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This is probably the most dreaded question (especially if the answer is ‘yes’) for women who are taking birth control pills when having unprotected sex with their partners. If you need to take a dose of your pill and forgot it at home, you cannot take a pill offered by a friend or take any birth control pill at random. Keep in mind than when you take a pill, it takes about thirty minutes to be absorbed by your body and do its job in preventing pregnancy. Pills to Get Pregnant The world of medicine has undergone great advancements and innovations in this century.
If you throw up a few minutes after taking the pill, chances of getting pregnant on birth control is a big possibility if you have unprotected sex at a later time.

If in case you missed a dose, give a quick call to your doctor or your health care provider. If you fail to take the prescribed dosage of this medication, or missed taking it even for a day, you can possibly bear a child. Ask if it is okay for you to take it later in the day or double your dosage in the next days. Also take note that birth control pills can also be affected when taken with other medications. If you experience this, phone your doctor and you will be advised if you need to take another dosage right on.

But if you do decide to keep your baby, stop taking pills immediately and consult your doctor for proper advice. There are known medicines that can possibly affect the efficacy of birth control pills such as certain antibiotics, anti-fungal medicines and anti-seizure pills.

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