards with joy and happy memories, so be kind to yourself. For over a year I went religiously twice a week, and this year it started to slip, then completely fall off. I was on a terrific roll this year practicing with ease every day for over 150 days, even on vacation but in the past couple months I completely lost it. In many cases, people try to make meditation a lot more fancy that it needs to be with elaborate guided visualizations, very specific meditation gear (cushions, bells), mantras, etc. I’ve been very sick and weak for about 8 weeks and tonight was the first night back on my mat since early September. I too have stifled with finding consistency in my practice after losing my grandmother who raised me and was my rock.
I’m all filled up with tears and I am so sad for you and the grief that has struck you about Blue. The video isA well-paced and introducesA all the important things that will allow you to get the most out of your yoga practice! Her YouTube channel, Yoga With Adriene, is an engaging online yoga community that inspires people to connect with their bodies daily. Quitting smoking can, at times, feel like a double-edged sword- but it is not and you made the best choice! I so appreciate you giving us all the guidance to find our own way into awakening our bodies! I’m a professional actress in film, commercial and theatre and I teach performance, movement and yoga for all ages. It will get you on your mat and into your body while also preparing you for public classes and local yoga opportunities. Thanks so much, I’ve never felt comfortable in a class, your videos are perfect for me. Enjoy your well earned break if you possibly can…hopefully the sun is shining at your place!
Just wanted to say after 30 days of yoga training with Adrienne + a week of yoga for weight loss I finally did a crow pose and I almost cried which seems silly but I never thought I would ever actually improve. I’ve done yoga before but it was always for workout purposes I was never able to find an instructor I felt I was actually learning the meditation part of yoga! People like you are the ones making a real difference in the world, and inspiring hope and happiness where there was once nothing but a void. I’ve been watching and taking part in your yoga videos and damn does it ever relieve the stresses of life.
To the belief that a big glass of wine at the end of a long day rather than tackling a pile of grad school work is not laziness, but self-care. Nothing feels the same after they have gone, but we learn to get by, we try to remember the good times. I just knew I needed something for me, and two yogis inspired me and I was off on a healing journey for me.
That’s why I hope to one day get to return to the mat, to find what feels good again. I’ve moved three times, was temporarily homeless, I had illness in my family and am unexpectedly finding myself on my own.

I’m sorry to hear you are missing your pup ?? I had to suddenly say goodbye to my furry companion a couple of years ago after having her in my life 8 joyous years (she was my husbands dog, he got her as a puppy and they were together nearly 14 years).
Dealing with her estate this year has kept me in Louisiana and kept me from being able to teach as well. The poses featuredA areA suitable for beginners as well as yogis looking to get back onto the mat. The channel features a wide range of classes -A includingA workouts targeted forA strength and focus, hangovers (!), digestion flow, and many more. Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone the body or create more flexibility this series (most importantly) will help you to FIND WHAT FEELS good. I stumbled across your yoga for a broken heart video, and have been practicing daily since. No matter how crappy I felt, you would be there, telling me to love myself and find what feels good. To the understanding that I am not capable of doing everything, but what I can do is amazing, and I should be proud of my capabilities and the growth that I see in my practice. Things are better now I was able to come to a place in my yoga and my over all well being to focus further on myself and the quality of food that goes in. Afraid that if I put pressure on my wrist that it will break or hurt, that I will never be able to put my hand flat on a mat because it won’t bend the way it used to.
Thankfully I got you by my side, Adriene, you are such a great help, allowing me to get back in the game in a gentle and easy way, understanding that even after 6 years of practice, I can be a beginner again without feeling guilty.. You, your YWA videos, Reboot, Empower and the kulas have filled me with such happiness and hope and inspiration.
We are vulnerable, and as time goes by we tend to evolve and with a little luck find peace, gratitude and serenity.
Adriene also cofounded and curates Find What Feels Good, a growing online library of yoga and yoga lifestyle tools. I like to practice a little every day and weave in other activities like walking, biking and swimming.
I started the 30 day yoga challenge and I was half way through the challenge when my aunt wanted to do it with me!
It has helped to ground me, give me focus, and learn to live again without the other half of my heart being physically with me. I really hope i can continue to do some of your yoga exercises everyday or every other day but so far so good.
Always good to share when we hit obstacles, I believe it really helps to feel less overwhelmed by them when you see that others have struggles too! Life head kicked my butt this year, but Iam discovering new levels to my practice well beyond asana.
And I believe my husband who married that person and my baby son deserve to have the best of me. So, thank you for sharing your weaknesses and thank you for being so refreshingly awesome and funny during practices.. I want to get back to a consistent practice, but i also want to see my practice evolve to fit what is happening in my body after this difficult time.
Open yourself up to a new experience and let me know how I can help you grow your practice further at home. I too need to work on my Spanish, and your YouTube channel gave me the opportunity to explore and fall in love with a new and very well rounded exercise.
So if making small changes and adding novelty don’t help, maybe stripping things down to their essentials can help. However, fast forward two years… We moved and decided to rescue a really great dog from a local shelter. Yoga confronts us with what was once hidden in order to eventually let it go, and no wonder it is sometimes scary to open that door in the same ways. A few moths later we adopted him and I am so grateful to have a furry companion once again and to feel that daily love. I will not push myself to two practices, but my goal is at least one session of yoga a day. But ultimately i believe in the power of yoga to heal, it takes consistency and self compassion. They also offer modifications and don’t take things to seriously hopefully welcoming you to your mat and reminding you that the intention is to get empowered not do it perfect. I know you don’t have time to personally respond to every comment posted to you, but I just wanted to extend my love and gratitude for your videos, and the wonderful, beautiful person you are.
So what I would like to get back to is my mat, but for different reason than when I first came to yoga when everything was in dispar, I want to get on my mat to continue my healthy over all journey, not just because something is bad in my life. While a new pet will never quite replace the old (and all of the wonderful memories are still there), perhaps you might allow yourself a new spirit to come into your life and feel the joy again. And I hope and feel that by pursuing this goal, my passion will come back, and with that my shape.. Emotional to ride the line of being kind and understanding with yourself each day, and know when to push your self to move through. But since starting yoga with Adriene I finally feel like I’m able to breathe & really connect with myself! Concerning Blue, well, he has passed and left the earth, but he is in that yoga room waiting for you every day, lying next to you while practicing, looking at you and enjoying every minute of it.. Loss in any form can uncover so much so please be sweet to yourself and your heart whole moving through this process! Then you can begin to experiment with sequences and before you know it you will have your yoga routine ?? I believe that a good yoga routine is always changing and evolving. And, keep being you, in whatever form, because you give people, me, the courage to bounce light off of light.

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