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Foul vagina smells occur mostly because the vaginal area is being inhabited by a multitude of overgrown microscopic organisms. 3) Hair- trim or remove to reduce bacterial build up (hair will often trap in unwanted bacteria causing foul odors)Underarm sweat glands are a lot like vaginal sweat glands.
For women, the FEM-D, Thong-D and Overpad-D offer you doctor-recommended activated charcoal technology that filters out bad odors.
The FEM-D, Overpad-D and Overpad-Plus from Flat-D are washable, reusable and highly effective odor neutralizers.
Flatulence is a fact of life, but you can be more poised and avoid embarrassment by wearing Flat-D pads for women every day. Femanol Products – Getting Rid of Feminine Odor: Femanol Products – Getting Rid of Feminine Odor Feminine odor can affect a lot of women, and this is something that you want to think about if you have this problem. Perfect for keeping in your bag at work, or on family trips outdoors, so every woman can now enjoy a fresh, clean feeling all day, every day.

Odors are trapped and contained within the hair, which cause some of those unwanted vaginal odors. The super-thin, patented deodorizing cloth deodorizes intestinal gas and vaginal odors, increasing your feelings of confidence, self-esteem and freedom. Our products do not cure the problem but can definitely provide you with relief from the symptoms and the associated embarrassing odors. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.
This allows you to continue on with your life and not have to worry about how you feel in that area. A lot of women are now turning to over the counter remedies for their feminine odor problems.
Going out and having to hide this odor can be a thing of the past when you go and get femanol.

Simply read the instructions and install - it's as easy as that!Body odors such as feminine odors and flatulence are a delicate issue that you probably don't discuss or address openly.
This is always a good thing since you shouldn’t have to feel self-conscious about feminine odor. However, the word is spreading that we offer solutions to feminine odors, menstrual odors, vaginal odors and the odors from passing gas do exist! In fact, no woman should have to feel this way since it is your body and you want to make sure that you take the best care of it at all times.
Flat-D specializes in Flatulence Deodorizer products, including choices designed to neutralize female odors.

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