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Childhood illnesses: The factsWhile vaccines have made some childhood illnesses rare, many others remain a fact of life. To provide even greater transparency and choice, we are working on a number of other cookie-related enhancements. The prickling sensation in the throat and coughing are the most irritating health issues during winter season. If you seek a natural way to get rid of the weary cough and pain in your throat, then all you need is a cup of spicy ginger tea.
It prompts circulation and decreases stress, while during the winter season it is the best salve for sore throat.
Advice: It is best to drink the tea either before you go to bed, or in the morning, right after you have woken up. Rice Water Might Be the Ultimate Health Drink – It Helps Treat Many Diseases and Maintains Skin and Hair Health as Well! Common cold is caused by virus which leads to stuffy nose, sneezing, and sore throat which generally improves in one to two weeks. Flu shot decreases your chances of getting flu and if you do get flu it decreases the severity of the illness. White Plains, Hartsdale, Elmsford, Scarsdale, Ardsley, Rye, Valhalla, Armonk, Hawthorne, Pleasantville, Mamaroneck, Harrison within the Westchester County. In a public bathroom, the choice is usually between a paper (or textile) towel and an electric hand dryer, which could be either a warm-air dryer or a jet-air dryer. Using such ingredients as garlic and turmeric, a healthy and nutritious soup will help heal and boost the immune system. Broccoli and other green vegetables such as kale and cabbage work to boost the immune system. So how did we go about go about our research into hand drying and how the methods spread viruses differently?
We used a board marked with the outlines of three human figures, to which we attached special agar plates (circular plastic dishes containing a nutritive jelly that grows viruses). The distance the various hand dryers could transmit the virus horizontally again showed that jet-air dryers are not all they’re made out to be.
Not only do jet-air dryers spread viruses further, they also allow them to hang around for far longer, too. Differences in the way these methods work can help explain this huge discrepancy between results: jet-air dryers remove water by forcefully dispersing it into the air upwards and sideways, while paper towels produce very little air movement. The significance of these numerical differences means that in locations where hygiene is especially important to prevent the spread of disease, such as hospitals, GP surgeries and restaurants, the choice of hand-drying method should be considered very carefully – and paper towels win hands down. Measles is a contagious disease with cold, fever and pink spots over the body as its symptoms.Caused by the virus paramyxo, measles attack children the most because they are prone to not following proper hygiene and cleaning habits, and are still developing immunity. You must give 2 tablespoons of mixture of butter and sugar candy to the person suffering from fever due to measles. Water keeps you hydrated all the time and drinking plenty of water during the day can help you fight measles thereby recovering at the earliest.
The DIY home remedies are the best and convenient methods to ease the measles patients by healing the disease naturally.
The material in this site is intended to be of general informational use and is not intended to constitute medical advice, probable diagnosis, or recommended treatments.
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It is intended for general information purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. Perhaps they don’t tie you to your bed as other diseases do, but they can really exhaust your body during the day.
When it cools down a bit, add the lemon juice and the honey, mix well and drink it as fast as you can.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. It is characterized by fever, headache, muscle ache and severe exhaustion along with other symptoms of common cold.
What many people don’t realise, however, is that the way we dry our hands after washing them could have just as big an effect on our health. Sounds innocent enough, but according to some studies, all of the methods can infect you and other people in the bathroom by transmitting bacteria, fungi and viruses into the air.
Obviously, it would be unwise to experiment with a dangerous pathogen so we used a harmless virus called MS2. This enabled us to see how the virus was spread vertically from people’s hands as they dried them, and where it ended up. With air blowing at speeds of up to 300mph out of these devices, gusts of virus-ridden air can blast viruses as far as three metres across the room, and disperse an average of 190 times more virus than paper towels. Air samples collected around each device up to 15 minutes after their use showed that, on average, there were as many as 50 times more virus particles in the air around a jet-air dryer than a warm-air dryer, and more than 100 times more than around the paper towels.

And although warm-air dryers do rely on airflow, most of the movement is in a downwards direction, meaning that germs are directed towards the floor. The best way is to take lots of rest as it will provide you energy and boost up your immune system so that it easily fights the disease. Once the deficiency is cured, you will notice that measles has stopped spreading over the body.
You need to extract juice from the basil leaves and mix it with a pinch of turmeric powder.
Water is also the best way to lower down body’s temperature and enables you to breathe well by protecting the respiratory system. If these home remedies are included in the everyday schedule, there will be a rapid increase in the recovery process. We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us. Now, I've found a way to tone them up all over: Sumo Squat to Warrior 2 to Reverse Warrior to Extended Side Angle to Reverse Triangle (go through the sequence three times on both sides, three to five times a week). Sumo SquatWith legs a bit wider than hip-width, turn toes out to 45 degrees, hands in prayer position. Reverse WarriorInhale, dropping right hand down back of right leg as you arch gently back, bringing left arm back overhead at a 45-degree angle (keep front knee bent). Extended Side AngleExhale, hinging forward; bring left forearm across thigh and right arm forward and overhead. Reverse TriangleInhale, returning right hand to back leg and arching torso and left hand back while straightening front leg. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your health.
Viruses, such as those causing flu, colds, herpes, hepatitis, winter vomiting disease and diarrhoea can contaminate your hands and remain there for minutes, hours or even days.
Despite often being marketed as the most hygienic way to dry your hands, jet-air dryers actually produce over 60 times more viral contamination than dryers using warm air. MS2 only infects bacteria, but has similar properties to viruses that infect humans, making it very useful for these kinds of tests. Any virus particles blown onto the board were revealed by a clear area on the agar plates, making it easy to see where the virus had spread. All you need to do is soak few tablespoons of barley in water for 2-3 hours and then separate water from barley. Turn left foot out 90 degrees, keeping left knee bent over ankle; at same time, turn right toes in 45 degrees and straighten right leg. Exhale, pivoting left toes in and right toes out; bend knees to return to squat with hands in prayer position. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the BootsWebMD Site. You can also add thyme to tea as it is beneficial in flushing out the harmful toxins from the body. This series also strengthens and stretches my hips, waist, and butt, so I feel more confident in shorts. Not only do these poses help you get into and hold positions more easily, but they also work your pelvic floor, leading to easier, stronger O's. It is most common in babies under 12 months old, and occurs most often between October and March. Some young children with their first RSV infection will develop noticeable wheezing, and may need treatment in hospital.
Ear infectionYoung children are prone to ear infections because of their small Eustachian tubes. These tubes connect the ears to the throat and they may get blocked when a cold causes inflammation.
Childhood vaccinations help prevent infections from certain bacteria that can cause ear infections. Glue earGlue ear refers to a build up of fluid in the middle ear, usually without any pain. The medical term for glue ear is otitis media with effusion and it often follows an acute ear infection.
If glue ear lingers and threatens to interfere with a child's hearing, grommets (ear tubes) may be recommended to help fluid drain and air to move in and out of the ear. Hand, foot and mouth diseaseHand, foot and mouth disease causes a fever along with blisters on the inside of the mouth, the palms of the hands, the buttocks and the soles of the feet.
Hand, foot and mouth disease is not the same as foot and mouth disease, which affects farm animals.
ConjunctivitisTears, redness, discomfort, discharge and crusty eyelashes are all signs of conjunctivitis. Often caused by the same viruses as the common cold, conjunctivitis spreads rapidly in schools and nurseries.

Slapped cheekSlapped cheek syndrome or fifth disease causes a bright red rash on a child's face. The culprit is parvovirus B19, a virus that may cause mild cold-like symptoms before the rash is seen. RotavirusThe NHS estimates that every child will have at least one rotavirus infection before they are five. The main symptoms are vomiting and watery diarrhoea, which can make babies become dehydrated very quickly. A rotavirus oral vaccine is available for babies and is part of the NHS childhood vaccination programme. Doctors have yet to discover exactly what causes it but it is thought to be caused by an infection. The symptoms include a fever, patchy rash, swelling and redness of the hands and feet, bloodshot eyes and chapped, red lips. ChickenpoxChickenpox is usually a mild infection but is a very infectious condition caused by the varicella-zoster virus. MeaslesIf your children have had their MMR jabs, you probably don't have to worry about measles, although there are still many cases among unvaccinated children. MumpsMumps is another childhood illness that was very common before the MMR vaccine became available.
The infection often causes no symptoms, but when it does, the classic sign is swollen glands between the ear and jaw.
This creates the appearance of "hamster cheeks." Despite high vaccination rates, there are still cases, usually amongst unvaccinated teenagers and young adults.
Rubella (German measles)Rubella, also called German measles, is a mild virus that usually causes no serious problems other than a fever and a rash. The symptoms are a low grade fever and a rash that spreads from the face to the rest of the body. Whooping coughWhooping cough, caused by infection with Bordella pertussis bacteria, makes children cough so hard, they run out of breath and inhale with a "whoop." The infection is most severe in infants and may require hospital treatment. MeningitisMeningitis is an inflammation or infection of the tissue around the brain and spinal cord. In older children, teenagers and adults, the main symptoms are severe headache, vomiting, fever and stiff neck. Viral meningitis is usually mild, but bacterial meningitis is more severe with serious consequences if it isn't treated quickly. Sore throatMost children get a sore throat now and then, usually due to a common cold virus. Seek medical advice if a sore throat lasts more than a week, or if there's pain or difficulty swallowing, excessive drooling, a rash, pus in the back of the throat or fever.
The rash usually appears 12 – 48 hours after the fever and often begins on the chest and abdomen and spreads all over the body. Reye's syndromeYou probably know you should never give aspirin to children under 16, except on a doctor's advice.
This life-threatening condition may affect children who take medication containing aspirin during a viral illness. Reye's syndrome has become very rare since the aspirin health warnings were issued in the 1980s. It most commonly causes clusters of tiny blisters on the skin that ooze and form a golden crust. RingwormYet another skin infection, ringworm is actually caused by a fungus - no worms involved.
The fungus spreads easily from child to child, so sharing combs, brushes, towels and clothes should be avoided. The flu more commonly causes high fever, chills, body aches, extreme fatigue and nausea or vomiting. While most children get better on their own, the flu can lead to serious complications like pneumonia, especially in younger children.
Nasal spray flu vaccination is offered to all children aged 2, 3 and 4 years old and to those children in primary school years 1 and 2. It’s also recommended for children aged 2 to 17 years old who have long-term health conditions. Flu jab vaccination is offered to children aged 6 months to 2 years who have long-term health conditions.
Seasonal allergiesSeasonal allergies, like hayfever, are not an infection, but a reaction to microscopic particles like pollen (seen here in pink). Symptoms may include sneezing, watery eyes and a runny or stuffy nose and may only occur in spring or autumn.

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