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Use a facial soap that contains benzoyl-peroxide, or sulfur soap to kill the bacteria that cause the acnes.
If the acne treatment available at the stores does not work, see a dermatologist to get it checked and get a prescription for acne medication containing vitamin A derivatives like Retin-A. To reduce inflammation and kill the bacteria, use acne medications containing benzoyl-peroxide.
You may also try antibiotic ointment containing medications such as Garamicyn (can be purchased free). It shapes sort of big with great inflamed bumps, gathered in almost all areas of the face (different from ordinary acne that is found only in one part of the face). The growth of skin cells that is abnormal that it cana€™t regenerate as fast as normal skin. It’s useless to use drugs sold freely at the stores because those medication will not be able to treat this type of acne. For stone pimples that occur only one or two, the effective cure is to ask your dermatologist to inject them with cortisone, which makes them healed within 48 hours.
These acne types of comedones are caused by the dead skin cells and the excess on oil glands at the skin. I had two pimples and put toothpaste on them, after a couple days of this the pimples went away but now i have scars where the pimples used to be.
You can start with a glass of man the fuk up and apply some stop being a little bitch cream.
Ive used toothpaste in the past and its worked well, i just think i kept it on for too long this time. When it is small, maybe it is not that disturbing, but it is different if the acne is getting bigger and inflamed. The common causes are stress, hormones and the humid air that triggers the skin to produce oils which becomes the breeding grounds for bacteria. The first is open comedones (blackhead) that look like enlarged and black pores (the black ones are the porous plug that changes color due to oxidation by air).
This occurs when you are not regularly cleaning the skin that dead skin cells and oil on the skin surface accumulate and close the skin cells to form a blockage. The second is the closed comedones (whitehead) that have skin that grows over the clogged pores so that it looks like small white bumps under the skin. Tbh it seems like they'll stay there until the layer of skin below them heals, then the spot will scab and peel off.

Both red spots and hyperpigmetation are the skins response to inflammation from the acne lesion.2. The minimal downtime and affordable cost make it accessible however it is important to remember a series a treatments will be required.Depending on the depth of the scars 6-12 sessions may be necessary to achieve the desired results. February 28, 2016 The Korean Spa Experience: Spa Palace Los Angeles February 7, 2016 In-Flight Skin Care Tips January 24, 2016 Why are plastic micro beads banned in the United States? December 27, 2015 Age Therapy: Refining Complex December 13, 2015 The 12 Days of Skin Care November 29, 2015 Is your bathroom a skin care graveyard? While most scars of acne fade off over time on their own (within few months) but if you want the process to speed up, you need to know what is the best way to get rid of acne scars.
This article lists you every possible natural trick to help you remove those scars away and leave you a beautiful clear skin behind. Best Way To Get Rid Of Acne ScarsAdmit it, acne leaves scars and stays there for long time. In case, there is anything at the skin surface, which blocks this, then it causes blockage.
However, the fact is that even adults in their 30s and 40s (sometimes even 50s) can even get acne problems. He or she feels less confident to face people for the reason that they are unattractive.If You Have Acne, What Should You Avoid Doing?If you are someone with acne then it is vital that you take proper care. Exposing your scars on direct sunlight can cause immense darkening & even slows the overall healing process. You will be really surprised to know when you count how often you actually touch your face in a day. Excess MakeupPeople often wash the face in order to prevent acne but very actively give more acne issues by applying a makeup. Don’t Keep WashingYeah, it is true that washing and keeping your face clean is the best way to get rid of acne scars but it won’t do any good when you wash it often. Do this only 2 times in a day and not more.What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Acne Scars?1.
Follow Proper Skin RegimenWithout doubt, acne skin is usually “normal – oily” by nature. You need to follow a proper skin regimen involving cleansing & toning with products that match your skin tone. Use a moisturizer that is rich in vitamin E because this nutrient is proven to work on something that is dark.

Drink Plenty Of WaterThe best answer I can give for the question what is the best way to get rid of acne scars is to keep yourself well hydrated. When you drink water often, your skin will be radiant and you will see those horrible scars disappearing soon.6. Keep Your Skin Clean AlwaysWhen it comes to best ways to get rid of acne scars then this tip is very significant to note. You certainly might be aware of the fact that dirt and oil that is accumulated on your skin can worsen. Stay Away From Products That Has Harsh ChemicalsWhat is the best way to get rid of acne scars?
If your skin is prone to acne, using soaps with harsh chemicals can make it a bigger disaster.
Drink Natural JuiceYour external appearance is something what you feed your body internally. Junks, excess oily grubs, processed foods, salty foodstuffs can actually worsen the healing process of your acne scars.
To look better and get rid of those acne scars faster, you have to focus in drinking natural juices from fresh veggies and fruits. 9. Drink Natural Green TeaTo get rid of those acne scars fast consider drinking 1-cup natural green tea every single day. It also makes you look younger, there is better metabolism, removes eye puffiness, removes dull skin and so on…10. Cinnamon And HoneyMake a fine paste using 1-tablespoon cinnamon powder and 3-tablespoons honey.
Use PapayaLastly, the best natural trick on what is the best way to get rid of acne scars is to make use of fresh papaya. This fruit has an enzyme called “Papain”, which is very powerful in healing your dark acne scars. To treat your scars with this remedy, you need to make thick paste by mashing the pulp of papaya.
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