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So, after many years and many vets my jaw dropped when a new vet said “Have you ever tried fatty acids to help with the allergies?” Um, excuse me? The vet explained that this was not a quick fix since it is a nutritional supplement, but over time we should notice a difference in her allergic reactions. If you would like more information on using fish oil as a natural option to treat your dog’s allergies, please ask your vet about proper dosage and treatment options. This entry was posted in Green Pet Care, Pet Health & Safety and tagged dog allergies, dog ear infections, fish oil for dogs on February 12, 2013 by TopDog.

Although the severe reactions such as vomiting are avoided as long as she is on a strict diet, she continues to suffer from chronic ear infections and itchy paws that she sometimes licks until they are almost raw. It has now been three weeks since starting Emi on fish oil and we haven’t noticed any sign of a cure yet but we will stick it out for a few months to see if this benefits her. Why had this never popped up in all of my previous internet searches for cures to dog allergies?! I was shocked – and ecstatic at a possible natural remedy for something that has plagued us all her life.

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