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My daughter has had what the dermatologist and her Primary Care Physician believe to be ringworm. First off, I am not qualified to prescribe, treat, and I certainly can't cure anything, so whatever I can offer here would only be to help your body help itself with nutritional and topical agents.Due to strict government regulations I could get in a heap of trouble for presenting anything here as medicine, cure, or treatment. Ringworm seems to affect folks most often when their immune system needs a little kick start nutritionally.
As a side note, some people find the tingling or cooling sensation of tea tree oil unpleasant, particularly when the oil is used straight.
Tea tree oil in history has become a treatment in Australia for the prevention and treatment of infections. Apply topically and neat (undiluted) to wounds, cuts, bites, fungus, athletes foot, skin disorders, and less severe burns. Tea Tree Oil, the natural little wonder from down under is gaining some serious, and well-deserved, buzz lately. And while I’m no stranger to the many benefits of Tea Tree Oil, I never knew just how many ways you could use it to get rid of acne. Yes, this little essential oil can make for one seriously powerful, yet simple, pimple remedy. Derived from the leaves of Tea Trees, this oil is typically applied topically (say that 3 times fast!) and is mostly used to treat different infections such as nail fungus, scabies, or athelete’s foot. This powerhouse of an oil can also be used as a local antiseptic for general cuts, burns, scratches, bites, stings, toothaches, nose and mouth infections, as well as sore throats, making it one handy oil to have around the house.
Then all you have to do is dip a (clean) fingertip, or a Q tip, into your spot treatment and apply it directly to the blemish you want to blast.

Also, it is important to note that while you are able to make more than what the recipe lists, you should be sure to keep the ratios the same to avoid any future irritation.
Just like the spot treatment listed above, you are able to make a bigger batch of the astringent, just make sure you stick to the ratios provided.
Then after you have cleaned your face, grab a cotton ball, pour some of your astringent onto it and wipe your entire face with it. Not only will the mixture help to remove any excess impurities from your skin, but it also helps to further cleanse away any bacteria or dead skin cells that may get caught in your pores, and ultimately lead to a dreaded breakout! This simple face mask not only helps to refresh your skin, but it helps to cleanse your skin, dry out any acne, and kill the bacteria surrounding each pimple.
Once you have all your ingredients together, give it a good stir and then apply the mask evenly all over your face, and neck if you have acne there as well. Allow the mask to dry for at least 20 minutes, so that it can work it’s antibacterial magic, then rinse off with warm water and pat dry.
If having your face slathered in clay isn’t really your thing, try using your mixture as a spot treatment. The drying, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties of the clay help to draw out the dirt, oil, and bacteria that our acne feeds off of, obliterating it in only a few applications. Whichever acne treatment you choose to use to banish those blemishes, just be sure you stay consistent in your application to ensure your acne stays away! I've posted one of those letters here for you to read."I have reviewed your website and need to know how to apply the tea tree oil for ringworm. We have treated it with an Over The Counter cream, and then a prescription cream, and it still has not gone away.It's gotten worse.

We apply it on ourselves and our children (all the way down to age three), for cuts, scratches, burns, and bug bites. While World War II commenced, the government of Australian classified tea tree oil as an essential commodity and exempted producers from military service. Now, I typically store this in a small travel-sized lip gloss container for easy access and application, but you can use any old container you wish.
A recent study showed that fewer than 1% of people had any sort of contact dermatitis or reaction to tea tree oil.
Melaleuca has been proven to kill many bacteria, viruses, and fungi on contact so it is excellent for cuts, wounds, burns, and anywhere that bacteria might be found. Use a carrier when applying to more sensitive areas, especially the genitals for herpes or thrush. It has a commercial use as an antiseptic for the face, skin disorders including acne, and dandruff. Gargle or oil-push a 5% dilution of Melaleuca to effectively address mouth and gum problems. Melaleuca Essential Oil is from the botanical family Myrtaceae, with the oil being processed by steam distillation from the leaf of the tree. Melaleuca is an excellent anti-bacterial, effective against virus and supports the immune system when diffused.

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