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Rest assured, you are not alone in this endeavour and it is doable, read on for further tips on getting rid of postpartum weight.
When we talk about diet we don’t mean eat only celery or starve yourself on 200 calories a day, we mean watch what you are eating. Eat the rainbow: try and eat colourful fruits and veggies and make sure there is a variety in your diet. No diet segment would be complete without making sure that you get at least your eight glasses of water a day – flush out your body, flush off the pounds. For some it can be a break to go out for a short 20 minute jog while your spouse cares for your child.
So your tummy isn’t as firm as it once was, so your breasts are a little saggier than they were before (or maybe way huger if you’re still breastfeeding), so you have stretch marks. Your body housed a baby for ten months (that’s right 40 weeks, give or take, is ten months not nine) and that in itself is a miracle to be very proud of. Some women are so desperate to lose the baby weight that they take extreme measures which aren’t advisable. You should always avoid binge dieting: going on an extreme diet may shed pounds in the short term, but diets that are very strict are usually hard to sustain. Getting rid of postpartum weight is going to take time, energy, and perseverance, so be prepared for the journey that lies ahead of you. The second story was from ABC News, and was about celebrities who have OCD like moms Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba and Julianne Moore. I have been doing ERP and my biggest problem is guilt, and then the wall that seems to divide me from my loved one.
As someone who went through postpartum OCD and had intrusive thoughts, I can understand how weird it seems to consider going to a therapy where the therapist would try to make you think them more, or face them.
I asked myself everyday how it’s possible to love someone so much ( my lil girl) and have all these things on your mind. Kayla, if you are feeling consumed by your feelings, it’s so important you find a way to treat your symptoms. This website is an absolute godsend to me, I was having intrusive thoughts for a few weeks before I actually looked it up online and found this site. I am pregnant with my third child, 4 months, and I have been struggling with intrusive thoughts since conception it seems. Post-partum depression is a kind of depression faced by a new mother after her delivery.  It happens because the body is attempting to regulate the  hormones. It is believed to be more common amongst women who already have a history of post-partum depression or general depression.  If they have little support from family and friends, if their life is very stressful, if they have a colicky baby, if they have financial or marital issues or if the pregnancy is unplanned. Before we look at natural remedies to deal with this kind of depression let us look at the signs of Post-Partum Depression. I hope you have a supportive friend or family member in whom you can confide.  Talk to someone who can lend a ear and give you a smile. You may not find such a group in India but if you are lucky and find one that offers support to those suffering then join it. Have you ever had Post Partum Depression?  How did you deal with it?  Do share your story with us.
Sapana { Hi Ira, Very well said, specially being Indian families we have even more constraints.

A balanced diet eating healthy foods from all four food groups is one of the best way to shed the post-baby pounds. Pre-prepare food when possible as life with a baby (or 2 or 3 or more) can be a juggling act. You won’t burn a ton of calories, so there is no need to pig out in the name of breastfeeding.
So feel good in your body and realize that a healthy you may look a little different now than before you had kids. Make sure whoever you choose to do this with (a friend, a colleague, your spouse) knows that it’s not a competition. If you are unsure about anything to do with your body one of the best people to ask is your physician. Instead, change your eating habits to healthier ones, that include treats from time to time, and you’ll be more likely to stick with it in the long term. Sure, there are plenty of programs out there that advertise ‘get slim quick.’ These methods of rapid weight loss aren’t usually very healthy (even if they do suggest that they use ‘super foods’ or other buzzwords) and can be very expensive. Even if you don’t shed the pounds immediately, you will be healthier by eating right and staying active. If left untreated it can develop into postpartum psychosis which can have devastating outcomes.
I spent 5 days in a hospital and a few weeks in therapy before they realized I was suffering from pure O. It helps to put some time between you and your illness … the longer you have been recovered the easier it gets.
For example if I see something violent or sexual I become afraid that myu loved one is going to appear in my memory of what I saw.
Your doctor will be able to tell you more, but it’s really important you follow your treatment plan even if you begin to feel better.
I was so happy with my son until he was nine weeks old (only two weeks ago–ruined my life overnight and I am VERY motivated to heal), and then, one day, it was like somebody switched the lights off in my head and I became terrified, and then very depressed because of my OCD. I was on medication for more than a year I got better didn’t have them anymore I was able to enjoy my baby. It is generally mild but can become a serious issue of psychosis if left untreated.  It can have devastating consequences for both mother and child. Deficiencies are common for women post-pregnancy, especially the B-vitamins and Omega 3s.  Do ask your Doctor if you can continue to take your prenatal supplements. We all admit it’s easier to throw a frozen pizza in the oven than it is to prepare a stir fry, but with a little preplanning and pre-preparation, you can be eating healthy foods in no time. Go with your friends to Zumba class, or when you plan a night out go bowling instead of watching a movie. These may not be the body image ideas the media is throwing at you but, let’s say it again, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Their job as your partner in this is to be a cheerleader and an encourager, helping you on both the ups and the downs of this journey. Be sure to seek medical advice, be it from a doctor or a dietician, before attempting any form of weight loss, especially when breastfeeding. Postpartum is caused by severe hormonal changes, stress of caring for a new born, and women with a history of depression, mental illness, severe PMS or who had medical complications are at higher risk of developing PPD.

I will never get that time back but it has helped me to understand, as well as this site, that I am not alone…please continue to educate the public. But I will tell you I just read some research that indications that exposure-response cognitive behavioral therapy is VERY effective for OCD. Even if it means turning against you and being critical of yourself, it’s all in the name of loving your kids. I have a counsellor and I started taking medication a few weeks ago but I know that if it wasnt for people like you that are sharing information and personal experiences my suffering would have been a lot worse.
The thoughts were vulgar, sexual, inappropriate, loud, intense, violent, and very very frequent! I started Zoloft five days ago and so far it’s made my anxiety worse, which makes the thoughts harder to confront (I am doing ERP by myself with scripts as outlined in the book The Imp of the Mind by Lee Baer while I wait to see a CBT).
I think it would be best to talk with the doctor that helped you before to see what they think.
Think of reaching for a handful of almonds, a Greek yogurt, or some crackers and cheese to help you feel full and satisfied. Even just getting your little one in their stroller (or carrier) and going out for a walk is a good way to stay active.
The story may help you better understand why you think and behave the way you do during postpartum OCD.
I’ve been on meds and then stopped cause I felt better and then started up again cuz I felt bad again. Just what I need is to envision a future where those stupid thoughts just don’t matter!
Keep on being positive and making healthy choices and, most importantly, enjoy that baby of yours, and you can certainly get rid of your postpartum weight. Vitamin D deficiencies can cause depression which can worsen PPD.Share your feelings with friends and family. I miss my sweet boy and I miss being the joyful mother I was, but I will get back there, and, God willing, it will be soon.
Now that you are no longer pregnant (congratulations!) you are looking to shed some of those extra pounds you gained and get back to what your body looked like pre-baby. Exercise releases good chemicals called endorphins that help to boost mood.Ask for help if you need it!Set realistic expectations. Going to see the dr again haven’t seen her in three months hopefull everything goes good.
The hardest thing I think is just having patience and not getting discouraged when they don’t go away over night. Stay strong everyone, they are just brain farts and nothing more, no matter how stinky or frequent and they makes us freaking invincible when we can laugh at them and blow em’ off. I am supermom, I can have intrusive thoughts, but I can still be a kick ass mom and love on my kids anyway.

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