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The causes of ear infections range from water inside the ear to having drainage from sinuses.
The best home remedies for ear infection is to try to prevent the infection from happening. Children's ear infections are usually brought on by a cold so it is is a wise idea to try to keep the child from situations where they may get sick.
At the onset of an infection, put four drops of three percent hydrogen peroxide into the ear while lying on your side. You could also use a cotton ball soaked in a mixture of half vinegar and half rubbing alcohol to rinse the ears. Baby oil has been known to be a safe and effective way of treating swimmers ear in both adults and kids. Use a clean vessel to warm the oil to tolerable temperatures and ensure it is not too hot as this could cause further damage to the ears. Earplugs can be used as both a precautionary measure as well as a treatment for swimmers ear option.
Vinegar contains acetic acid which helps to guard the ear against fungal and bacterial infections.
With home treatments for natural home remedies for swimmers ear, the condition should improve within three days and resolve in seven days. Keep of dirty water as this contains a high level of bacteria which is one of the contributing factors of the condition.
When it comes to sicknesses in our home, I am always one to avoid antibiotic use whenever possible.
We try to use saline washes, essential oils, probiotics, and other natural methods of strengthening our systems and healing before turning to OTC and prescriptions medications, but finding a natural ear infection remedy that really works has been tough. When I was young, my mother took me to the doctor for antibiotics way too often and as such, my gut had a lot of damage done to it.
It all started when we went roller skating with our church and I decided to take a good run at it even though I’d only roller skated once in my life.
When we were all starting to be on the mend, we had a meeting at church and our kids hung out with other sick kiddos while we met with the adults. So I searched the internet for more ideas, and then asked my great Facebook fans for their advice. It was a crazy thought, or so I thought, but as I researched, it looked more and more like a valid option. Any other time I might not have been open to this, but when your child is in pain, and you’re not wanting to put meds in his body unless really necessary, you do whatever you can to help. Plus, while I was contemplating this, I remembered a conversation that I had with my college housemate when visiting her home for Spring Break. And, as it turns out we’re trying urine for another ailment in our home and it really appears to be working.
To be fair, the pain did come back somewhat after awhile so we put him to bed with more urine and 2-3 drops of Basil Oil (diluted with a carrier oil) on a cotton ball. I’m not saying that the urine and basil oil, or that breastmilk, cured the ear infection, but somehow I assume that it supports the body in dealing with this.
Remember, as always, the information in this post is for entertainment purposes and is not to be construed as medical advice. This site has some very interesting facts about the composition of urine and the World Conference on Urine Therapy.
I did use urine in my son’s ear when he was 3, he is now 11 and has not had a ear infection since then!

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GLYCO-FLEX® I Stage I of our comprehensive stage of life program for dogs needing basic joint support. GLYCO-FLEX® II represents Stage II of our comprehensive stage of life program for dogs needing intermediate joint support. The important thing to state here is that, while home remedies for ear infection help ease the pain and discomfort, most infections will need to be diagnosed and treated by a physician.
These infections usually stop by about three years of age but for some children; can go into the older years. This means keeping the ear dry and possibly using cotton or ear plugs to keep the water out. For those children in day care, the best way to prevent an ear infection from happening is to boost the child's immune system with the proper vitamins and nutrition so they can fight off the unwanted germs.
The first thing that can be done is applying heat packs to the on the outside and down the side of the neck.
If not given attention, the condition could worsen leading to long term negative effects on the ears. This though has to be used with caution as while it may be safe and of benefit for use on some people, some may be negatively affected by it.
It works by drying up excess water in the ear and can be used alone or mixed in equal parts with vinegar. Used when warm, the warmth that emanates from the oil offers relief from pain and helps to clear the infection. Ensure that you wear ear plugs when getting into the water to help prevent irritation in the ears.
These when used in the right quantities and frequency will help to get rid of swimmer’s ear itch, pain, irritation and inflammation.
The oil has a therapeutic effect and will help get rid of the condition by getting rid of inflammation, boosting immunity and aiding in healing. Garlic oil is also effective as it contains allicin which gives it antibacterial properties. In case this does not happen, you should discontinue treatment and seek the attention of a doctor. Once you are done taking a shower or swimming, turn your head a number of times to get the water out. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission but your price will not change. The information on this site is not medical advice and is not intended to replace the advice or attention of health care professionals.
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GutSense is Certified Organic, 100% Grain, Dairy, & Gluten Free, and Made in the United States.
When these two products are used together according to our instructions, we guarantee that you will get rid of fleas and keep them from coming back! When the ear gets infected, the longer it goes without antibiotics, the more prone the ear is to hearing loss.
If the individual is prone to getting ear infections because of sinus problems, the use of a daily decongestant or antihistamine might do the trick. It is caused by water remaining in your ear, which is most common after swimming, thus creating a moist environment favorable for the growth of bacteria resulting in ear infection. Studies have shown that large amounts when applied on a perforated dry ear drum could have adverse effects on the functioning of the ear. The remedies discussed above should also not be used in ears with ruptured ear drums or by persons who have previously had ear surgery. Most products that I link to I use personally, but some may be for illustrative purposes only.
Consult your practitioner before beginning or making changes to your diet, supplements, exercise program, diagnosis or treatment of illness or injuries and for advice regarding medications. Use the home remedies for ear infection only in conjunction with the proper conventional medical care to preserve the precious gift of hearing. Other factors such as putting cotton swabs, fingers and other objects into the ears could also damage the ear canal’s skin lining thus leading to swimmers ear.
There are also drops available to use that will prevent the buildup of fluid inside the ear. Taking a pain reliever will also help to reduce pain inside the ear and ibuprofen will help reduce the swelling to allow proper drainage. We discuss the various remedies, how to use them and various tips to help avoid swimmers ear infection.
Persons who may have a ruptured ear drums or have previously had ear surgery should not use these drops. Used in the right way, this method will help to loosen wax and release pressure which will give immense swimmer’s ear ache relief. For regular swimmers, it is possible to avoid getting the infection by following some simple tips.
It is recommended that careful choice goes into the use of home remedies for ear infection on children who are younger than the age of twelve. Antihistamines and decongestants through the nose will provide the drying action to get the fluid out. Fortunately there are readily available home cures for swimmers ear that one can try instead of opting for over the counter treatments.
To avoid any negative effects, ensure that the remedy is only used two times each day at most.
It is best to ask a physician what remedies are appropriate for the child before they are used.
The need for this caution is the fact that colloidal silver when used in large amounts will also destroy important bacteria found in the ear canal. Definitely see a doctor if the ear starts to drain s this is a sign of a rupture inside the ear.

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