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Send Home Our method Usage examples Index Contact StatisticsWe do not evaluate or guarantee the accuracy of any content in this site. There are also people who only have chronic itching & irritation only on the exterior of the vagina. Many times the differences between a yeast infection & bacterial infection is a strong odor, but there are always exceptions to the rule. You need to treat whatever acute infection is present before you can move on to more permanent solutions of prevention.
For those experiencing external vaginal itching it still would not hurt to try treatment with Gyne-Lotrimin 7 just to rule out a mild, but resilient yeast infection.
If all else fails you will want to talk to your doctor to see if there is anything more potent or to verify you have a yeast infection.
If all has gone well you should be rid of your current infection be it bacterial or yeast based.
The solution here is introducing probiotics directly to the vagina itself, bypassing the digestive tract altogether. It’s important to realize that probiotics are rated by CFUs(Colony Forming Units), the more CFUs the higher the likelihood the bacteria will set up shop. To use the probiotic pills directly, you will want to insert one capsule, deeply into the vagina, every other night for two weeks. If you have a lot of itching or burning while taking probiotics vaginally, stop taking them. As I mentioned above oral probiotics are not very effective at preventing bacterial vaginosis or yest infections. You could actually take the Nature’s Bounty Acidophilus orally, but you probably would need to take quite a few pills daily. You can also eat yogurt, but you will want to avoid yogurts that are high in sugar or corn syrup, have artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, stabilizers or other weird gunk. AZO is an herbal supplement that many women recommend for helping to prevent, as well as relieving, yeast infection symptoms. During treatment it may be a good idea to invest in some cheap cotton panties which can be washed in hot water with bleach.
Avoid risky sexual behavior such as anal sex or multiple sexual partners shortly after treatment.
Even after treatment if you engage in risky sexual behavior you may be more susceptible to recurrent infection. Ensure your sexual partner(s) are clean and not suffering from yeast, fungal or bacterial infections themselves. Bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections & urinary tract infections are usually not caused by sexual activity unless one engages in risky behavior.
If you still do not have relief after going through these treatments, then you may have an issue that needs to be looked at by a dermatologist to see if you might be suffering from a skin disorder such asA Vaginal Lichen Planus. Hopefully this information has been useful to you and if you have anything to add, please do leave a comment below.
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Wow, this is a great and comprehensive write-up of the topic – thank you for the effort it must have taken to put this article together. Is Nature’s Bounty chewable probiotic Acidophilus natural strawberry flavor with Bifidus good to use?
I would not use the chewable variety for vaginal supplementation as they have sugar & that may just encourage more bad bacterial growth. It is possible the probiotics you are taking are having an effect on your overall body functions, but there is no direct link from the digestive tract to the vaginal tract. Do you know if disposable menstrual cups are safe to use as an alternative to pads and tampons? I have been looking every where for answers and options for explanations, long term preventative options, and treatments for BV.
I have been using 500 million for the last couple weeks just about every night and then I came across your info, what will it do to me using too much? So interesting to read this because about 2.5 years ago for the first time in my life at 36 I was suddenly plagued with bv.
The human microbiome is complex, and there is certainly a possibility everything is linked. It’s best to take a cautious approach, but you could certainly experiment and take more or less depending on results. People could develop a fungal infection around the anus, but it would be an external infection that would cause irritation and itching. And how many billion probiotic should I have daily for those 10 days I`m going to try this? You stated not to use vagisil, is there a certain type you shouldn’t use or do mean mean all of them? If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. Orthopedic Surgery: Cruciate Ligament Repair, using Arthrex Veterinary System (see video), Medial Patella Luxation (Dislocated Knee Cap), Dislocated Hips, Complex Bone Fractures. Internal Medicine: Medical management of Diabetes, Crushing Disease, Addison Disease, Pancreatitis, Liver Disease, Congestive Heart Failure. Dermatology: Chronic Ear and Skin Infections, Allergies of all types, Pemphigus, Mange, Skin Cancers.
LASER SURGERY: Using the Accuvet CO2 Surgical Laser, Our doctors have years of experience in the following soft tissue surgical applications of Laser technology.
ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY: Our hospital is equipped with a full range of orthopedic instrumentation for a general small animal practice. DERMATOLOGY: Clinical experience coupled with both routine and advance testing allows the doctors to diagnose and treat a wide range of skin conditions from simple bacterial infections to advanced genetically based immune mediated dermatological diseases.
In addition to our own testing procedures, PCVHVET has access to all the latest lab tests and analysis.
INTERNAL MEDICINE: By using both our on-site laboratory machines and Idexx Labs of Fort Worth, we can offer a complete diagnostic workup for almost any internal medicine problem.
PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE: It is obviously better to prevent disease rather than diagnose and treat the disease. Serratia marcescens is normally associated with nosocomial infections like catheter-associated bacteremia.
Fever is one of the most common causes of bacterial infection and should be treated immediately. Serratia Marcescens symptoms are commonly associated with urinary tract infections, but in 30% to 50% of reported cases, there are no symptoms to assist diagnosis. In cases where serrtia marcescens symptoms are observed, they include fever, frequent urination and pain during urination. Premature children and infants with an existing diagnosis of sepsis, or after experiencing some kind of head surgery or neurosurgery may develop meningitis caused by Serratia Marcescens with symptoms including headache, fever, vomiting, stupor and may result in coma. Serratia Marcescens is a particularly deadly bacteria, especially among drug abusers and addicts. For patients with Serratia Marcescens related bloodstream problems, the mortality rate is 26%. Now that you found the old filter and replaced it, the problems may have been resolved now. Hi Theresa, Can you clarify if the dogs were examined by the veterinarian before you determined they had no fungal or bacterial infection?
If that’s the case, you need to find the source of the serratia while the doctors treat with antibiotics. Remember that your stepson’s test could have been contaminated with Serratia from some external source, so you may not find exactly where it came from.

Hi Jessica, High fever and vomiting are common symptoms of bacterial infection as the patient’s immune system fights to gain control. Please remember that any doctor would understand if you asked for a detailed explanation of the treatment plan. Hi I have recently been diagnosed with serratia marcescens in my cervix after suffering with abdominal pain, passing blood in my urine, low iron and tiredness. Hi Leanne, Please get a second opinion and find a hospital with experience in infectious care.
I recently submitted my sputum for a C&S and returned positive with an abundance of serratia marcescene.
It’s unlikely that the bacteria would survive the heat applied by the dryers used to launder the towels. My mother has serratia marcescent in her sputum, but she dont have fever or indication of infection.
Have been told by the Environmental Services department of our water supplier that this is an airborne bacteria and to use a 1% chlorine bleach solution to remove from toilets showers, etc. I together with my pals were found to be taking note of the nice tips and hints on your website while then I had an awful suspicion I never thanked you for those tips. In many cases a quick trip to the store or to the doctors office for medication is enough to cure the problem. This could still be a sign of a yeast, fungal infection or bacterial infection & it would be wise to follow the treatments steps below.
Usually with bacterial vaginosis antibiotics are given to the patient, which are taken(usually orally) for 7 – 10 days. If you are not you may have a yeast infection instead of a bacterial infection, or vice versa, or you may not have either and should seek medical guidance to ensure you are not dealing with something entirely different. It’s actually somewhat similar to the digestive tract as it relies on healthy bacteria called probiotics to maintain the healthy eco-system.
The only problem is that there hasn’t been a lot of research in developing a vaginal probiotic suppository, at least in the USA. It has 100 million CFUs, which is more than EcoVag’s 25 million CFUs, but not enough to be overwhelming. There may be mild itching or burning after insertion, but this should go away & not linger.
It is not directly related to the treatment of yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis, but lowering the chances of urinary tract infections will also lend to a healthier vagina. Exercise will burn off sugar as energy, ensure proper blood flow to all parts of your body & is good for overall health. You could still use the chewables orally along with a non-sugar containing probiotic vaginally. There is also the strong possibility that your probiotic usage and vaginal discharge are unrelated. I would probably avoid the boric acid or hydrogen peroxide douche, just in case they could deteriorate the ring or flush it out.
For 6 months I tried EVERYTHING but it never stayed away until I started doing this exact method that you’ve explained just by happenstance. So why don’t you think taking 2 natures bounty Acidophilus pills a day will help yield bacteria and yeast. I am skeptical of oral probiotics helping with Bacterial Vaginosis, as the vaginal tract and digestive tract are not connected. It seems they are really same for what i used for vagina and oral but im not sure if i can use oral to vaginal inserting please help me any suggestions. There’s probably more than the three I put up there and I encourage a discussion because the truth is women need to be empowered with their own health and the internet is a way of doing that without being judged.
Comprehensive annual physical exams, routine vaccinations, annual wellness blood work and x-rays.
Your pet’s dental health is so important because every major organ and system is affected by it. We are fortunate to have available in the DFW area several very qualified and experienced specialists in all areas of medicine and surgery.
Some common diseases include Serratia Sepsis, Serratia plymuthica, Serratia liquefaciens, Serratia rubidaea, Serratia odorifera, and Serratia fonticola.
In hospitalized adults, it is very common in urinary tract infections and sometimes in wound infections. In one rare case a 103° fever resulted in spontaneous abortion of an otherwise healthy fetus.
In almost all cases of urinary tract infection, there was recent instrumentation of the urinary tract. Here it can occur after some form of instrumentation associated with a hospital or doctor visit like ventilation or bronchoscopy. In heroin addicts, the bacteria may cause endocarditis, which is inflammation of the heart wall linings, with symptoms including abnormal urine color, chills, excessive sweating, fatigue, fever, and joint pain.
We would at least expect the doctor to give you antibiotic to help with the sores on your scalp. Besides waiting a few weeks to see if things clear up, you could take your water to be tested. It’s possible the serratia came from the dogs even if there are no visible signs of infection.
If we were in your shoes, we would first make sure the sores on your stepson’s head are clearing up. For that reason it’s more important to remove standing water, clean the areas where the dogs eat and sleep, and maintain good overall health for your family and your pets.
It’s likely the doctors are unsure of how your mother is reacting to her medications because there are so many factors involved in treatment. Unfortunately it’s not uncommon to contract Serratia during a hospital visit for urinary tract surgery. If you have been properly diagnosed, there are options for treatment that your doctor can provide. I am planning to go for pan culturing as I suspect all systems are affected based on my longstanding symptoms, afebrile though. It is possible, but given the consistency of this problem I believe there might be some other reaction occurring.
My sister in law did had fever but the baby has no symptoms and she doesn’t have the bacteria in her blood only on her saliva both of them have been taking antibiotics but the babies diapers still turn pink, and the bottles still turn pink. It is essentially a tight knit fabric or paper that traps solids but bacteria are microscopic and will pass through the filter.
Those young men were so warmed to study them and now have in reality been making the most of these things.
However, there are many women out there who will only be cured for a short period of time and then their symptoms return & become chronic. If you do not want to take antibiotics or do not have immediate access to a doctor you can try a douche mixture of 1 tablespoon(or 15ml)A  hydrogen peroxide to 1 quart(or 1 liter) of distilled water. Many have reported more success with longer duration treatments, for example using Monistat 7 instead of Monistat 3. If you live in Canada or Austrialia you might want to look for the products EcoVag or GynOphilus.
There are many probiotic products on the market that tout they have billions of CFUs in them.
You might look into taking a higher potency probiotic such as Align or Renew Life Ultimate Vaginal Support. Your best bet is to look for an organic yogurt that is lightly sweetened with honey or cane sugar.
Bacteria & fungi are all around us, there is no need to assume someone is involved in risky behavior because of an infection.

Since you seem to have a wealth of knowledge and expertise regarding this subject, I am interested to know if you feel refrigerated probiotics are necessary or not.
Unfortunately I have to do this once a month after my period and wish so badly that I could keep it away for good.
What I don’t buy is that suggestions to eat a cup of yogurt every day in order to fend off Bacterial Vagnosis are of much help.
A healthier digestive tract may make it less likely for invasive bacteria to get transferred from the anus to the vagina though.
If you’re using latex condoms and have lots of pee infections, experiment with non-latex condoms.
Simply keeping your pet’s mouth clean and free of plaque, tartar, and gum disease will add as much as 2 yrs to the average life span for cats and dogs. Examples of such cases include treatment of urinary tract obstruction, renal failure and inspection of the urinary tract in diabetes patients.
Once the bacteria are in the lesions, they could be very difficult to manage and the ringworm medication may have no effect on the serratia – giving the bacteria up to two months before detection.
Enterobacterial infections (infection of the digestive tract or other organs) from Serratia is common.
If not, take him to your family doctor and advise about the results from the dermatologist’s test.
If you’re still unsure, they can probably arrange for a second opinion at the same hospital. About 2 days after it was placed I started not feeling well and had yellow puss coming from my tube insertion site. Serratia Marcenscens can be fatal in some cases, and the National Institutes of Health recently published a study which found a mortality rate of 39%. Read, learn more about treatment options and be prepared when your doctor recommends treatment.
I’ve noticed that the provided hand towels have been mysteriously getting these bright pink stains on them the longer we use them. You are on the right track to replace the towels often and I would also suggest using anti-bacterial wipes instead. The only way to clean tap water is to boil for at least 4 minutes or use chlorine to purify. I appreciate you for getting really helpful and for having these kinds of high-quality resources most people are really eager to discover. Before you know it repeated trips to the doctor or the store do not result in a permanent resolution to the problem & it can be extremely frustrating. In some cases yeast can be extremely resilient and may not be knocked out entirely by many of the products on the store shelves.
Billions of CFUs are fine for the digestive tract as it’s extremely long, many many times longer than a vagina. Additionally, if there is anal-vaginal bacterial cross-over, having a lot of good bacteria involved is better than not having any at all. You could also go about replacing sour cream in your diet with plain yogurt as they have similar flavor profiles. I moved to USA from Europe, where i’ve used to use probiotic suppositories after each period. Thank you again for a really informative article, I am putting it in my arsenal for clients.
The Nature’s Bounty Acidophilus I linked to in my article is probably a good starting point, but does not require refrigeration. I have read several reviews from women that take up to 2 pills a day and keep away infections.
Perkins is available to perform almost any advance surgical procedure such as TPLO (advanced knee surgery), Complicated Fracture Repair involving special needs, and OCD surgery of the shoulder.
Most in-hospital cases of Serratia marcescens involve newborn infants, people suffering from immunodeficiency, patients with widespread cancer throughout the body, leukaemia, or other serious chronic disease, and those with chronic neurological and urological issues are at greater risk than other patients. However most deaths occured due to septic shock from the infection which can be eliminated or controlled with proper, timely treatment.
If the infection recently popped up, you should know that people sometimes contract serratia marcescens from improperly cleaned hospital instruments or poor sterilization methods in the operating room.
I’ll highlight some tips and products that may help you get back on track to having a healthy vagina.
Normally douches are not recommended & it is definitely not recommended you use this as a regular treatment. In this situation you might want to try Gyne-Lotrimin 7, which has clotrimazole, a very potent anti-fungal medication(yeast is part of the fungus family).
The vagina needs only a fraction of the bacteria that’s required for the digestive tract. Taking vitamins will help boost your immune system, which may help fight off or prevent infection. I read in your article that they are not but I wonder if my whole body may have a bacterial imbalance. You could have bacterial or yeast overgrowth in the digestive tract, but this would lead to digestive upset most likely. At each annual physical exam and vaccination visit, the doctors will evaluate your pet’s dental health and make recommendations as needed for routine cleaning. Some weeping from the incision would be expected, but incisions near stents are difficult to keep clean and infections should be taken seriously. The digestive tract will not absorb probiotics into the blood stream and transport them to vagina.
Of course, it would be very expensive to ship it here, besides, some of them must be kept in the fridge. Any argument that makes sense in theory, but that in practice doesn’t pan out, is an incorrect argument that should be changed no matter how fair it sounds. If you use pump-type soap dispensers, either thoroughly clean them and let them dry out or replace them regularly.
Douching the vagina will clear out both good & bad bacteria, this method is used to rid yourself of bad bacteria that have overrun the good bacteria.
The only plausible scenario I have heard that allows probiotics from the digestive tract to cross to the vagina is through anal-vaginal crossover. When you take antibiotics or use a douche usually it will wipe out all the good bacteria as well as all the bad bacteria.
Essentially relying on fecal residue either on the skin or on underwear to find it’s way into the vagina. Just make sure it doesn’t have more than 100 million CFUs in it or any sugars, sugar alcohols or Fructooligosaccharides(FOS). I am using tampons soaked in natural yogurt with lactobacilus and taking FemFlora from Swansonvitamins orally. I’d appreciate a response because I don’t want our family to be exposed to this! This can set you up for chronic recurring problems because your vagina will essentially be defenseless to foreign bacteria or yeast. This is not a reliable or quick way to restore healthy vaginal flora and many many women have found out that eating a bunch of yogurt or taking an oral probiotic has done nothing to improve their condition.

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