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Depending on the pathogen, or disease causing agent responsible for triggering an infection, human illnesses can broadly be categorized as either bacterial infection or viral infection. Our bodies and the environment that we reside in, is typically teeming with different kinds of bacteria – both good bacterial strains and bad bacteria.
Most bacterial infections in human beings are caused by a group of bacteria known as mesophilic bacteria. The best way to protect yourself and fight bacterial infections is to boost your immune system.
The best way to keep one’s immune system fighting fit is to eat a diet that is rich in essential vitamins like vitamin B and vitamin C.
Sugar is your worst enemy especially if you are fighting a particularly virulent bacterial infection. Be a conscious consumer and make it a point to study food labels of each and every product you are planning to purchase to understand the amount of added sugar (if any) it may contain. You don’t have to approach a doctor for every single bacterial infection you are likely to contract in your life. Sustainable T-Shirt Mar 31, 16 02:46 PMYou can now have a sustainable t-shirt made from recycled plastic water bottles! The Second Largest Rainforest Bosawas, Nicaragua, Is in Danger Mar 25, 16 11:50 PMIn 1997 the government created the Bosawas Biosphere Reserve, in the northeastern area of Nicaragua, Central America. The Truth About Wind Power Mar 18, 16 08:34 PMToday, cities, states, countries and companies around the world are increasingly turning to wind energy to power their everyday lives. A general definition of an infection is when another organism resides inside a person and gets its sustenance from that person. With that said, there are several types of infections that can occur, in the tonsils or elsewhere in the body. Bacterial infections like strep throat, (caused by streptococcal (strep) bacteria), may not get better without treatment. Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus is the expansion of MRSA infection, which is caused by bacteria belonging to the group of Staphylococcus. Meningitis is the name given to a form of infection of membranes called the meninges which surround the brain and spinal cord. Bacterial meningitis is one of the most common types of meningitis and constitutes approximately 85% of cases of meningitis. The bacteria responsible to cause Bacterial Meningitis are very commonly found in our surroundings.
There are times when Bacterial Meningitis occurs for no specific reason and at other times it occurs after a head trauma or after an infection when the immune system is compromised. It may also occur in adults who have some risk factors for Bacterial Meningitis like individuals abusing alcohol, prone to chronic nose and ear infections, have experienced a head trauma or have suffered from a bout of pneumococcal pneumonia. It is imperative for a person who experiences signs and symptoms of Bacterial Meningitis to contact a medical provider. Generally, Bacterial Meningitis is not contagious but it is encouraged that anyone who has been in close contact with an infected individual to seek preventative treatment.
Single celled microorganisms that have evolved over millions of years and have adapted themselves to live in extreme climatic conditions are commonly referred to as bacteria.
Even the food that we consume contains specific strains of bacteria which are essential for promoting good health – like lactobacillus acidophilus bacterium.

Of these, less than one percent of bacterial strains are thought to cause violent infections in human beings. E.Coli, Streptococcus pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aurea, are some bacterial strains which belong to the mesophilic bacterial family. Some simple measures to protect yourself and your loved ones from bacterial infections are mentioned below. Individuals are more likely to suffer from recurrent bacterial infections if they have a weakened immune system.
These two vitamins are known to stave off a variety of bacterial diseases by strengthening the immune system.
Bacterial infections accompanied by raging fever can leave any person feeling extremely dehydrated and weak.
You can also drink a solution of electrol powder which has been dissolved in boiled and cooled water at regular intervals.
This way you are protecting yourself from contracting different types of bacterial infections. You will be surprised to learn of the fact that one popular breeding ground for bacteria is your kitchen towel. For simple bacterial skin infections apply the digestive enzyme bromelain derived from the pineapple plant. According to studies, climate change will lead to more contaminated food, a further decrease in food supplies, and will cause food prices to rise even higher. When you suffer from tonsillitis, an inflammation of the throat and tonsil area causing sore throat, the first question is whether the tonsil infection is viral or bacterial. Keeping the throat moist by drinking cold liquids and running a humidifier can also relieve symptoms. When the individual gets painful pus on the skin or tissue, one should not delay in visiting the doctor. A normal functioning brain helps us do our daily routine work, helps us to think, and do things in a proper fashion. An intravenous antibiotic with corticosteroid to calm down the inflammation may be given even prior to the results of all the tests conducted on the individual. Bacterial infections basically refer to any kind of illness that is initiated by a particular type of bacterium or bacteria.
Following these tried and tested methods, can help to cut down a lot of illnesses triggered by bacterial agents.
This is one of the reasons why people who suffer from immune deficiency diseases like HIV, are prone to suffer from repeated bouts of energy sapping bacterial infections. The best sources of these essential vitamins are different kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables. The best way to re-hydrate the body and concurrently fight bacterial infection is to drink plenty of water and fruit juices. Similarly, a mild urinary tract infection can be treated by drinking a solution of pure oregano oil dissolved in a glass of water. This very general definition covers all sorts of germs or infectious agents- many of which cause no health problem.
Usually characterized by fever, chills, rash and spots on the tonsils, a bacterial tonsil infection should be treated with antibiotics.

It appears like pus, boils in the hair follicles of the skin and in the form of large abscesses with heavy discharge of pus. The course of antibiotic drugs has to be completed in full to destroy the bacterial growth.
One cannot imagine living a life without an appropriately functioning brain but there are unfortunate cases where the brain starts functioning abnormally as a result of infections. Meningitis can be acute with rapid onset of symptoms, chronic which lasts for a few months, or mild. This infection can result in swelling of the tissues around the brain hence interfering with appropriate blood flow and may result in paralysis or stroke. In instances where someone has undergone a brain or a spinal surgery may put that person at higher risk of getting bacterial meningitis. In some instances, there may be swelling of the head due to fluid buildup around the skull.
Bacterial meningitis can be cured successfully if diagnosed and treated early but if allowed to progress it may cause permanent damage in the form of seizures, mental impairment, and paralysis which might be life-long. A sudden spurt in blood sugar levels affords the perfect environment for different types of bacterial strains to thrive in.
The most innocuous looking household items are actually teeming with disease causing bacteria.
Most doctors and health professionals refine the definition to only include agents that harm the host as a true infection. Chronic or recurring tonsil infections may be indicative of an underlying health issue and should be evaluated by a health professional. It can also affect eyelids causing infection known as sty and impetigo which is infection caused in skin or underlying tissue. In case you discontinue the medicines, the bacteria might survive to cause further infection.
One such infection is Bacterial Meningitis in which there is swelling of tissues around the brain as a result of a bacterial infection, which can be a potentially life-threatening condition and needs immediate medical attention. Immediate medical attention needs to be sought if an individual experiences signs or symptoms of meningitis.
If you are already suffering from a bacterial infection eating sugary foods will only worsen your condition. These invaders, or pathogens may come in such forms as; parasites, fungus, bacteria, prions, or viroids.
The blisters begin as tiny red bumps with itching sensation and later on develop into infectious pus. In this article, we will discuss about various causes of Bacterial Meningitis and how an individual, who unfortunately has this disease, should go about getting treated. The infection is contagious and there is every chance for the patient to spread the infection to others by sharing of towels and bath-soaps etc.

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