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The eSpring Carbon Water Treatment System’s patented carbon-block filter effectively reduces more than 140 potential health-effect impurities. There is an indicator light on the display module that will tell you when your battery is dead. I've just replaced the filter in my eSpring Carbon Water Treatment System, but the system is still beeping. If your system continues to beep or makes a constant tone after you have replaced the filter, it's likely that the top filter is not installed correctly. Reinstall the filter – press into the bracket and then twist to thread it until it comes to a stop.
If it's correctly seated, there should be no gap between the top shroud and the base housing. Once the filter has been replaced correctly, your system should operate properly for another year or up to 5,000 litres of water, whichever comes first.
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Most water treatment technologies can only remove a few contaminants and the performance varies.
Activated carbon readily bonds to and absorbs many organic carbon-based compounds such as pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals such as lead and mercury. Macropores are large pores that remove larger compounds (atomic mass more than 10,000 units).

Transition pores remove medium-sized compounds with atomic mass around 500 units, such as pesticides. Amway eSpring™ Water Purifier is warranted by Amway Hong Kong for two years from the date of purchase (except for Filter Cartridge and consumptive accessories such as diverter valves, auxiliary faucet and tubing of eSpring water purifier). The eSpring carbon-block filter has been certified for the reduction of lead, mercury, and radon and its decay products.
Most health-effect contaminants pesticides and their byproducts, VOCs, and THMs, for example contain carbon molecules.
The eSpring Carbon Water Treatment System removes chlorine taste and odour and improves the clarity of water. It shows you at a glance the filter's remaining life on an indicator that resembles a gas gauge on a car. It is best to change them each time you change your filter even if there still appears to be life in the batteries. The patented, easily replaceable eSpring replacement filter screws in like a light bulb and lasts for up to 5,000 litres or one year, whichever comes first. With proven ability to kill viruses and bacteria and filter out contaminants, Amway eSpring™ Water Purifier provides the best source of water to your home. It does not have an equivalent removal capacity for inorganic compounds like iron and lime since these compounds have a higher solubility. The system alerts you when it's time to replace the filter and resets itself when installed. The eSpring carbon-block filter is "activated" carbon, processed to create pores in the carbon that increase its surface area.

When the filter is nearing the end of its life, the last bar becomes yellow and the unit beeps once when activated. This increased surface area increases the ability of our filter to attract and "trap" carbon-based contaminants as water passes through the block.
When it is time to change, the last bar becomes red and the unit beeps when the water is on. When water comes in contact with the activated carbon, chemicals and particulates are trapped in the pores. In the process of water treatment, UV light will not leave harmful substances in water since no chemicals are used. Since the surface area of the pores is limited, the carbon filter has a limited trapping capacity.
It has been conclusively proven that the UV light used in the Amway eSpring™ Water Purifier is safe for use in your home. As porosity and surface area increase, so does the activated carbon's ability to filter contaminants.

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