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Fighting bacterial infections of the stomach has become a challenging task for medical doctors, and may be responsible for the increasing number of people that have recently been turning against the more traditional types of treatment and leaning towards the natural approach of using olive oil and figs to cure this affliction. Bacteria in the stomach are a common but pesky illness that can cause various diseases and requires long bouts of aggressive treatment.
Luckily, there exists a natural solution to this problem and it is found in the combination of olive oil and figs.
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Ironically while actress Alicia Cole was in the hospital fighting a flesh eating bacterial infection, Necrotizing fasciitis (NF), her image was plastered on a billboard near the hospital and commercials were running with her with her posing as a medical professional.
Now, more than a year after her near death experience and with more than $1 million in doctor bills, Cole the actress has turned to education and patient activism. She wants patients to know that hospital acquired infections affect 6 to 10 percent of patients and can be fatal. Through her website, she wants Californians to know that the state caps how much you can recover for pain, suffering and emotional distress following a medical error. That number was established by the state Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA) in 1975 when a dollar bought what five dollars buys today.
She has hired attorney John Contos of Contos and Bunch who filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital in November. Cole recently testified to a state infection control committee about the need to disclose hospital infection rates to “put a face on the facts and figures.” California hospitals do not have to disclose that information and in October, Governor Schwarzenegger joined the hospital industry and vetoed a bill that would have forced hospitals to disclose their safety records for surgical procedures and infections. She talks to IB News about her case, her cause and what she’d like you to know to avoid NF. In fact I asked my doctor, I said “I’ve never had surgery before, what can I do to help you to help me to bounce back?” He said Alicia the stronger your stomach muscles the faster you’ll come back. AC - “I’m not even saying abolish it, I’m saying if you’re going to have a cap, make it equitable. I also tried to talk to the committee members about the need to educate our doctors and nurses on how to avoid these infections. AC - "The extent of my medical knowledge was to go to acupuncture if you have any problems.
It’s just not common knowledge, not something you talk about and when you do hear tort reform you hear frivolous lawsuits and how they are making your health insurance go up. The answer is to be my best advocate and to honor my promise in the ICU to prevent this from happening to somebody else. Hi Alicia:I thank God for your testimony that goes out so that we may be educated and informed as to what goes on in our hospitals.
Dear Alicia-I think you are right- you were put in this position because you are strong enough to handle it, smart enough to educate, and loving enough to help others.

As an online friend and fellow Necrotzing Fasciitis survivor, I just wanted to say that the work Alicia is doing (while still healing!) is the most heroic and unselfish act I have ever witnessed. As the parents of Alicia (Lisa) we are thankful, first to God Almighty for sparing our daughter’s life. Unimaginable, but God kept you and my Sister keep pressing on because he's not done with you yet. And I want to add that hospitals really must be held accountable for these horrific, avoidable mistakes. Thank you for focusing on this important issue.Hospital Acquired Infections take the lives of more than 100,000 patients each year. My thoughts, prayers and support are with you, Alicia, as you continue your fight for justice and sanity in this incredibly important issue. Our mission is to seek the complete truth and provide a full and fair account of the events and issues that surround personal safety, accident prevention, and injury recovery.  We are committed to serving the public with honesty and integrity in these efforts. Who We AreThe Legal Examiner offers both bloggers and readers the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions on all things law. Due to bacteria, the infection occurs when you have drunk or eaten contaminated food or water. Research shows this natural method is extremely effective at treating this type of infection. Because it can be difficult to eliminate, oftentimes patients are prescribed a strong round of antibiotics. In fact, this natural remedy is considered the most effective way to naturally cure bacteria in the stomach.
Use of this website and the information contained herein does not create a doctor-patient relationship. With the amount of recovery limited to $250,000 he admits his firm is one of the few remaining that’s willing to take these cases. If we eliminate the infection we eliminate the need to get an attorney and litigate and everybody’s happy. You don’t hear from victims who can’t get an attorney because the caps prevent them from taking your case. From news on current legislative efforts to practical guidance on everyday legal issues, The Legal Examiner will have it covered. The problem is that the antibiotics are not always effective, and patients are left to deal with the infection that brought them to their doctor in the first place. They’re a high source of potassium, which aids in regulating blood pressure and many other important bodily functions. Always consult with your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding your own health or the health of others.
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I trained for that surgery and all the doctors said that is one of the things that saved my life. If tort reform and fairness is your objective there needs to be a cost of living adjustment on that cap to make it fair and reasonable in 2008.
You don’t find out about people fighting to get their records because the hospital won’t give you records. The primary cause for a bacterial infection of the stomach comes from shoddy hygienic facilities on a community level, coupled with poor personal hygiene habits.
They also contain Omega 3 and Omega 6, which also assist in maintaining even blood pressure levels and to prevent heart attacks.
I was never sick, had no pre-existing conditions, no diabetes, no drinking smoking, asthma, allergies, nothing that would make me susceptible.
There were three times they told my parents we don’t expect her to make it through the night. Every time I turn around there are people who want advice or want someone to listen to understand what they are going through. Symptoms Of Bacterial Infection In The Stomach The vast majority of stomach bacterial infections are contagious.The onset and intensity of stomach bacterial infection symptoms will depend upon the size of the infectious dose of the bacteria. This super food is also high in dietary fiber, Vitamins B & C, it works to increase antioxidant levels in the body, and it produces alkaline, which helps the body fight off disease. When I sent out all the emails to my friends, I would say wow, I was so shocked, my family would be appalled and flabbergasted because whoever thought a woman whose son died after three days in the hospital (from MRSA) could not get an attorney. Olive oil has its own list of health benefits, including the fact that it works as a “purifier” in the stomach. If you are doing this on a daily consistent basis it will naturally bring down the hospital associated infection rate.
I’ve thought, how can I help now that it’s happened to me because I can’t go back and I’m not going to ferment on things that have gone wrong. We had no idea that MRSA can live in the padding on an MRI table or on handrails or you can get it by a handshake or a hug.
Stomach ulcer, Cholera, dysentery, and amoebic colitis are some of the names you may encounter.
Crowded areas with poor sanitation conditions, eating meat dishes that have been cooked twice, food contaminated with human or animal fecal matter, infections that are transferred by those in charge of handling food, stews, gravy, and milk products are all possible causes for bacterial infection.Treatment Seeking medical attention immediately is very strongly advised for all bacterial infections in the stomach.

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