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It’s been a long time and much overdue but here we are at yet another Born Villain post! That a person’s behavior seems to manifest inside an individual whhen spending so much time with them.
It’s been speculated, as I have made clear, that Born Villain is a bit of a continuation of the disasterous relationship between Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood. This part is particularly interesting, because it prevents the case that Manson is feeling overshadowed by somebody. That although Manson felt that he was successful, and done growing, there was a part of him which felt empty, hollow, immature.
Fighting for the spotlight, fighting for the best opportunities and trying to overcome a different side of him.
This can be linked back to a relationship perspective, that a first love will always serve as the basis for comparison for anybody else. Once again Manson is setting himself apart from the crowd, similar as to what Adam had done in Holy Wood. Now, as you may know, I am rather informed (not trying to sound pretentious at all) about the Mechanical Animals Era.
This tidbit reminds me so much of that because it is Manson comparing himself to a group of people which he feels that he doesn’t belong. But even if the person he is discussing, whether it be another lost love or the internal struggle within himself, he seems to have an angry tone going on.
The gardener in this case is seen as The Creator in the I-Ching philosophy which is noted in this particular album. In this case the gardener ripping out the flowers it has planted to plant new ones in their place. Freshman year, you’ll most likely be in the residence halls, using a community laundry room.
Sheets seem to be the best in college, since they’re lightweight and easy to throw in the dryer.
Because there will be days where you DON’T want to do the laundry, and that ONE thing you need will need some sprucing up. Opinions expressed in the blog do not necessarily reflect those of the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of the information provided.
One of which dealing with another relationship aspect and an internal struggle, and the other as a part of his transformation.

He has always placed himself out of the norm, out of the group, of people that he speaks out against; declaring himself an outsider. That judging from who a person associates themselves with can tell a lot about them, or not enough, in this case as well. Really learning who a person close to you truly is and realizing how clouded your vision of them has been.
Or, a summary of all his relationships, as Manson has matured and realized the faults in him as a person. Manson has let us all know that this album is heavily influenced on the change and how he had to go to the root of who he was as a person and completely re-invent himself. Fighting with himself in a duality between his former and present self, trying to determine who is better and if he is the Born Villain he is destined to be, or may still be latching on to that small part of Brian Warner that still lives inside of him. Many people speculate that Manson had never gotten over his first love Missi Romero, and many people thought that every woman Manson had dated after her was a different side to Missi that never was. That although he is undergoing the transformation into the Born Villain, he isn’t entirely sure if he wants to let go completely. A person builds themselves up, building and gaining confidence, and a bit of an ego, overshadowing Manson, taking his sunlight, his survival, his existence, and using it to benefit them all while having Manson under the image he has built of them. Plus they’ll pick up all the left over lint that may be on your clothes and make them smell nice!
Bring sizes that are convenient, because no matter how muscly you are, no one wants to carry all of that around. Rose McGowan had black hair with fair skin just as Missi Romero had, as well as Dita Von Teese. That people still see him as that shock rocker who took many risks performing grotesque acts on stage.
Letting somebody in and not knowing them completely, and by hearing and learning these things, the pedestal and ideal in which you have created around and for that person, is shattered. In the album AntiChrist Superstar, a recurring theme is Manson’s void of emotions present throughout the time period that the album covers. That he was the fault for Columbine, and many people refuse to see past him for that and that alone.

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