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Cardboard Displays, Cardboard Display Stands are made by 100% recycle corrugated Cardboard, which is eco-friendly & eco-cost material, under the excellent designs, they can be cut into mostly practical shape, with shelves, trays, and counter to put products, also coming with full color printing to make your products mostly attractive.
GENDISPLAY has 5-people QC department, monitoring the quality control from raw material purchasing, pre-production machine testing, 3 times assessment for finished goods, packing, shipping across the completed Quality Control Progress. GENDISPLAY has been supplying quality products worldwide for over 70 countries, 22 industries, 10 years.

There were other trolleys in the exhibition, that other companies distributed, but ours were the most popular one, also people liked the design of it.
So Cardboard Displays are the best salesman of making sales promotion with attractive advertising around supermarkets, retailing stores etc. For Display Locations of Supermarket, point of sales retail store, point of purchase chain store, shops, Exhibitions, advertising & promotion items.

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