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But scientists and medical experts are not able to explain why we humans take so long to mature physically and get ready to face the challenges and obstacles in life? Do remember that it is an involuntary action, and try as you might, you have no control over.AdolescenceAdolescence is the onset of puberty that brings about physical, biological and psychological changes in the body. I am sure a lot of you experiencing this phase must be equally eager to know the answer as well.IntuitionWhat tells you whether you should accept the tempting job offer or not?
Some call it the gut feeling and some, the sixth sense and some feel it's merely coincidence. You may call it by any name, however we all experience intuition at one point or another.There are many psychological theories that describe intuition as a sense of the unconscious, perception or contemplation. This does not hold true for all the beliefs and does not justify each and every case that we come across. The human body and many of its functions still remain a mystery that has confounded scientists and researchers for ages.Though there have been noteworthy and remarkable discoveries of human physiology and psychology in medical science, there are some phenomena that have baffled scientists for decades and still seem like a closed book.
Hence, intuition falls under the study of psychology as well as occult interests.The BrainThe function and working of the brain and the nervous system is probably the biggest riddle that scientists are yet to solve. Here, we have tried to list certain facts and functions of the human body whose cause or reason still baffles experts, scientists, researchers, and philosophers alike.Vestigial Organs and Certain Body PartsThe appendix is a vestigial organ whose removal does no harm to the normal functioning of the human body.

In other words these organs exist in the human body, but serve no apparent purpose.Though some scientists believe that appendix has a role in strengthening the immune system during fetal development, there is no consensus on this. Likewise, some experts believe the tail-bone or coccyx, and the wisdom teeth are remnants of the over-sized jaw and tail which human beings once exhibited.
In fact, the pain that is inflicted due to these organs, can sometimes be excruciating and unbearable. We just hope that some day science will provide us with the answers and keys to unravel these mysteries of the human body that has puzzled not only scientists but every individual since time immemorial. So, whether these vestigial organs are ancestral, evolutionary or rudimentary is a mystery that continues to puzzle scientists.Presence of MicrobesFor every cell in your body, there are 10 microbes that reside inside you. These microbes also protect you against disease-causing pathogens and increase the production of vitamins, thus keeping you fit and healthy.Thus, we know about the presence of microbes, their types and some role that they play in our body.
However, why are they present in such huge numbers and what exact role do they serve is still a mystery waiting to be unraveled.YawningThough there are a number of reasons behind a yawn, scientists are yet to pin down a definite answer to the cause of yawning. There is no definite proof as yet about the validity of these theories but we sure know that it is contagious and can occur anytime (I am sure you have started by now).Sleep and DreamsWe know that lack of sleep is bad for our health, but science has not been able to explain why we need to sleep in the first place. A theory suggests sleep is essential for the development of the brain and is a restorative function which gives the body a chance to rest and rebuild for the next day.

However, if that is the case, then why are our brains active during sleep.However, while sleeping, the exact opposite happens and the brain is constantly alert and active.
There are many theories regarding the occurrence of dreams, some scientists say that dreams are a way of analyzing things, they reflect your feelings, fantasies, or desires and may help in forming memories. How does your brain recall exactly what you want and when you really need some information? These are questions that scientists have no definite answer as of now.KissingDo you remember your first kiss? Whether it is for pleasure, attachment or a combination of psychological and biological factors, we don't know, however a lip-lock feels good and makes you blush.BlushingThat brings me to the mystery of blushing. When faced with a difficult situation, why do you get butterflies in your stomach, or turn red and feel the heat rise in your cheeks when someone compliments or praises you?

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