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To help accomplish this, it was recommended an individual say the following daily prayer for a period of nine months.
While this child will remain unknown to his or her 'spiritual parent', God knows who the child is. At the end of the program a 'baby shower' will be held and gifts of baby items donated given to Crossroads Pregnancy Center the week before Mother's Day. Many people have found that naming 'their child' helps to keep them focused on the reality that their prayers are helping to save a particular baby from the harm of abortion.

While it is not always possible to see the particular effects of prayer, we know through Scripture that God wants us to pray, and we know by faith that He answers all prayers. Please share the love of life given to you by the Lord of all life and join in spiritually adopting a baby. Your prayers can save a little person's life, and save it's mother from the emotional and physical pains that come from abortion.
An estimated 190,000 Japanese and Okinawans were killed during the battle for the island and only 160,000 have been recovered.

He decided to make his own 'separate peace' after he heard a Japanese compatriot broadcast from an American landing craft telling of his experience as a prisoner in American hands and recommending it. Fenton kneeling over the flag-draped corpse of his 19-yr-old son, PFC Michael Fenton, who was killed in action; Michael was a scout-sniper in the 1st Marine Div.

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