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It is a waterproof topical liquid that you place behind your dog’s neck and along its back.
By Becky Editor's Note: Chlorhexadine is the active ingredient in Hibbi Scrub and other skin cleaners.
I rescued her from the previous owner, who had a dog who had a litter of five that they let run in the road. I am an animal lover, hard core, so I took all the puppies, all five, in and bathed them, wormed them, and found them all homes. Make sure you give him a treat after each dose because it tastes horrid but it should cure him.
There are a couple of places on his body but mostly it's on his head (AROUND HIS EYES).

The bottom part of her back has lost its hair and she is constantly biting and itching at that area. Unfortunately right now I cannot afford a vet visit.So I was wondering does mayonnaise cure mange and if so can someone tell me how I do it to treat my dog? Thank you.By TEETEE from Bath, NYHome Remedy for Dog MangeHello, please take your baby to the vet. Dip, soak, wet down, garden sprayer, whatever, every day starting 2 times a day for a few days. Cut back to every other day, then 2 x a week, once a week, even though it looks like it is gone.
Dependent on which type of mange it is, your dog could have immune system problems that can mean that much more than a very uncomfortable skin rash is going on there.

I was told about some oral drops you can give for this (not sure what it is haven't tried it). There are collars you can buy with the same med on it that the vets use to dip them, you have to make sure none of this gets digested by any animal it will hurt them. We got it from the feed store, their food is much better than department or even pet store brands.

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