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As RA sufferers we are told by the medical community that there is no Rheumatoid Arthritis Cure and that we are destined for a lifetime of medication and pain-management. With my scientific background and bulldog determination I studied RA full-time for 4 years and finally discovered how to conquer this monster of a disease. The research tells us an enormous amount of information about the relationship between Rheumatoid Arthritis and Diet. The challenge is that it isn’t JUST foods that affect RA, and there is no simple Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet that works for everyone.
Two common ways that the digestive system can be damaged is by taking anti-biotics (which destroy your healthy bacteria), or by taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID’s) which degrade your delicate intestinal wall.
Years of highly-processed foods can also lead to an internal system that perpetuates Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms. If you wish to cure Rheumatoid Arthritis naturally then you must begin by addressing the underlying intestinal disorder – which I call the “BLAME”. This term refers to a condition in which undigested particles are entering the blood steam through tiny holes in the intestinal wall.
Under healthy conditions, there is a lining of mucous on the inside of the intestinal wall which absorbs nutrients from the food consumed as it passes through the body. When one or more of these factors are depleted inside your digestive system, a state can arise in which foreign particles are entering your bloodstream. Instead of trying to minimise the pain in the joints by applying treatments, taking toxic drugs and spending thousands on natural supplements, it is FAR MORE EFFECTIVE to address the underlying cause. After 6 Days - "Hi Clint, My wife has your program and it’s unbelievable the turn around from constant RA pain to virtually no pain and its only been 6 days. After 14 Days - "Clint, a quick update, the Mrs has been following your book for a couple of weeks. Clint's long-term yoga teacher Miles describes what he has witnessed Clint go through over the years and how Clint was able to recover from crippling Rheumatoid Arthritis naturally. If you’re looking for dramatic Rheumatoid Arthritis relief then you need to begin by restoring the health of your gut. But it also treats the underlying cause of Rheumatoid Arthritis – the part you DON’T see – the actual immune system cross-wire that causes your body to aggressively attack your joint linings that results in severe inflammation and rapid joint degradation. With The Paddison Program for Rheumatoid ArthritisTM,  you’ll discover my extremely powerful healing system that got me from debilitating pain into freedom from this horrific disease.
To make sure that you get everything right in the first 12 days you will receive instructional videos, hosted by Clint, showing you exactly what to do. If you are a following the Paddison Program then you will be able to contact support staff and have any of your questions answered for free! This will be invaluable in case you wish to have things clarified at any time.
According to new research published in the Journal of Leukocyte Biology, a common bacteria, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, is involved in some cases of respiratory inflammation that can lead to allergies, asthma or other serious respiratory conditions.
In a research report appearing in the February 2012 print issue, researchers show a link between common environmental bacteria and airway inflammation.
What the researchers are not yet talking about is the fact that numerous published clinical studies and reports have proven the Pseudomonas aeruginosa pathogenis highly susceptible to antimicrobial silver, including colloidal silver!
But various forms of antimicrobial silver a€“ including silver compounds such as dilute silver nitrate and silver sulfadiazine cream — have been used in hospital burn wards for decades to stop Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections in their tracks.
Indeed, these silver-based products have saved literally tens of thousands of burn victims from suffering painful, agonizing deaths that would otherwise be caused by the Pseudomonas aeruginosa pathogen! After all, it seems the more scientists look, the more they find pathogenic microorganisms behind ailments people have suffered from (often needlessly) for years. She had it so bad she actually had a Family Medical Leave Act a€?sick leavea€™ to protect her attendance (reporting off from work), and from losing her job because of it. I gave her some info on colloidal silver in general and she ended up trying some (pouring some into her nasal cavities).

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It can be caused due to allergic reactions by changing eyelid polishes or other cosmetics like hair spray or makeup. Blepharitis is a condition of eyelid inflammation which causes redness and irritation on the eyes. This is caused due to bacteria or virus and sometimes due to potential allergens like dust, smoke. When the oil glands of the eyes are blocked for some reason, it may cause swelling of eyelids with redness and itchiness.
Most of the causes of swollen eyelids are not that serious to rush for treatment, but you can consult your doctor if swelling does not subside within a day or two. When the eyelids become swollen there may be symptoms of eye irritation, redness and watery eyes. Always remove contact lenses before you put eye-drops or any other home remedy on your eyes. We all know that pathogenic bacteria can cause disease, but new research shows that commensal members of the microbiome have their own devious ways of harming their hosts.
So I picked Little Man up from school Thursday afternoon with him complaining of a sore throat, achy legs, stuffy nose,  and a fever of 102 degrees. The swelling in my left knee was so painful that going up and down stairs was a nightmare and the pain was sheer agony. But at one point in history, the world believed that it was impossible for a human being to run under a 4-minute mile. When I had all the processes correctly in place I was able to get off my Methotrexate within two months and become free from the grip of Rheumatoid Arthritis. In fact, there was so much supporting evidence of a natural RA solution that I compiled all the information together into one, easy-to-read eBook called ‘The Hidden Cause – Food and Rheumatoid Arthritis’. This is because there are other causes that must be addressed which I learnt by studying at great length the human digestive tract. If only it were that simple, we could just eliminate some offending foods and everything would be just fine!
Of particular interest to RA are digestive enzymes, which break down large food particles to their smaller constituents (e.g. This triggers an antibody response by your body to attack this foreign invader (the ‘antigen’). Her mobility has returned pain levels virtually zero there’s a glow about her what I hadn’t noticed before LOL! I’m a living example of what can be done by applying natural techniques to achieve dramatic elimination of Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms. These easy-to-follow videos guide you through the preparation processes and how to get the most out of this program.
There are PDF downloadable files that will work on your PC, Mac, Kindle or Tablet along with videos that can be viewed with an internet connection. US Scientists Find That Chemotherapy Boosts Cancer Growth Low Vitamin D Levels Common In Critically Ill Children How Stress Creates Left-Handed People MUA…to the spine? Your will have burning sensation or gritting feeling on the eyes when infected with blepharitis. Even changing your contact lenses and eye drops can cause conjunctivitis leading to redness and swelling of eyelids. When the subcutaneous glands or tissues get inflamed (cellulitis) it may cause eye irritation and eyelid swelling. Excess of water may be discharged from the eyes and because of this you may have trouble vision.

I grew up with an Aunt and Uncle who owned a health food store and have Naturopaths in the family, so to me its my first (and usually only) course of action. Especially as your condition worsens with time or the latest medications fail or create strong side-effects.
However, I always believed 100% that there simply must be a way to cure Rheumatoid Arthritis naturally. After Roger Bannister had set a new standard and showed what was possible to all other middle-distance runners, the 4 minute mile barrier has been broken hundreds of times since.
Unfortunately, your digestive system has been heavily compromised by a multitude of factors and all elements need  to be healed before the external pain can be resolved in any serious manner. Just like diseases like Cancer and Gout, it is essential to re-alkalize the body to heal from a chronic disease. With Rheumatoid Arthritis this mucosal lining needs to be re-established, to restore health and allow the 'leaky' gut wall to heal.
The antigen-antibody combination is called a Circulating Immune Complex and these CIC’s can get lodged in the small capillaries of your joints, triggering inflammation. I’ve compiled my Rheumatoid Arthritis research into the ultimate and comprehensive downloadable guide called the Paddison Program for Rheumatoid Arthritis. You can always apply warm compression for reducing the inflammation or take antihistamines.
Some people will feel as though sand is deposited inside the eyes during this situation which will cause swelling of eyelids. Stye is an eye infection caused by bacteria on the sebaceous glands forming cysts inside the eyes. You will be prescribed lubricating medicines that will produce tears from your eyes to reduce pain and inflammation. Don’t forget to remove your makeup before you go to sleep since certain chemicals present in the eyelid cosmetic can cause irritation and swelling. My husband is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum since he never heard of any of it until meeting me, and most of the time he scratches his head and just lets me go about my business.
The truth is, RA symptoms can be dramatically eliminated using 100% natural strategies which address the underlying cause. Using the Paddison Program, in parallel with my Rheumatologist sessions, I was able to break the horrible cycle to get off all my medications and literally get back on my feet again! When we deplete our enzyme resources from drugs, taxing foods and stressful lifestyles the 'enzyme bank' needs to be restored. A condition called ‘Molecular Mimicry’ can then arise where your body can mistake your joint linings for the foreign particles entering your bloodstream.
If the eyes are left with allergen, automatic defense system of the eyes secretes histamines for protecting it which would make the eyelids to swell.
In case of infection or allergy you can consult your eye doctor to get prescription eye-drops to kill bacteria or virus. We started using essential oil drops in our vick’s vaporizer instead of the liquid that you can buy, I only mix up something to slather on them if I have to. The phenomenon of Molecular mimicry is therefore when your body attacks it’s own soft tissues in and around the joint in a state of innocent confusion.
The challenge for me was ‘How do I eat in a way that does not trigger my food sensitivities?’ I’ll tell you the exact type of approach that worked for me and is now giving others incredible results worldwide. RA is a chronic, debilitating disease and it took me years (and a lot of lost cartilage!) before I uncovered the solution that I have used to help people now in 49 countries worldwide.

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