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The purpose of this review is to present and discuss current knowledge on the role played by bacteria in the carbon cycle of ecosystems.
The ecological experience of the authors explains why our examples are mainly derived from aquatic systems; many of the discussed principles, however, apply equally well to terrestrial systems.
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M., 1967, Transported turtle grass as a source of organic enrichment of abyssal sediments off North Carolina, Deep-Sea Res. Vertical flow constructed wetlands are best suited to warm climates, but can be designed to tolerate some freezing and periods of low biological activity.[no-ecompendium] Shade from plants and protection from wind mixing is limiting the dissolved oxygen in the water. L., 1972, Metabolism of dissolved and particulate detrital carbon in a temperate hard-water lake, Mem.
Size distribution of population and relationship between respiration and incorporation of growth substrates, J. The water flows vertically down through the filter matrix to the bottom of the basin where it is collected in a drainage pipe. Constructed wetlands allow for the combination with aquaculture and agriculture (irrigation) what contributes to the optimisation of the local water and nutrient cycle.Depending on the volume of water, and therefore the size of required land surface, wetlands can be appropriate for small sections of urban areas or more appropriate for peri-urban and rural communities.

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It is a good treatment technology for communities that already have a primary treatment facility. J., 1972, An experimental study of the breakdown of cellulose in fast-flowing streams, Mem.
J., 1972, A study of the distribution and activity of microorganisms in ocean water, Limnol Oceanogr. The filtered water of a well functioning constructed wetland can be used for irrigation, aquaculture, groundwater recharge or is discharged in surface water. In this case, the hybrid constructed wetland maybe combined with a [3664-solids-free sewer system].Constructed wetlands are natural systems and do not require electrical energy (unless for pumps), nor chemicals, although the wetland will require some maintenance for the duration of its life.
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