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The long weekend is right around the corner and if you’re like me, you’ve been planning a gathering in the backyard for friends and family.
Provide non-alcoholic drinks for pregnant guests and those thinking about becoming pregnant. Make sure your meats such as hamburgers and grilled chicken are cooked thoroughly to avoid salmonella poisoning.
Read up on listeriosis, a kind of food poisoning that is harmful to pregnant women to ensure the food you serve is safe for all to enjoy.
Now that your menu is properly prepared, you’ll be able to comfortably enjoy time with your guests. Did you know that 1 in 7 mothers experience postpartum depression but only 15% receive care? Please contact your members of Congress and ask them to support legislation to increase access to PPD screening and ensure all affected women get the treatment they need. If you have a child with a developmental or speech delay, you may have heard the term “pragmatics.” It refers to the use of language in a social setting – with friends, at school, and at home. A child struggling with pragmatics may use few words to express himself or seem disorganized in the way he speaks. If you are concerned about your child’s use of language, speak with his health care provider.
To help your child use language appropriately in social settings, see the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association’s Pragmatic Language Tips. Lupus, also called systemic lupus erythematosus or SLE is an autoimmune disorder that can cause health problems during pregnancy. Autoimmune disorders are health conditions that happen when antibodies (cells in the body that fight off infections) attack healthy tissue just about anywhere in the body by mistake. With the right care, most women who do not have active lupus symptoms, can have successful pregnancies. For Preeclampsia Awareness Month, we are grateful to one mom for sharing her story with us. In my fight against preeclampsia, I advocated for myself and my baby and ended up saving both of our lives. I called the doctor’s office and was told that my appointment was in 9 days and they would see me then.
Two days later, after my 24 hour urine test came back at +19 and I was showing signs of HELLP Syndrome, I was put on mag sulfate and transferred to a new hospital with a high risk OB and an OB-ICU. Unfortunately, my condition worsened that night and by the next evening I was in liver and kidney failure. If I have one message to share with all pregnant women, it would be to trust your instincts.
While it may be difficult to know if a health problem an adult is experiencing is related to prematurity, we do know that prematurity can cause long-term health problems.
Premature birth can lead to developmental disabilities, (DDs)  which include physical, learning, language or behavioral challenges.
DDs are usually diagnosed during childhood or adolescence, when a child is still developing. DDs also include hearing loss, vision impairment, ADHD, autism, neurological disorders such as cerebral palsy, and many other medical issues. Prematurity can lead to dental problems, breathing problems such as asthma, infections such as pneumonia, and intestinal disorders. There are specialists for nearly every body part or disorder, but at this time there aren’t specialists who focus specifically on adults who were born prematurely. Although we don’t always know whether a health condition is due to being born early, it is still important to seek treatment by a medical professional. If you have a preemie, getting help as early as possible (during infancy, early childhood and adolescence) is extremely important. If you’re like me, work, responsibilities and obligations often get in the way of my health goals. In NICUs, labor and delivery units, prenatal care clinics, doctor’s offices and everywhere in between, nurses provide expert care. To kick off National Nurses Week, May 6 – 12, March of Dimes would like to invite you to give a shout-out to the nurse who was a champion for you or your baby. We at March of Dimes are taking this week to say thank you to all the nurses who go the extra mile.
Experts agree that sounds should be kept to a minimum, as premature and sick babies are very sensitive to sound. Yet, other specialists believe that the benefits of shielding your baby from light may depend on your baby’s age – the younger the baby, the more darkness he needs.
To help figure out what is best for your baby, and to understand more about developmental care, talk to your baby’s neonatologist. Preeclampsia is a condition that can happen after the 20th week of pregnancy or right after you give birth. If a woman had preeclampsia during a pregnancy, she has 3 to 4 times the risk of high blood pressure and double the risk for heart disease and stroke later in life. These facts are scary, especially since heart disease is the leading cause of death for women. Women with preeclampsia are more likely than women who don’t have preeclampsia to have preterm labor and delivery.

Premature babies and low birthweight babies may have more health problems and need to stay in the NICU longer. Get a yearly exam to check your blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, and blood sugar levels.
The hospital accepts patients based on referrals by other clinics, hospitals, and do not require the patients to pay any fees. Patients who are accepted into Brooklyn Chest are required to stay for 6 months to receive treatments. I quickly made myself comfortable as one of the girls ran up to me and wrapped herself around my legs.
Pneumonia in children under five is caused due to a viral or bacterial infection of the lungs. Inflammation of the lungs due to a bacterial, viral, or chemical irritant is known as pneumonia. Viral pneumonia is caused by different viruses that include RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) that commonly infects children under 5. A child with respiratory tract infections like cold, cough, and runny nose may suddenly get worse and develop this disease.
Some children with pneumonia may only develop a cough, high temperature, and rapid breathing as symptoms. One can try preventing this medical condition by giving the child a pneumococcal conjugate vaccine.
Disclaimer: This Buzzle article is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.
The March of Dimes is working to urge Congress to pass a bill that will bring postpartum depression out of the shadows to ensure that mothers get the proper mental health care they need. In fact, between 9-16% of moms experience PPD in the first year after the birth of their baby.
Often, it is not enough that a child learns grammar and vocabulary in order to communicate. It may be beneficial to have a specialist, such as a speech and language pathologist, test your child and provide appropriate therapy.
Most of the people who develop lupus are women and most of these women develop the condition between the ages of 15 and 44.
Some babies, however, may face health risks such as those associated with premature birth and neonatal lupus.
She will closely monitor you and provide you with the care and treatment you need to have a healthy pregnancy.
I started to step down onto an escalator and realized I couldn’t see where one step stopped and the next started. I decided to check my blood pressure on my own so I drove to a local supermarket and checked my blood pressure at the pharmacy. Within an hour, I was diagnosed with severe preeclampsia (my protein came back at +5) and I was on my way to the hospital for bedrest. An emergency C-section was ordered and my daughter was born a few hours later at just 25 weeks and 5 days.
An adult struggling with a disorder or a worsening condition should seek medical attention in the event that treatment or therapy may help.
For example, some babies who had NEC may have scarring which can cause the intestine to become blocked later in life. However, it’s possible to receive treatment for specific conditions from an appropriate medical specialist. So in honor of this week, I have scheduled a well-woman’s checkup with my health care provider. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, the well-woman visit is considered a preventive service and is covered by most health plans with no cost to you. But when a baby is born prematurely, this environment shifts from the quiet protected womb of mom to that of a bright and often noisy hospital setting. And some specialists believe that light (as long as it is not glaring) may have positive developmental benefits. You can also read more about it in this book Preemies: The Essential Guide for Parents of Premature Babies, 2nd Edition (2010), which provided the background for this blog post.
It’s when a pregnant woman has high blood pressure and signs that some of her organs, like her kidneys and liver, may not be working properly.
But having preeclampsia does not mean you will definitely develop heart problems, it just means that this may be a sign to pay extra attention to your health.
Even with treatment, a pregnant woman with preeclampsia may need to give birth early to avoid serious problems for her and her baby. And some of these babies will face long-term health effects that include intellectual and developmental disabilities and other health problems. Eat from these five food groups at every meal: grains, vegetables, fruits, milk products and protein.
However, upon seeing the faces of the beautiful kids, all my reservations quickly faded away.
This means that these kids are here alone for 6 months, with seldom visits from their parents. Parainfluenza virus, rhinovirus, influenza virus, and adenovirus are some other viruses that cause pneumonia.

In case of these signs and symptoms affecting the lower part of lungs, their breathing will not be affected, but they will show symptoms like fever, abdominal pain, and vomiting.
The extent of inflammation of the lungs and the cause for this disease is also taken into consideration. Healthy diet will help build a strong immune system in the child and frequent hand washing will help prevent transfer of harmful germs. Not only is my event outside in the (hopefully) sunny weather, but a couple of my friends are also pregnant. This very important legislation will make it easier for women to get the screening and treatment they need for postpartum depression. As he gets older, he may be able to learn to read (sound out and pronounce words), but may not understand what he is reading. If your child is three years old or older, he may qualify for services through your local school district. Neonatal lupus, which affects 3% of babies, is a temporary form of lupus that causes a rash and blood problems, but usually clears up by 6 months of age. My ankles were so swollen that I had to lift up the skin to slide on a pair of shoes that were two sizes too big. She came home on oxygen and with the feeding tube but both were removed within a month of coming home.
It was also found that my heart had sustained damage during my pregnancy and was severely underperforming.
Although individuals may learn how to compensate for disabilities through therapy or special schooling, adults with DDs may continue to struggle for years.
Early intervention services may help your baby catch up, while special education and related services can help him get the assistance he needs in school to succeed. Some of these signs include having protein in the urine, changes in vision and severe headache. And for those women who have had preeclampsia and delivered preterm, had low-birthweight babies, or had severe preeclampsia more than once, the risk of heart disease can be higher. There are also two separate wards for the multidrug- resistant (MDR) and extreme drug-resistant (XDR) TB patients. TB is an infection, primarily in the lungs, caused by a bacterial called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This was actually a very good sign because it means that these kids were healthy enough to be able to behave like normal kids.
Most come from very poor backgrounds so their parents are unable to make the trip to visit them due to lack of resources. It broke my heart thinking that these beautiful kids have been so deprived of love and attention. This medical condition in children under five is very common and usually starts with the onset of cold, cough, or sore throat. The viral pneumonia symptoms in children under 5 are just as similar to the symptoms in bacteria.
This medical condition may not be directly transmitted from person to person, but the causative agents like bacteria and virus can spread through body fluids. So I want to make sure I have appropriate food options that accommodate the hot weather and my guests.
Usually a difficulty with pragmatics is not diagnosed until a child is at least four or five years old, and sometimes it is not identified until years later. But, up to half of these babies have a heart problem called heart block which causes a slow heartbeat. I went through cardiac rehab and will have to be followed by a cardiologist for the rest of my life.
Getting an early start with specialists who treat asthma, hearing loss and other conditions can help to minimize long term complications.
These patients are isolated from the rest of the hospital because the strain of TB they are carrying is extremely dangerous.
Other bacteria include Group B Streptococcus that is very common in newborn babies, Staphylococcus aureus and Group A Streptococcus that commonly affects children over the age of 5. Most of the time, a good rest at home along with a regular intake of the medication doses will help in curing the child. Heart block is often permanent and these babies may need a pacemaker to help make their heart beat regularly.
Research shows that women who develop preeclampsia have a much greater risk of heart disease and stroke.
Other causes of this medical condition include fungal infections, inhalation of food, liquid, gases, or dust particles.
We promised them that we would come again tomorrow and the next week, but they weren’t having it. Oxygen therapy, suctioning of the nose and mouth may be required to remove secretions and intravenous fluids in case the child cannot drink properly.

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