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Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease of worldwide distribution that can cause illness in many species of mammals, including people. Until recently, control measures for leptospirosis in horses were limited to providing access to clean drinking water, vaccinating other susceptible in-contact animals such as cattle and dogs, and using ruminant vaccines off label.
And a huge Thank You to the entire staff for all that you do to help owners provide the best care available to our equine friends. I just want to thank you guys for all the great care and excellent service that you gave me and Phoenix. I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much we appreciate all that you for our babies and for us!
THANKS to all of you who kept me and my horse Joe ( I’m Cotton-Eyed Joe) in your thoughts and prayers after his recent colic. Thank you so much, Anne, for your speedy reply and your consideration for giving me a little education in the process.
My daughter’s entire world is wrapped around George and everyone there treated him with as much love and TLC as if he was their own. AboutEstablished in 1979, Blue Ridge Equine Clinic is a full service equine veterinary clinic serving Central Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley. Campylobacteriosis, also called Campylobacter enteritis, is a bacterial infection caused by Campylobacter, spiral-shaped, S-shaped, curved, or rod-shaped bacteria. Enteropathogenic bacteria in dogs and cats: diagnosis, epidemiology, treatment, and control.
The paranasal sinuses are tissue-lined cavities in the skull, located behind the nose and eyes. Most diseases of the paranasal sinuses cause pus-containing or bloody discharge from one nostril. Using an endoscope, the veterinarian can observe pus-containing material, a mass, or blood in the nasal passage originating from higher up in the head.
Primary sinusitis, or inflammation of the sinuses, occurs after an upper respiratory tract infection that has involved the paranasal sinuses. In horses, leptospiral infection has been associated with kidney failure, pregnancy loss, and equine recurrent uveitis, which can lead to blindness.
Recently, an equine specific vaccine was introduced (LEPTO EQ EQ INNOVATOR ®) to protect horses against Leptospira pomona, which is reported to be the species of leptospirosis most commonly associated with clinical disease in horses. Julia Hecking) for all its help and encouragement  in getting this young horse to the ring and being successful in his yearling year. Your love and concern for the horses is so apparent, and whatever the circumstances, I always know they’re in good hands.
Although I came to you with a heavy heart, you quickly reassured me that this was a situation that you could handle and I was impressed through every step of the surgery and recovery process with your professionalism and kindness.

There are 17 species and 6 subspecies assigned to the genus Campylobacter, of which the most frequently reported in human and animal diseases are C.
Although people can acquire campylobacteriosis from their infected pet dogs and cats, infections are really associated with food poisoning. They are divided into a number of different compartments that are interconnected to the nasal passages and to each other in various ways.
Swelling on one side of the face, excessive tears from one eye, and noise when the horse inhales are common signs of disorders of the sinuses. They are typically found in horses less than 1 year old, but can also be seen in those greater than 9 years old. Horses become infected with leptospirosis through contact of mucus membranes or broken skin with infected water.  The kidney is the target organ of the bacteria, and the horse can spread the disease through infected urine. This vaccine may be especially helpful broodmares, horses with access to ponds or other natural water sources, and horses with equine recurrent uveitis. They are all special – and the compassion and tenderness you showed for Kitzia made something that is so difficult much easier to handle.
Everyone understood and did everything possible to accomodate me to ensure a positive outcome and minimize my concern for my horse. Moore, and Courtney for being so helpful through this whole journey, and for being respectful and compassionate to the end. In the food supply, campylobacteriosis is caused via consumption of infected poultry, unpasteurized milk, and untreated water. With sedation and local anesthesia, the veterinarian can obtain a sample from the sinus of a standing horse. Disease may be asymptomatic, limited to mild fever and malaise, or may cause acute renal failure, uterine infections leading to abortion in mares, or recurrent bouts of uveitis that may affect one or both eyes. Please contact your veterinarian to learn more about whether your horse would benefit from this vaccine. He was always available to answer questions and offer support and on the days we couldn’t be there we would get photos and cute messages from Jaime. I would recommend you all highly to anyone who is in need of a professional and caring veterinary clinic. Fluid can be sampled from the maxillary or frontal sinuses for bacterial culture, drug sensitivity testing, and microscopic examination. An expanding hematoma can cause damage to the surrounding bone but rarely causes facial distortion. You continue to take the time to educate, encourage and care about the horses after all these years. Fouse that Alzine was peacefully laid to rest on Sunday afternoon in the field behind the barn that she was born in.

You were also very caring – sending emails or making calls just to check on how things were going.
As much I don’t want to ever be in the situation of needing to come back, I would love to be able to see the crew again! Campylobacter organisms are commonly found as normal bacteria of gastrointestinal tracts of dogs, cats, rodents, and many other animals. The first molar, fourth premolar, and third premolar (from more to less likely) are the most likely to develop tooth root abscesses. Please let all of them know how much I appreciate their utmost efforts and care of her during her stay there. Cowles was a long distance participant in DD’s NC prepurchase exam, so it was a bonus to have them finally meet in person!
Most animals are lifelong carriers, although some may develop a severe disease.2 Signs of infection include diarrhea (with or without blood), loss of appetite, vomiting, and fever. Signs of secondary sinusitis closely resemble those of primary sinusitis, including 1-sided nasal discharge and facial deformity. Horses with extensive masses may have reduced airflow through the affected nasal passage and bad breath. Even though the outcome was not what we had hoped, I would not have done anything different. Treatment of primary sinusitis involves rinsing (lavage) of the sinus cavity and antibiotic therapy based the results of bacterial culture and drug sensitivity testing. I needed to know that everything possible was done to save her, and the professionalism and knowledge of the team at BREC helped me come to the ultimate conclusion that letting her go was the best thing for her.
3 Treatment with antibiotics is usually effective and is recommended in invasive cases when bacteria invade the intestinal mucosa cells and damage the tissues. In most instances, the veterinarian can see the lesion extending into the nasal passages on endoscopic examination, and the extent of the mass can be determined with x-rays. Many tears were shed when we came to pick her up on Sunday, and I truly appreciated the empathy felt by Dr. But antimicrobial administration is not routinely advocated in uncomplicated cases and supportive therapy is recommended.

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