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The after-effects of drinking too much alcohol, known as a hangover, can be both physiological and psychological and are usually experienced the morning after a night of heavy drinking. In addition to causing a hangover, drinking alcohol causes dehydration and, when consumed in excess, its toxic effects can harm your liver, brain, gastrointestinal system, central nervous system and sensory perception.
10 Ways to Ease a Hangover: Holidays are about celebrations, and with all of the festivities going on this time of year, we thought this would be a great time to post our remedies to ease your hangover pains. James is a beer loving, mountain bike riding, EDM dancing lad from Hull, which is in Yorkshire, England.
After one-too-many wild nights followed by down days, James decided to find a real cure to the dreaded hangover and he details all his findings here! Eggs are an excellent option to cure a hangover because of its natural protein called Albumin.
Toast with honey is easily digestible and the calories should remain light rather than heavy. This bicarbonate fizzy medicine really helps in getting rid of hangover by neutralizing the stomach acid. A lot of potassium and sodium escapes your body when you urinate throughout a night of drinking.
Anxiety, bad breath, fatigue, high heart rate, headache, nausea and stomach upset are the most common symptoms that follow excessive drinking. Since dehydration is the most common symptoms, it makes sense to hydrate yourself quickly and frequently to become properly hydrated again.

In addition to the above two commonsense must do activities, the following will help you to reduce all your symptoms of hangover quickly. Make a tasty drink with lemon, salt and honey to attack hangover from three different angles at once. Chew finely cut slices of ginger - Make 1 mm thick slices of ginger and chew them every hour. Eat Dried Ginger Powder with Honey - Mix half spoon of dried ginger powder with half spoon of honey to make a thick paste. Peppermint acts on your stomach to relieve your from nausea and vomiting symptoms of the hangover. But common symptoms include accelerated heartbeat, anxiety, body pain, dizziness, bad breath, headache, lethargy, nausea, photophobia, sensitivity to loud sounds, irritability, fatigue, stomach ache, erratic motor functions and vomiting.
The best cure for a hangover is preventing one from happening in the first place, but if you over did it, you can trust us, a couple of wine pros to provide solid advice to get rid of your hangover.
The toast will also absorb any leftover alcohol in your stomach to ease that digestive comfort. In normal routine this medicine is used for headaches, pain, acid indigestion, and sour stomach. For more unknown stuff don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google+ or like our Facebook page.
This not only causes annoying hangover, but in the long term it affects your brain and lever.

Lemon helps to get rid of dizziness and muscle pain, salt helps to retain water and honey helps in better metabolism.
Once your doctors have ruled out all possibilities of any serious underlying condition, then you can look at other alternative methods to deal with it.
If you drink 500-700ml of water over the 45 minutes before you go to bed, you’ll remove most of the effects right off the bat. There are many different ways you can consume ginger to get rid of hangover from excess alcohol consumption.
If you are one of them who wouldn't prefer to chew ginger then you can try the other methods of consuming ginger as explained in the next item. Not drinking alcohol at all can perhaps be the best commonsense move to avoid hangover, but that may not be workable for those who love to drink.
Avoid all other drinks that may dehydrate you such as coffee and all kinds of carbonated drinks. If you understand why do you have stretch marks and how they are formed, then it will be easy for you to remove them.

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