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Facebook Twitter Google+ PinterestConjunctivitis, also known as red eye or pink eye, refers to inflammation of the membrane called the conjunctiva that lines the eyelids and covers the outer surface of the eyeballs.
Many things can contribute to conjunctivitis, including trauma, allergies, foreign bodies, infection, cancer and immune system problems. The goals of treating conjunctivitis are to resolve the underlying cause, eliminate any bacterial, viral or fungal infection and eliminate ocular pain associated with the condition. In most cases, topical, eye drops will resolve conjunctivitis caused by bacterial infection in dogs. If eye drops are not effective and a more chronic condition develops, further investigation into the cause of the condition is necessary. Dogs experiencing chronic conjunctivitis due to seasonal allergies can be given prescription eye drops, especially during the seasons in which the condition is worse. While chronic conjunctivitis can be frustrating for owners and dogs alike, it usually can be treated effectively once the cause is determined. It is extremely sensitive and has a rich blood supply; when the conjunctiva becomes irritated, it gets red and hurts.

Symptoms include swollen sticky eyelids, excessive tearing, pawing at the eyes, squinting and pronounced eye redness.
A thorough ophthalmic examination must be done, including assessment of all conjunctival surfaces, taking samples for bacterial and fungal cultures, examination of conjunctival cells microscopically for infection.
Normally, this will include referral to a specialized veterinary ophthalmologist for advanced diagnostic testing. In most cases, it is best to consult with a veterinarian who has advanced training in ophthalmology in order to resolve chronic eye conditions. Especially, when it comes to a woman, she does everything to flatten her tummy, from dieting to cardio.
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