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We all know liquid gold, mommy milk, boob juice or whatever your family calls is precious and has so many benefits for your baby.
Kim Kardashian used her sister's Breastmilk to treat her psoriasis in an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Breastmilk pops are nice natural fresh treat that can help the pain associated with teething!!!

This one is just for the parents *wink, wink* for the nights parenthood gives you a break and you feel the need for a bit of passion breast milk makes a wonderful sexual lubricant!You can also cook with breast milk, where you would usually add formula or cow’s milk add some breast milk to the family meals or just your child’s if you’d prefer!
But did you know it has other uses too?The list of things breast milk can be used for gets longer as time goes by and people learn more and more about how truly magical breast milk is.Breast milk can be healing because it contains immunologic agents which help to fight various parasites and viruses and because breast milk is sterile and anti-bacterial it can even help to heal wounds!
Not only is the actual breastmilk helping with the pain, but also it being a frozen treat has a lot to do with it as well!

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