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Go to your vet, who will probably prescibe antibiotics, but to help things along you could buy some Hibiscrub ( chlorxexadine, spelling??) , a pink lotion and put a squide in a small bowl of warm water, and scrub the area with soaked cotton wool.

Dylan had severe teenage acne ( he managed to get it in his nether regions aswell ) , Antibiotics helped, I also put some sudo cream on to help sooth it as he got i such a sore state he would growl at the vet when he went to examin him. That will help with skin, but won't kill the root cause.It could get much worse if it enlarges so please see your vet. They have put my poor dog on and off different medications, did a skin scrapping and said he had some sort of bacterial infection and gave him anti biotics, after two rounds of anti biotics it's back. I'm so frustrated all I do is give these Vets hundreds and hundreds of dollars and he still isn't better.

I'm having my apartment even professionally cleaned to make sure if it's allgeries it doesnt stay in the carpet.
Mind you by this time the dratted acne had almost cleared up on it's own anyway He was given antibiotics as well for a week.

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