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For every person that asks a question, we can assume that there are many more that think the same question, but don’t ask it out loud….this post is for you! Our new Eczema & Psoriasis soap, made with Neem oil is perfect for people with eczema and psoriasis.
California Cool with cucumber and lime, Frankincense & Myrrh, or any of the Simply Olive Oil soaps are great moisturizing soaps.
The astringent properties of both cucumber and lime makes California Cool the perfect face soap.
If you have been following us long enough, you have seen the story of how we got started in the soap business. Stay tuned for the opportunity to get an Essential Oil Cheat Sheet – with all the information you need to pick the perfect essential oil for whatever ails you. Glynne’s Soaps is committed to providing all natural products for people and their pets. And if you are looking for all natural flea treatment, put down the blue bottle and look here. Recently I discovered this great educational graphics by Lili Chin I think they do a great job of explaining animal behaviors to humans.
If you stay alert and aware while you and your canine companion enjoy your adventures, you both will come home happier and healthy. How many times have you been in the yard and discovered that tell-tale mound filled with the nightmare that is fire ants?  They are painful, destroy your yard and seem impossible to get rid of, especially without using pesticides that might harm your pets or kids.

After some research, I have discovered three natural ways that will get rid of those pesky insects. These are the three, most reliable methods for removing fire ants from your yard without using dangerous chemicals.  Have you had success with these methods or any others?
Do you have a question about living all naturally?  Let us know and we will do our best to answer it.
Treatments with the GX-99Endermatherapy Vibrating System and the exclusive Celiminate Toning and Sculpting Cream helps fight and eliminate cellulite. Several great resources of MLM Training, and other valuable resources to help you grow your business.
I think I am pretty safe in saying that we have all suffered or struggled with a bad stiff neck.
Because oil and water do not mix something needs to be included in the ingredients that bridges that gap between the oil and water and get rid of the grease. Whether from a bad night’s sleep, a car accident, or just moving your neck wrong while exercising.
Because it’s a huge pet peeve of mine to hear people throw around all these organic or all natural recipes for flea control, weed killer, kitchen cleaner, stain remover, etc that include Dawn, because there is nothing organic or all natural about it. There is some chemical additive that makes it that distinct color that everyone associates with Dawn. Depending on the severity these stiff necks can last a long time and really hinder our everyday life.

Facebook or twitter) you probably know that Marshall, one of our rescue Dalmatians, goes with us everywhere. We are oft amazed at the number of elderly, dressed to the nines, obviously wealthy women who will sit on the ground and be wollered by Marshall. When an issue arose, the other owner responded with the typical “my dog is friendly response”. The vigorous massaging action of the GX-99 aids in breaking bonds between fat cells while the Celiminate Toning Cream helps you achieve tight and toned skin. So don’t struggle with that stiff neck any longer then you have to and use this easy stiff neck treatment. Please discuss with your own, qualified health care provider before adding in supplements or making any changes in your diet. He is the market mascot at several of the area farmers markets and heaven forbid that we ever go to an event without him….where’s Marshall is all we hear.

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