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My day job requires a healthy amount of time in front of computer, so I spend a good portion of my time in the office listening to music. An examination of the more tactile facets of the musical realm - namely, vinyl records and books.
Tempe, Arizona’s Rumspringer released their second LP, Stay Afloat, via Dirt Cult Records yesterday.
I’m always curious as to why bands release a stack of singles but rarely put out full-lengths.
Mikey Henson: Financially, we’ve honestly never had a stake in anything we’ve done and have been fortunate enough to have people doing it for us. Wes: Phoenix has a lot of great hardcore bands, but other than that, or at least the kind of stuff we play, we don’t really have much going on here. Mikey: The only thing that’s garagey about us is that we practice in his garage, which it sucks because its hot, and we use low-fi gear because shit is fucking expensive. Wes: Nothing spectacular, our song titles are mostly weak associations or references that we name at the last minute. Wes: I think we try to make a distinction in this new record between weeding through the things we have no control over and acting on the things we can actually have an impact on.

You can buy Stay Afloat on black vinyl (color is sold right the hell out) from the Dirt Cult webstore and stream it via Rumspringer’s Punknews profile. Then, either later this month or early next, they’ve got a split with Mean Jeans on Dirtnap. However, after the entirety of the Shrines’ output, Idle No More just seems like a letdown. Todo Roto comes out on October 15, but you can pre-order it now on CD or LP from the Slovenly Records Bandcamp. He’s a sweet guy, he put out a lot of our music, but our friend Chris from Dirt Cult wanted to put out our stuff also. Where does this lo-fi, garagey take on punk come from — was it all because of Scared of Chaka? All three members were kind enough to take some time to answer our inane questions via e-mail.
It seemed pretty ridiculous, and Sam denies that they were business cards, but they totally were. Sam seemed to hit some hard times, but appears to be back on his feet and starting up Traffic Street again after a small hiatus, we are working to possible repress our last LP, Empty Towers.

It reminded Mikey and Matt of the curfew alarms that would go off in their hometown Coolidge, and I later figured it to be a decent title for a song regarding some fatherly advice I got once. How do you balance getting the sad out cathartically without it turning into complaining into the mic? I think if anything, that’s just a fucking … I don’t think that’s necessarily on purpose, it just happens and its good that is how its perceived. You can snag test presses from both bands on their current tour together, or pre-order it direct from the Volar Records store. Firstly, the new album from Wau y Los Arrrghs!!!, Todo Roto will likely sell far fewer copies than the newest release from King Khan and the Shrines, Idle No More.
We recorded our first batch of songs a week later, and when it came to posting them online, I contacted him.
I think that garage sound comes a lot more from places like Tucson, but that’s not really our shit.

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