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Dog owners need to be aware of the negative effects road-salt has on their pet's paw-pads during the winter months.
Luckily, there are several solutions that don't involve an expensive lotion from the vet or a 'sealant' from a pet store.
Crystal OverlandToronto Dog ExaminerCrystal is an avid dog-enthusiast who currently resides in Toronto with her partner and 10 month old puppy.
Woman accused of leaving dog behind while she cruised through the BahamasA 23-year-old woman who lives in the Bronx, New York, is accused of leaving her dog home alone while she embarked on an eight-day cruise to the Bahamas, reported Wednesday's PX11 News.
Animal Cruelty Prosecution Unit will benefit animals and humans alikeIn the world of law enforcement, the link between animal cruelty and domestic violence is well established.

Although a dog's pads are made to withstand wear and tear, they are not made to compete against hot cement and icy sidewalks. A holistic cure to improve blood circulation, strengthen immunity, and help prevent parasites is Vitamin E.
Avoiding the chemically enhanced salts (typically blue or green coloured), and keeping your pets paw-pads moisturized and protected will help your pooch - and his paws - stay happy and healthy. She's had an immediate love and respect for canines since birth, and has spent her years with furry companions of virtually every size and breed.
Pets under 15lbs can have 50 international units (IU), those up to 50lbs can take 100 IU, and dogs over 50lbs can take 200 IU a day.

Applying just enough to moisten the cracked pads (avoid applying too much so pads stay strong) is one of the best natural remedies. The Canine Omega 3 supplement is a common variety - and the smoked meat flavour will have your pet anticipating doses!

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