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We can understand what it feels like when you are ready for a good hang out with friends, but before you step out, the bad smell of your armpit ruins it all.
According to the latest research, this problem is more common in boys as compared to girls. Here in this guide we have collected some of the home remedies that will help you avoid armpit smell with the help of some home based commodities. This is my own experience that surgical spirits and alcohol with vinegar together serves more than any other home remedy.
50% baking soda and 50% starch together with some talcum powder when applied to your under arms will give you relief from armpits smell. Apply the powder of Neosporin and a pain relief under your arm and forget the armpit smell for a month. We are very often annoyed with armpit sweat that is enriched with fatty acids and proteins leaving a wet circle on our clothes.

Wrapped Ginger- Removes Mucus form the Lungs and Treats Bad Cough in Just One Night, Particularly Good for Children! Wet a cotton bud with apple cedar vinegar and clean your armpit before and after bath and then apply any deodorant. But they do not have ability to remove armpits smell or smelly sweat but they can help you to overcome the smelly sweat for some time.
Some people are not able to control the smell, but some of them actively use deodorants and antiperspirants. So you should better know how to avoid armpit smell if you want to make over a good personality. This is the best remedy and you can say the long lasting relief giving remedy I ever found for armpits smell problems.
It can lighten the color of your clothes as well as too much use of this remedy can burn your skin.

If you are realy in problem of armpit smell and you are just to go for hang out and you have no time to do any home remedy to get rid of armpit smell then just use deodorant and go for your way.
However, sweat is good for your body and health even though we want to eliminate it, as it contains chemicals that fight diseases.
Folk medicine has some proven methods through which you can get rid of the unpleasant smell from the armpit sweat. There is a possibility that the skin will whiten a little, but you should not worry about that as it will restore its previous color soon. Lime juice works as a natural deodorant eliminating the smell and reducing sweat production due to its acidity having strong antibacterial properties.

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