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Step 2Run a humidifier at night to keep your throat from getting dry, which can make symptoms of laryngitis worse. Ginger has antiviral properties  which helps in reliving cold related symptoms and sore throat.
A concoction of basil leaves, jaggery, black pepper and honey acts as a natural cough syrup and soothes the throat. Tulsi when added to tea not only gives flavor to it but also strengthens the immune system. Warm lemon juice can help relive sore throat as it contains vitamin C which is always effective in fighting against common cold. Raw almonds have some qualities similar to aspirin, munching few almonds can provide relief from sore throat.

Last but not the least drinking lots of water helps keep the body and throat hydrated so it is essential to keep sipping adequate amount and quantity of required liquid in a day. All these natural remedies along with proper rest will gradually lessen the soreness and make your throat free from the burning sensation and dryness caused by the inflammation of the throat. It consists of shagols and gingerols which is known to reduce the infection occurring due to cold .Ginger can either be used in the powdered form or can be added in tea. Salt acts as a dehydrator and does allow the bacteria to thrive, thus destroying most of the bacteria responsible for sore throat. Basil, commonly known as Tulsi has anti-fungal and antibacterial virtues, contains phosphorus and is also rich in vitamin C.
Black pepper has a warming effect on the body and is often used along with other spices to help alleviate sore throat.
Sipping chicken soup with shreds of chicken in it is very comforting and also helps provide adequate energy to fight the infection.

Drinking this helps abate sore throat, as turmeric i known and widely used as an antibacterial agent  helps in fighting against the infection causing bacteria. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Onion juice mixed with honey and ginger juice can be used as a cough syrup which might help reduce the inflammation of the throat.
A viral infection can cause laryngitis, but it often occurs from prolonged overuse of the voice.

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