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Ringworm skin home remedies treatments, In cases, treat ringworm skin antifungal creams ointments. Raindrop Technique for dogs is a home remedy for dogs that uses a combination of essential oils and holistic modalities to bring structural alignment and electrical balance to the dog’s body. It may also compliment treatment for dog melanoma, tumours and cancer, hives and allergies. Anyone experiencing a chronic rash such as eczema may have an allergy to one of the hundreds of chemicals they are exposed to on a daily basis.

An allergy doctor specializing in contact dermatitis can perform patch testing to help determine whether an allergy is causing the rash. Decreasing the toxic load on the body may help to boost the immune system and accelerate the healing process. Patches containing small amounts of various chemicals or substances are placed on the back and left on for approximately 48 hours. After removing the patches, the patient follows up after 72 hours for a final patch test reading.

Any positive reactions are noted and a personalized avoidance plan is initiated by your doctor.

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