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Whenever we find it's no need to log in our Windows XP computer with entering a password again and again, we can easily remove Windows XP password to let the computer boot automatically. Of course, soon you will find the above steps to remove Windows XP password only works on the basis that you haven't forgotten or lost the Windows XP password and your computer is still logged in. What if you have forgotten or lost password on Windows XP on your PC and you have been totally locked out from it, then how to remove the password?

In this way, you can remove forgotten Windows XP password in a few seconds and all the data or files stored on your computer will be completely safe and no any other changes will be caused to your computer as well. Someone may not know how to remove Windows XP password, now let's follow the below easy steps on Windows XP password removing. Then under "pick an account to change", select the account whose password you want to remove from.

Well, at this time, you might have to resort to Windows Password Recovery software such as Windows Password Remove Tool, which is a professional program for password reset in any Windows-based computer.

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