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Besides keeping cholesterol levels and blood pressure at normal, garlic also keeps viruses and bacteria at bay.
Hydrastis Canadensis better known as goldenseal is an effective cure for infections of mucus membrane as well as respiratory tract. Wormwood (Artemesia annua) is a herb used since ancient times to fight intestinal parasites such as Ascaris, Giardia and Plasmodium.
This herbal remedy has been used since ancient times, mostly in tropical regions, to fight against tapeworms, hookworms and roundworms. Raw pumpkin seeds have been used since ancient times in Germany and China to expel tapeworms from body.
Its active ingredient papain is a proteolytic enzyme that helps in the conversion of protein to peptides and amino acids. If the congestion is clogging your nose and head and you are unable to breathe then you must use a warm compress. However, treating the condition naturally with the following remedies is also a good option because they do not affect intestinal flora and prevent harsh chemicals from entering the body. Garlic’s antibiotic properties are found to have preventive action against various strains such as Ascaris, Trypanosoma, Giardia lamblia, leishmania and plasmodium.

Goldenseal contains berberine that fights Plasmodium, Entamoeba histolytica and giardia lamblia.
The active constituent of wormwood – sesquiterpene lactones – weakens the membranes of the parasites. Depending on the severity of the condition, the dosage may vary from moderate (6 ounces) to large (13 ounces) amounts. You should restrict the consumption of coffee, alcohol, refined sugar as well as refine foods.
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A congestion is characterized by a common cold that not only leads to a stuffy nose but acute discomfort in the chest. It will help to dilute the mucus, make it thin and eliminate it from the body automatically. Papain is active against the protein structure of the parasites such as tapeworms and hence help the body get rid of these parasites easily and naturally. Though there are several over the counter medications for this condition; most of them are known to be only temporary.

In order to get rid of the mucus you need to make it thin; once this is done it will automatically get eliminated from the body. As you increase your water intake you must avoid milk and milk products completely as it makes the mucus thick.
Run the shower for a few minutes and let the bathroom steam up completely; then step in and enjoy a long shower to get rid of all the congestion in your throat and chest. The rum will help to reduce the congestion and the anti bacterial property of the honey will prevent the spread of the bacteria. The tapeworms easily loose grip over the intestine and are flushed away due to increased bowel activity.
This remedy must be used at night if you are unable to sleep as a result of the congestion. If you grow it yourself then consume 2 to 3 teaspoonful of fresh rind or 1.5g of dried fruit rind.

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