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Recently I noticed that I have some dark patches and small reddish rash around my armpit area.  This is quite common and had happened to me before. Normally after one week of applying the anti-fungal cream, the rash on my skin would be less visible. My friend told me that the Tea Tree oil or (Melaleuca alternifolia) can also help to get rid of fungal infection on the skin.
Pimples, also called acne, can occur at any age, although the spots are more common in teenagers. Talk to your doctor about using prescription medication if over-the-counter medications fail to help your acne improve. Overview If you get pimples and blackheads, you know how difficult it can be to get rid of them. 3 ways to get rid of spots on your skin – wikihow, Edit article how to get rid of spots on your skin. Howstuffworks "how to get rid of age spots", Skin problems image gallery are you going to be stuck with those age spots forever? How to get rid of dark spots: 8 steps (with pictures), Edit article how to get rid of dark spots. So when I went to see a doctor, he would normally prescribed anti-fungal cream and sometimes anti fungal pills to be taken orally as well. Though it is not a deadly disease, it does bring about itchiness and discomfort to the sufferer.
The doctor advised me to keep applying the anti-fungal cream for another one week so as to get rid of it totally.

So far I have not tried it but I think it should work because I have also heard of it before.
Approximately 85 percent of people in the 12- to 24-year-old age group are affected by pimples, according to the Acne Global Alliance. Prescription gels or creams that contain retinoids can be used to help the pimple dry out more quickly, although these medications may irritate the sensitive skin of the face. Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics to relieve inflammation and reduce bacteria on your face, or she may prescribe a more powerful drug called isotretinoin. Normally fungal infection and white spots would appeared on my skin about once every 2 to 3 years.
The doctor told me to apply the anti-fungal cream 2 times a day and not to use other people’s towels or wear their clothes. The problem is that sometimes I do forget to apply especially when my skin is no longer itchy and that is wrong.
If you have a small white bump on chin that not a pimple or acne, is itchy or appears to be under the skin on your chin, this guide will help you identify (with pictures), find possible treatments to get raised hard bumps on the chin.
While there is no proven way to make a pimple disappear overnight, there are a few steps you can take to help your existing spots fade faster and prevent new pimples from erupting on your face.
Salicylic has a drying effect on pimples and benzoyl peroxide reduces the swollen appearance of your pimples and kills bacteria that can cause acne. This is prevent the spread of fungal infection to others; or perhaps preventing myself from getting it from other people as well. So I would normally end up applying the anti-fungal cream for 3 weeks; just to make up for the time which I forgot to apply.

Aloe Vera has a very cooling effect when I apply it on my skin; and besides I loved to drink Aloe Vera juice as well. The drug can cause birth defects, and women taking isoretinoin should use a reliable form of birth control while using the drug, according to the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology. Whenever I go for my jog which is 3 times a week, I would sweat profusely and I was told to cool down first before taking a shower.  A Chinese physician told me that if I take a shower without cooling down after jogging, it would be bad for my health and skin. Allow the egg whites or baking soda paste to dry on your face for 20 minutes and then remove with water. I avoid all those anti-deodorant stick or lotion as the chemicals in these products may irritate my skin.
Using these methods may encourage your pimples to dry out, causing the top layer to gradually peel away. However I do apply baby powder if I know that I need to do some manual work for the day; and baby powder would keep my skin dry. So keeping fungal and white spots away does required discipline on my part on a daily basis.

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