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During the hot humid weather of summer the change in climate alone is enough to change the environment in a dog’s ear and trigger an infection.
As you will see from the diagram, with the shape of a dog’s ear canal it is not so easy for wax and debris to drain out. Keep the opening to the ear canal free of matted hair – clip the fur around the outside of the ear and gently remove any matts. If the ear is red, swollen, pussy or it hurts your dog when cleaning or your dog is shaking its head or scratching its ears excessively or is holding its head to one side please see one of our vets for an examination before proceeding any further.

Chronic ear problems can be difficult to manage and dogs with persistently bad ears often need to be examined and have their ears flushed while anaesthetised. Franklin Vets has progressively grown over the past 60 years to become one of the largest privately owned veterinary practices serving the South Auckland and North Waikato regions.
They may have ear mites, occasionally foreign bodies (grass lawns) are present or the conformation and amount of hair contained within the ear canal can contribute to the development of a mucky ear.
Add to this some hair and hot humid weather, maybe a bit of swelling from an allergy and you have a great environment for yeasts and bacteria multiply in and create a sore infected ear.

These drops are designed to loosen the debris inside the ear so that it can be dislodge when the dog shakes its head.
Occasionally surgery is needed to fix ongoing ear issues and a referral to a specialist veterinary dermatologist may help identify underlying allergies.

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